Clay Hutson: Sound Engineer and Visionary Tour Producer

Clay Hutson, legendary sound designer, tour producer, and native of Nashville, Tennessee, is an incredibly hardworking individual who assembles one showstopping production after another. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan University, along with a Master’s degree in business administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. His skill as a project manager became apparent when he traveled widely with Billy Graham’s sound team. However, he always felt a pull towards the music industry, specifically the rock ‘n’ roll genre.

When the company Hutson was working for encountered difficulties during the recession, he felt compelled to start his own production management company, using his years of experience in the industry alongside his knowledge of business administration. He travelled with a band called Garbage, visiting North America, Europe, and Australia, and designs, manages, and produces concerts for many other musicians (Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Halsey, to name a few).

Hutson spends most days working as a stage manager on whatever his current tour may be. Pre-show, he is the first to arrive at the venue and is immediately hard at work, reviewing the day’s schedule and ensuring everything is running smoothly. During the show, Hutson begins a plan for the post-show take-down, making sure he has accurate instructions for staff, so the entire process moves as quickly and effortlessly as possible. He is responsible for knowing both the vision of the artist and the details of the production and making sure they work together, using his vast experience to gain perspective.

He makes a point to be several steps ahead of himself in the planning process, writing out schedules for entire days including everything from the most mundane detail to the most show-stopping performance. Productively delegating every task, he prides himself in quality, efficient stage managing.

Planning productions that keep up with the rapidly advancing industry is a challenging task, but Hutson keeps stride without a glance back. He has expressed hope that performers will move away from large screens and the use of videos in their shows, favoring aerial stunts and daring acrobatics instead (such as in the shows of Lady Gaga and Pink).

Unlike many sound designers and producers in the music industry, Hutson possesses a compelling vision and, whilst taking his clients’ thoughts, feelings, and ideas into consideration, ensures an unforgettable and showstopping performance. Learn more:

A Friend To Be Missed: Avicii Honored By Chain Smokers

Alex and Andrew are the two duos forming the chainsmokers. Having been EDM-pop, they were able to break through the music industry in 2014 after producing a song that they called “selfie.” many countries ranked the song as among the year top twenty. They have also been winning many other awards. During the ceremony of the 59th award, they were given an award for having produced the best dance song of the year. In addition, iHeartRadio Awards have been given to Chainsmokers five times and also twice in the American Music Awards.

The Chainsmoker used to be Alex Pall and Rhett but still under Adam management. When Rhett left, Adam told Andrew that there was a vacant in the group and he was interested that he left where he used to live, and went to New York City. All Alex new was being a DJ from the time he was a young boy and used to play the music in New York City. Having attended a university he had studied the History and Music Business. Andrew was a producer and after completing his studies from Syracuse University, he attended for an internship in the Interscope Record. Andrew used to love making songs and he even posted some songs in a sound cloud that he had originally produced.

It was a day when the Billboard Music Awards was being held in Las Vegas. The day was also meant to honor the loss of a Sweden guy called Avicii who was a producer and a DJ. The day was Sunday night and the people who gathered were thousands. Luis Fonsi was getting an award that day but before he could be awarded, the Chainsmokers and Halsey had something to say about Avicii. The chainsmokers described him as an inspirational person to most of the people, and EDM community. He will be missed by many people who he had won their heart.

Halsey also talked and said you could have noted that Avicii was a joyful guy in case you had a chance of working with him. Having the tragedy was the most painful thing. He added that if have a chance to love, ensure your friends and family become a priority and also those suffering from mental illness.

Clayton Hutson Continues to Grow in Sound Engineering and Stage Production

Clayton Hutson is proving that he is the sound engineer and tour producer that gets the job done. He has a resume that includes a lot of big-name artists, but the thing that people will notice the most about Clayton Hutson is that he has a work ethic that speaks for itself. Hutson has worked for other companies in the past, but now he has a focus on working for himself.


He knows exactly what it takes to put on a show on the road as performers travel from one city to the next, and this comes with experience. This is what mega stars are looking for when they want to present the best show.


The thing that these artists may love the most about Clayton Hutson is that he is constantly looking for a way to grow. Most stage managers can easily do the stage shows where all that takes is a screen and the testing of sound equipment, but Hutson has been growing over the years, he wants to do even more than that. Hutson does not want to be pigeonholed into being a person that is only able to do one type of show. That is why he continues to grow and learn more about various stage concepts for concerts. This is also the reason why he challenged himself to grow stepping out on his own.


