Dick Devos helps create a momentum that gives parents and students more choices

Dick Devos and his wife Betsy are from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are known as the wallet of Western Michigan. The Devos got this title due to charitable contributions reaching close to $139 million dollars in a 16 year span. The charitable contributions that were made were towards organizations that has to do with Education reform and scholarships for private schools. Dick also donated to leadership programs, arts and culture, health and human services, and churches. There were political donations as well. The spending of half the Devos family’s fortune estimated at $5.2 billion has gone towards the priority of improving education.


26 percent of the charitable donations in 2015 were educational causes. Dick feels that the children that grow up in the neighborhoods less fortunate, that they are denied the education to access the American Dream. He has felt that the system is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the public education platform. He feels that charter schools and vouchers addresses this. Dick has also made a considerably large donation towards the construction of a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids.


Dick feels that education should be a priority and that parents as well as students should have a choice when it comes to education. Dick and his wife Betsy support Education reform. They know there are a lot of compassionate teachers and educators out there. They feel like they would work well with a education system with choices. Dick founded an aviation charter high school located at the Grand Rapids International Airport. This charter school has a third of its students classified as economically disadvantaged. Forty percent of the students are minorities and some travel at least an hour to get to the school. The graduation rate of this school is around eighty-six percent. This school’s graduates had at least 15 licensed pilots. The school teaches the students subjects they wouldn’t get in a public school such as, aeronautical engineering and robotics. The students are not only Grand Rapids residences, they also come from seven of the surrounding counties. Dick insists that the bulk of the donations are aimed to help people directly and with the vouchers for private schools in other states and charter school the donations are helping the people directly.


George Soros: The Man That Gives Billions Away So People Can Be Free

The word “Freedom” should mean free to live without restrictions. But freedom is just another empty word in many countries around the world. Corrupt governments, capitalistic greed, and many hidden agenda organizations make freedom a very rare commodity on discoverthenetworks.org. Even in the United States freedom is a relative word. No one knows that better than 86-year-old George Soros. But Soros embodies the meaning of freedom. He works hard to bring freedom to countries that are being controlled by fanatical governments. And he does an excellent job doing that. The Soros Open Society Foundation helps millions of people every year. Soros gives billions of dollars away, so people can taste the fruits of freedom. But it is a constant battle to spread Democracy and freedom to every corner of the world. George spends most of his days working toward his goal. He wants to change the norm in countries that have no concept of real normalcy on Biography. The good news is, Soros has the money and the power to effect real change.

The George Soros Story is one of those Horatio Alger type stories. Soros was able to break away from his Nazi-occupied homeland in 1947. His Jewish heritage was a death sentence in Hungary in the 1940s, but George’s father was able to move his family to London, thanks to his political connections on nytimes.com. That’s all George needed to show his true colors. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 1952, and he went to work in the international investment business. Four years later, he moved to New York, and that’s when his hedge fund investing days began. Today the Soros Fund has more than $25 billion in assets under management, and George’s personal fortune is estimated at $13 billion. But the Soros story isn’t all about his ability to make billions in the hedge fund industry. His story is really about his humanitarian work. George Soros is one of the world’s largest donors to cause that promotes Democracy and the open society concept.

George Soros is a Democrat that supports a liberal agenda. The Trump victory was a hard pill to swallow for Soros, and he hasn’t digested that pill yet. But he does know, Trump is not the man to lead the free world. According to discoverthenetworks.org, Soros is still fighting for Democratic justice in the United States and around the world. Soros works with several organizations that want to put freedom back in the hands of the people. Soros is a survivor and he is the champion of all global survivors. He won’t quit fighting, so people can be free. And he is happy to give his money away, so the oppressed can have a taste of real freedom. It’s an uphill battle, but Soros is used to those kinds of battles.

Dick DeVos: Innovation for the Future, Devotion to Education Today

Dick DeVos Jr. founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a non-profit Michigan School of Choice high school, in the fall of 2010 upon the very same grounds as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Michigan. As the school is non-profit, students who attend the school are subject to absolutely no tuition costs.

The school began with a small class of a mere eighty freshman students in the fall of 2010, shortly following Dick DeVos Jr.’s founding of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The entire campus of the school was comprised of but a single converted office space measuring twenty-five thousand square feet. Not long following the opening, expansion and improvement was within the scope of the academy. Just two short years following the academy’s grand, albeit humble, opening, the campus was nearly doubled in size and now yields a capacity to educate five-hundred students through a vast and expansive curriculum which includes various renowned aviation programs and shows no signs of narrowing. The West Michigan Aviation Academy displays the potential to continue its expansion of not only its campus and enrollment magnitude, but also its ever-advancing curriculum options and paths, including its claim to fame: exquisite aviation education programs.

Richard “Dick” M. DeVos Jr. is a widely known and respected professional through his devotion to the progression of innovation within the education of Grand Rapid, Michigan. He is the founder and formation leader of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the president and founder of the Windquest Group, and holds countless more, extensive accolades which all speak heavily of his passion and esteem. DeVos harbors a passion for flight and flying, thus his founding of the academy is easily explained. He is a loving husband who draws support and inspiration as well as partnership from his wife Betsy. DeVos has held vital public offices such as ones within the Michigan State Board of Education and numerous other boards and committees, as well as running for Governor of Michigan in 2006.

The West Michigan Aviation Academy was founded and continues to excel as a premier instance of innovative education within Grand Rapids, Michigan and the school continues under the leadership of Dick DeVos Jr., the remarkable and innovative professional who is responsible for its 2010 founding.