Samsung Announces a new Battery Technology

South Korean’s multinational conglomerate Samsung is always hitting the headlines for innovating cutting-edge products or technology. Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) announced that the multinational was an advanced stage of developing a new battery technology. The new technology would allow batteries to charge extremely fast over and above increased storage capacity. The institute went on to intimate that the technology would be useful not only for smartphones or other such devices but also electric vehicles.
Presently, people are increasingly relying on fast-charge technology. The fast-charge innovation shortens the time that batteries need to become fully charged to one hour, down from two hours that a cell takes to be fully charged when under regular charging. However, the recent innovation by Samsung could fill up batteries in just 12 minutes. Impressive.
Samsung had to develop a new battery altogether to achieve its goal. The new battery incorporates the use of graphene and as opposed to silicon currently used in lithium technology. A comparison between graphene and silicon reveals that the two are markedly different regarding performance; graphene transfers energy over 140 times faster than silicon. Also, it is 100 times more efficient than copper.
While it has not been proven, Samsung’s new battery technology could lead to a longer battery life than that witnessed in batteries currently used in smartphones and electric cars. Although Samsung has not spoken regarding how long the cells that incorporate the new technology would take before they are fully drained of energy, their ability to be charged in slightly over ten minutes make them convenient.
As if the news about the new battery technology is not enough, Samsung announced that it had found a way of mass producing the revolutionary batteries at an “affordable cost.” However, the tech giant did not mention when it expects to roll out the new batteries or whether it will incorporate them into its future devices especially the smartphones. Nevertheless, it is comforting that we may soon be able to charge our smartphone batteries in record time—12 minutes.

Samsung Battery Could Give Complete Charge in Mere Minutes

Samsung’s newly developed battery technology should charge smartphones, tablets, and electric cars in minutes flat, claims Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology.

The company affirms that the recent tech needs only 12 minutes to fully charge a device that now requires an hour to fill up, even with the use of fast-charge.

Samsung says that the technology utilizes graphene, a thin layer of carbon atoms procured out of graphite, which conducts electricity 100 times more productively than copper. The material transports energy 140 times quicker than the up-to-date silicon-based, lithium batteries, giving hope for a faster recharge than ever before.

Potentially, the new tech could increase battery’s energy-holding volume and provide its devices or cars with longer battery life. At this early stage, just how long these batteries could last is a mystery; however, the high-speed charging would mean uncommonly quick fill-ups, making the battery exponentially more user-friendly in the small span of daily time it would take. Spending the few daily minutes it might take to check in with a charger could lead to never running out of battery at all.

Current fast-charging tech in devices provides a 50% charge in thirty minutes, which is significantly quicker than a “regular” charge, giving a full charge in about two hours. The brand-new technology, however, would completely change the game.

Not only this, Samsung is assuring the public that they can widely manufacture the innovation and at a reasonable cost. As promising as the tech is, though, the company hasn’t yet made clear dates for the tech’s use in smartphones or other electronics.

At the moment, we can only suppose how fast this tech could charge Tesla vehicles and other larger electric gear.