One might say that Clayton Hutson has a true passion for being someone that is willing to go the next level. A lot of mega stars are in the industry today do not want to be told what they cannot do when it comes to their performances. They want to connect with someone that is going to help them take their shows to the next level. They want to work with a visualizer that can give them the answers that they want when it comes to what they need to do to create the type of performance that they would like to present.


Performers have a desire to work with Clayton Hutson because he is this person that is willing to go the extra mile. People want to have the shows that they would like, and it takes time to help performers see how they can accomplish the visuals they have in mind. Hutson also knows to double check his work for the safety of the performers that have special elements added to the show. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson.

Clayton Hutson is a celebrated live sound engineer. He is also a tour production manager who has opened his own business. His business provides services to music artists and event organizers. He has immense experience in fields such as production designs, show producer monitor engineer, rigging logistics, and stage management. Hutson has been involved in music since he was a child through years of perseverance, constant hard work, and determination. He has fashioned his passion into a successful career.

Hutson has 25 years of experience in the of live sound experience. He has worked with legends like Kelly Clarkson, pink, Garbage N Roses, and Kidrock. He has also managed tours for award-winning Grammy artist. Clayton enrolled in university and pursued a degree in theatre and design. He was employed at companies in the live music industry where he perfected his skills as a sound engineer and production designer.

Clayton Hutson has been a great enthusiast of the DiGiCos products and admits to having had used every single of their products which include the SD7 at last year’s Maxwell’s tour and the SD8 at several of his functions. The SD11 console mixing system has however captivated his interest and revolutionized his work because it is easily portable, a rack-mountable console which offers DiGiCos features and functionality in a compact footprint.

Clayton has also embraced the VER rigging project of One republic civic world which was invented due to necessity by Zito. It is an automated system of Kinsey’s Elevation T1 systems to safely and precisely move trusses with 70000 pounds of lighting under an LED ride panels. The system eliminates the requirement for large quantities of cabling which allows several motors and controllers to be supported by single power and data cables. Clay observe that the automation is critical in revealing the spots LED in between sets.

Clayton revealed his path to success in an interview. He decided that he would start his own business after he felt confident that he had attained the skillset required to create and run a music business. To actualize an idea into reality, he develops new audio, set designs or illumination concepts. Clayton pays close attention to the dimensions to attract clients. He pays attention to the details and works hard for long hours to perfect his services to his clients which in return earns him a good reputation among performers. Huston’s secret to success is serious planning and scrutinizing of his work to avoid mistakes, which enhances productivity and efficiency. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson’s work experience in the live music industry

Clayton Hutson has built an unbelievable, almost far-fetched, resume. He’s worked with people as dissimilar as Billy Graham and Marylin Manson; Kelly Clarkson and Alice in Chains; Guns N’ Roses and Backstreet Boys. The list goes on and on. He studied Theatre Design and Production in college and then obtained a MBA in the Univeristy of Michigan. Then he ventured in corporate entertainment and had a long stint with the best-known contemporary evangelical preacher Billy Graham before giving a shot to making a career of his one true passion: he was given the opportunity to go on tour with eccentric -to say the least- rockstar, Marylin Manson. He went on tour for three years with Manson and never looked back. Today he is one of the mainstays of the live musical production industry. He went on to work as production manager of Guns N’Roses Appetite for Democracy Tour (2014) and P!NK’s I’m Not Dead Tour (2007), he even appears listed in both tours DVD’s (the former recorded in Las Vegas and the latter in Wembley) as sound mixer. He served in the same capacity in Garbage’s Bleed Like Me World Tour (2005) and currently for Kid Rock and pop music sensation, Halsey.


What allows him to excel at such highly stressful and demanding work is his ability to be flexible. He’s a jack of all trades. As a sound engineer he has to be agile enough to work on the go without forgetting to create a perfect stage and venture setting for every show consistently. For that he needs a falcon eye and deep knowledge of every technical aspect of show’s production. This has taken him to work with incredible artists -aside for the ones already mentioned- such as New Kids on the Block, Staind, Jennifer Nettles, OneRepublic and he even produced one of the highest grossing tours of all-time: Kayne West’s Yeezus tour. Who could’ve thought a guy from a small Michigan town who studied Theater Design and started working as production manager for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Minneapolis would end up being one of the biggest minds in the live music industry? Learn more: