Snapchat to Improve Its Advertising Services

Snapchat needs advertisers to support its hefty valuation. But, Facebook and Google are tough competitors. So, to lure in advertisers, Snapchat has improved the way advertising platform works, TechCrunch reports. The social media company has come up with new Snap Publisher tool, self-serve Ad Manager, and Snapchat Certified Partners program.


With Snap Publisher, advertisers won’t need to use expensive software to create campaigns in vertical video format. As of July, Snapchat will provide a publishing tool that turns horizontal videos into vertical ones, offers templates, adds motion to pictures, and does other useful things.


The Ad Manager is a self-service system that allows advertisers to purchase, manage, and optimize their ads, as well as see analytics. Advertisers will now be able to pay for ads with credit cards instead of lines of credit, and there will be no minimums. With Mobile Dashboards, it will become possible to track and manage campaigns on the go.


The company is also launching Snapchat Certified Partners program. They will select top tech partners and give them tools to optimize ads. These partners will also be favored when clients are referred.


In the first quarter of this year, Snapchat had a huge loss of $2.2 billion on a rather small revenue of $150 million. Snapchat needs to get its business going as its stock has fallen to $18 from a recent high of nearly $30. It seems many investors aren’t happy.


The company’s market capitalization is over $20 billion, making many analysts and investors question such high value.


To win business, Snapchat is trying hard, but can they make it and justify this valuation? Facebook is already entering Snap’s turf with the “Stories” format. As a result, Snapchat’s user growth has slowed.



Snap’s Spectacles Look to Be Getting an Upgrade to AR

The popularity of Snapchat has continued to snowball over the past few years, with the introduction of Spectacles just seven months ago. That allowed for easy recording of anything that interests an individual user. When it comes to the second generation of this technology, the expectation is that the concept of augmented reality (AR) will be one of the most integral aspects involved.


The company itself has been extremely quiet about the innovation, which was only discovered after a website researching patents came across one from Snap that was filed in November 2015. That patent focused on the concept of being able to detect where a user is and then broadcast digital material with the dual-glass setup.


The idea of broadening the scope of Spectacles has been evident from some of Snap’s public moves, which have included the purchase of a drone-based company. Yet the aforementioned patent also indicates that other components that also deal with AR are in the pipeline. These include both a visor and a helmet that work in conjunction with the technology, with other reports indicating that the inclusion of a camera that shoots from a 360-degree perspective is also on the horizon.


The merging of Spectacles and AR for Snap isn’t surprising, with the first example of that taking place just a few months ago. That was when World Lenses was released, which

involved providing app users the ability to walk around three-dimensional items for a short period of time, usually just a few seconds.


Given the secrecy surrounding this project, the price for this item remains in question. However, given the upgrades involved, it’s expected to be higher than the $130 that Spectacles buyers paid for their product. The company has sold close to 100,000 of those devices, with nearly 35,000 of them being purchased in time for last year’s holiday season. While Snap itself is still losing money, the company is betting on the bottom line getting better.

Snap Looks to Upgrade Spectacles

Snap is ramping up its agenda for Spectacles, following an increase in European sales recently. The company, creator of the popular app Snapchat, is already looking to upgrade on its video glasses. This upgrade might be a rather sci-fi addition, with Snap looking to change the tech world entirely.

Spectacles, hitting the market last year, are not exactly cheap at $129.99. These glasses essentially allow their wearers to never be without Snapchat, giving them the ability to record pictures and videos with the glasses and posted them to Snapchat. According to TechCrunch, the next step for Spectacles is a well-kept secret at Snap. Less than 2000 employees at the tech company are aware of the specifications of the technology. The most Snap has shared with the public is a promise of a big difference from the first generation of the glasses.

Despite this lack of knowledge, much of the tech community is theorizing the presence of augmented reality in the next Spectacles. Mashable recently unearthed a patent application for AR glasses filed by Snap. This application from November 2015 lays out plans to project digital content into the sight of Spectacles wearers.

This wouldn’t be entirely new to Snap, as Snapchat already allows users to use augmented reality in their snaps. The feature, World Lenses, gives users the ability to place objects in the world around them, which can be viewed through the Snapchat app for a short time after placement.

Going even further, the patent application points to a broader future of augmented reality for Snap. Among others, the filing mentions a reality helmet and visor. Snap has also be allegedly looking into drones, particularly following the company’s purchase of Ctrl Me. There has also been talk of Snap’s release of a 360 degree camera.

While Snap’s Spectacles are certainly intriguing, it could be in need of a good update to boost sales. Snap started small with the glasses, slowly growing the market over time. With a unique feature like augmented reality, Snap could greatly increase the popularity of Spectacles, with many customers seeing value in a more distinct capability.