Video Value For Marketers With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion offers marketers one thing. That is to easily use video in their emails. There is a lot of reasons as to why video is very valuable in marketing. When people think about it, there are more reasons than they could count. On the surface level, people would rather look at a video that demonstrates the product as opposed to reading tons of text. This is not so much because reading is harder than it is that some people do not have time to read about a product. Also, many companies are using video to describe their products. A company that stays with text is a little bit behind.


One thing that people who are marketing need is to figure out what it is that will get them to pay attention to an ad. They must also figure out what would get them to click on the ad and buy the product that is being promoted to them. Then they have to proceed with those answers in mind. One of the best pieces of advice that a marketer like Bob Reina can give is to market to someone they way they themselves would want to be marketed. This can help them succeed.


One thing that can help marketers is for them to remember that people do not like ads. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are producing ads and video that will be the exception to the rule. People who see ads that make them interested are going to award the company with their money. Talk Fusion University can teach marketers how to use the app for this very purpose. Bob Reina has used some of the best marketing skills in order to get people on board with his app. He has shown marketers that he is selling them something that is an investment.

Barbara Stokes Helping to Build the Future

A graduate of Mercer University in 2001, Barbara Stokes has brought years of experience and her study of manufacturing and management to the world of manufactured, modular home housing. She recently joined Green Structure Homes, Inc in building state of the art, energy-efficient homes which require lower maintenance and energy costs than standard homes. She also has extension experience in government contracting and will lead the company in the support of FEMA housing mission. Read this article at

Erection on site of these homes is done in a matter of days, not weeks and require a minimal amount of imported workforce with local materials. The homes offer compliant construction meeting all locale regulations plus the ability to upgrade with granite counter tops and other custom features as desired by the customer. Homes can be built with one, two or several bedrooms. Kitchens and bathroom can be in state of the art design, if so desired. Construction is consistent standardized manufacturing processes and procedures and insulated with the highest require R-19 value insulation throughout the home, with energy efficiency in mind.

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One of the most reliable manufacturers, Green Structure Homes, Inc. delivers out of Huntsville, Alabama a quality structured home. A structure which utilizes the most modern technology and professional workmanship to present their customer with a home for life. A home which is easier to maintain and with a lower energy usage than standard homes. Site planning, coordinating and installing all utilities are services that are also available. A turn-key program is available to retail customers.

Green Structure Homes designed and manufactured for Mississippi State University student housing, contracted with US Army Corps of Engineers for a complete residential development and manufactured hundreds of homes for FEMA’s disaster housing mission. Their credentials are impeccable. Through enforcement of quality assurance check and procedures GSH has maintained the highest quality in construction. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The Role Jeremy Goldstein Plays in Improving Employee Compensation Matters

It is unfortunate that most employees don’t benefit from the corporations as they should. Instead of giving the employees the special incentives and employees stocks they deserve. When the employees don’t get the benefit packages they deserve, they tend to work towards the downfall of their employer. It is amazing that some firms and companies have stopped offering these incentives to their hard-working employees. Most companies assume that they would save much of their money by denying the employees these special incentives. If some employees happen to file a lawsuit against the incentives they have been denied, the challenge they face is lack of a competent attorney to represent them in court and argue their case out.


However, things would be easy on your side if you choose Jeremy Goldstein to handle your case. He is a competent attorney who believes in a bill provision that is meant to change the taxation for certain people. If the proposed bill happens to become a law, there are certain predicted changes that will come. The first expected change is that deferred settlements would be no more. If the compensatory stock options and appreciation rights happen to vest, they will be subject to taxation. This indicates that these options and rights would not be utilized as they should. Learn more:


The good thing is that such issues would be easier to solve with the legal advice from Jeremy Goldstein. He is one of the attorneys who are very qualified and experienced when it comes to giving legal advice to the management teams and compensation committees. Anyone still with an issue with corporate governance and compensation would find a profound solution from Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. This company is competent in handling compensation cases. Jeremy had served at Rosen & Katz and also at Lipton as a partner. At the American Bar Association, Jeremy chaired the Mergers and Acquisitions.


Jeremy was a student at Cornell University where he earned his first bachelor’s degree. He then studied at the University of Chicago where he got his master’s degree. It was in the New York Law School where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in law from New York University. Jeremy started his own company after working with some large law firms. There are some big corporate transactions that Jeremy Goldstein has worked for. These associations include Chevron Texaco Corporation, Euronext, Cingular Wireless Corporation, J.P Morgan Chase, The Dow Chemical Company, Duke Energy, and Goldman Sachs.


Dr. Saad Saad and Innovative Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. SaadSaad is a physician that specializes in performing surgery in Eatontown, NJ. He performs thoracic, cardiac, colon and rectal surgery as well as general surgery. He has expertise in obstetrics, gynecological, neurological, ophthalmic, oral and maxillofacial surgery. He also performs orthopedic, otolaryngologic, pediatric, urological and vascular surgery. He attended the Cairo University School of Medicine where he received his MD, and he completed his residency at UMDNJ-University Hospital in General Surgery.


Additionally, Dr. SaadSaad has been a surgeon for over 20 years and is affiliated with Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. He is board certified and has received certifications from the American Board of Surgery for pediatric surgery. He has received his NJ state medical license and the IA state medical license. He has won the AAP Fellow and ACS Fellow awards and written medical publications about groin laparoscopy and neuroblastoma. In his publication about groin laparoscopy, he discusses the utilization of a trans hernia multiple channel scope for improving pediatric inguinal hernia surgeries. The publication about neuroblastoma explains the clear cell sarcoma of the gastrointestinal tract in infants.


During Dr. SaadSaad’s most recent interview, he discussed the lessons he learned throughout life and his career as a physician. He was born in Palestine and lost his home in the 1940s due to forced relocation. The State of Israel was being formed, and Palestinians had to involuntarily move to the West Bank. Fortunately, he moved to Kuwait with his family in the 1950s where his father instilled the importance of receiving an education in him. The desire to become a pediatric surgeon came about after he had a heat stroke from working outside at a work site. He immigrated to the United States in the 1960s where he pursued his dream of becoming a doctor and worked hard for his achievements. He believes that his childhood experiences gave him the passion to succeed as a physician.


When he began practicing medicine, he decided to improve the quality of surgery. He discovered methods that would decrease pain for patients and minimize recovery times. He invented a procedure that lowered the number of incisions during surgery and implemented it over 2,000 times. He is a firm believer in improving and increasing the livelihoods of children. He believes in making a difference in his field of practice and not just following what he learned in medical school.


Recently, Dr. SaadSaad retired after a 47-year career and is proud of his success. He contributes his determination to the lessons his father taught him as a child. He learned the importance of perseverance at a young age and it changed his life. Learn more:

Resilient Entrepreneur, Dr. S. Mark McKenna

Founder and CEO of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna is from New Orleans, LA and attended Tulane University where he earned his MD. After college Dr. McKenna who is licensed in Surgery and Medicine in both Florida and Georgia, started practicing medicine and also created the investment firm McKenna Venture Investments. Dr. McKenna’s investment firm was doing well until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, LA and destroyed much of the city including many of Dr. McKenna’s business interests. Dr. McKenna not willing to give up helped to rebuild New Orleans and helped to reconstruct low-moderate income housing to help the city rebound after such a devastating natural disaster. In 2007 Dr. Mark McKenna decided to move to Atlanta GA, and created a new medical practice called ShapeMed. In 2017 Dr. McKenna launched a new medical company that is taking a new approach to elective healthcare and is called OVME. ( OVME helps to bring minimally invasive cosmetic services to consumers through retail boutiques (

By 2014 Dr. Mark McKenna had established himself as both a medical doctor and an entrepreneur, but after selling ShapeMed he decided it was in his best interest to go back to school where he earned his executive MBA. Realizing it was never too late to learn, Dr. McKenna found his MBA coursework better prepared him to launch his latest business OVME. Dr. McKenna credits his parents with being great role models that helped him realize his ability to become a successful entrepreneur. In the new year Dr. McKenna is looking forward to his new venture and is excited to embark on a five-year growth plan that includes launching OVME in Atlanta GA, and Las Vegas NV. While Dr. Mark McKenna is excited with his current project, he is always full of ideas and looking to expand his business. One new trend is in crypto currency and Dr. McKenna stuck with the entrepreneur gene is not opposed to expanding his network and creating a way to bring new ideas like crypto currency to the general public. (

Betsy Devos – on topic article



Betsy DeVos comes to the world of education with no classroom time but plenty of heart. As a mother of four children, she has carefully studied educational challenges and failures in the state of Michigan and fought tirelessly to offer vouchers and other financial programs to allow parents of children in failing schools to find a better option.



Blurring the Lines


DeVos’ dedication to funding and vouchers for excellent educational opportunities has led her to focus on Christian schools such as Potter’s House in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both Betsy and her husband Dick have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to and spent several hours volunteering for Potter’s House.


Unfortunately, this focus on Christian schooling programs is distressing to many in government due to the blurring of the line of separation of church and state. Educators are extremely concerned about poor or non-existent science standards in schools that consider the Bible to be an historical or scientific text.



Insulated or Inept?


Mrs. DeVos’ lack of any experience as a classroom teacher or public school administrator has led some to question her capabilities as the Secretary of Education of the United States. While it’s true that her work on behalf of Potter’s House has been helpful and quite generous, this school is a single example in a small, close-knit community. Learn more:


The challenges facing public schools across the state of Michigan are for more diverse than a school voucher or a donation can repair. The destruction of families and community in the city of Detroit, for example, has taken decades to complete. The loss of manufacturing jobs and “white flight” as well as high incarceration rates for men of color has done more damage to family and community structures in Detroit than school voucher programs can repair.


While the contribution of the DeVos family to Potter’s House is admirable, it must be noted that this is one school in one small city. It should also be pointed out that the expertise of the super wealthy in matters of policy is most unhelpful; privileged folks are well-insulated against the ugliness of the world.



Teachers As Targets


A sad result of the push for school choice and, more importantly, the push against teachers unions has led to a vilification of classroom teachers from the top of the government down. The appointment of a woman with no classroom or administrative experience indicates to many teachers in the public schools that their education, training and dedication are invalid.

Daniel Taub Does a Good Job

You don’t have to be President of the United States or a PM (Prime Minister) of any nation state to make major and lasting contributions to society. On the same note, you don’t also have to be a General in the armed forces to stand up to bullies in the heads of offices. You don’t have to hold a position as the voice of the crown hailing all the way from the United Kingdom, while dealing with issues both foreign and domestic to Israel. In fact, all of these feet are just the everyday experiences and memories for former Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub.


Most impressive is the fact that many positives changes came to pass under his four year service. This process can be seen across the board in fields that include academics, culture, and trade and commerce. And, these advances are not just anecdotal or hearsay. The British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills is on record as stating that Taub’s particular efforts ushered in a golden era. That is not just talk. According to the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, there are more more than 300 new businesses in the UK economy thanks to his and other collective efforts. And, that is not to mention to the multi-billions of dollars in revenue generated from these businesses.


It is not just the numbers, although they are impressive, that make Daniel’s work so notable. The fact that he forever holds the record for being the first ambassador to actually be born in Israel to have the job makes him a little spectacular. But, being a great ambassador is not all about taking something good and turning it into something great. There are times when trouble not only looms on the horizon, but it rolls across the land like a storm of thunder. Learn more:


For example, Daniel can tell others all about the time he took a trip to Northern Ireland to take in information about the situations that can be seen there. And at other times, his skills as an ambassador make him something of a herald to events that others can only report on as the news. One of the most memorable moments of courage that people know Taub for is his trip to Bradford, which flew in the face of George Galloway’s declaring it an “Israeli free” zone. However, handling situations such as these are really easy for a former Israeli Defense Forces combat medic.



A Review of NewsWatch and their Effective Marketing Campaigns

NewsWatch is an American based media company that has a tailor-made morning news segment that provides its audience with the latest breaking news that cuts across various trending stories ranging from entertainment, politics, technology and even product reviews. The series commenced in March 1990. Recently, it celebrated its 1000th episode. Most of the topic they specifically focus on include; breakthroughs in the medical industry, finance, travel guides, governance and policy issues, celebrities, automotive amongst various issues.


Many A-list celebrities have made NewsWatch their preferred destination. More than 650 celebrities have graced this show to discuss various issues they support. Last year alone, celebrities that include Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith among others. These celebrities alone account for just a fraction of the celebrities who have made it a made it to the show.


NewsWatch currently airs on the AMC Network in the United States. Since it is broadcast across the country, almost all News segments aired by the firm reaches close to 96 million local households, since its conception, NewsWatch has achieved an audience of more than 700 million people. As an independent producer of Tv and magazines, NewsWatch is currently one of the most successful media companies.


SteelSeries is a Danish producer of gaming accessories that majors in the development of equipment that includes headphones keyboards and other gaming devices. In the fall of 2013, SteelSeries partnered with NewsWatch to promote their merchandise that included computer game headphones and their new gaming controllers. Their endeavor was successful as NewsWatch handled the scripting, production and even the distribution of their marketing campaign videos.


This project revealed that NewsWatch has had years of experience dealing with SMTs, and they understood how positive public relations helps the growth of new enterprises. Having this in mind, NewsWatch was able to produce excellent TV content that was distributed across America during SteelSeries marketing Campaign. After a successful venture, its right to consider NewsWatch one of the best content producing media companies in America.

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Cassio Audi, A Man of Brazil

***UPDATE*** September 28th, 2017 Check out more information on Cassio Audi, here.

***UPDATE*** June 21, 2017 See the link and video below to learn about Cassio Audi’s early music career.

Cassio Audi has more than two decades working in the field of Finance. He has amassed an experience with startups, private equity funds, Private and public companies, global organisations. Over the years Cassio Audi has contributed to many startup businesses. He has worked at many positions assuming the responsibilities of a leader and providing his skills to each  business and its growth.

Cassio Audi, currently,  is an investment manager. For those of you who do not know an investment manager is a person that organizes and maintains funds within a client’s portfolio. The client’s portfolio are managed with the help of a consultant, such as Cassio, but all final decisions are made by the client.

Cassio Audi earned his extensive experience by working in huge national and multinational firms. A few of his skills include but are not limited to Management of equities, Financial Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Business Planning, Leadership, Project Management, Team Leadership, Leadership Strategy, Cross-functional Team, Investor Relations, Business Strategy, Management Project Planning, Entrepreneurship Change, to name some.

Cassio completed his BA from Pontifical Catholic University following MBA from Sao Paulo University.   His choice to become an investment manager came from his dedication and willingness to help others who needed help investing in their future.

For further information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Viper and Cassio Audi

The Force Behind Market America CEO JR Ridinger

Market America, also known as, was founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger with the help of his wife, Loren Ridinger. JR Ridinger went on to take the positions of Chairman and chief operating officer. During his tenure as Market America CEO, Mr. Ridinger has steered the company to great success and exponential growth, making it a market leader in the online marketing and retail industry. The company has expanded over the years to start operations in nine different countries and annual sales revenue of one billion American dollars.


Ridinger’s mantra has been a people first approach to business. He believes that by changing the population’s shopping habits and creating economic paradigm shift could accord them independence by establishing their economies. This has been the business philosophy that has steered the company to undeniable success by placing the clients first and working tirelessly to ensure the creation of an alternate economy which enables the shoppers within to attain independence and greater purchasing power. It is a win-win situation.


The Market America CEO is an undeniable visionary, who has always believed in his instincts and made many business decisions based on this. The foundation of Market America was predicated on a strong belief, dating as far back as 1984, that computers would eventually be owned by every individual in the world and people would make business purchases from the comfort of their homes. This was at a time when computers were used exclusively by the big companies, and few individuals could brag about owning one. He started the company in 1992, in anticipation of such an eventuality. His gamble has paid off.