Intelligence Chiefs Warn Against Using Chinese Phones

On Tuesday at a U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, American intelligence chiefs said its citizens should not use phones manufactured by Huawei and ZTE.

The directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA, as well as the director of national intelligence appeared before the committee, and they all issued the same warning against the two Chinese tech giants.

Chris Wray, who is the director of the FBI, said during his testimony that he was worried about letting any company or organization have access to American telecommunication networks when such a company or organization was bound by a foreign power that does not share American values. He went on to say that, by allowing this to happen, it would give these foreign powers the ability to steal or modify proprietary information. It would also give them the ability to spy on the United States without detection.

U.S. intelligence agencies have been suspicious of Huawei for many years. The Chinese company was founded by an engineer who previously worked for the People’s Liberation Army in China, and many in the U.S. government think that the company is essentially an extension of the Chinese government. It was this that led the U.S. government to ban Huawei in 2014 from receiving government contracts.

Huawei began as a telecommunication company that manufactured various forms of infrastructure-related hardware. But it has since become a major worldwide producer of smartphones. Last fall it even surpassed Apple to become the second largest manufacturer of the devices in the world, trailing only Samsung.

However, Huawei has so far failed to have much success in America, mostly because of the actions of the U.S. government. In January, it was about to announce an agreement to sell its phones through AT&T, but the deal fell through at the last moment, reportedly because of government pressure.

U.S. legislators are currently considering a bill that would prevent government employees from using phones made by either Huawei or ZTE.

Austin and LA Are Increasing Tech Industry Salaries

Silicon Valley is still the home to many of the highest paying jobs in the tech industry. However, that part of the country is now having some very serious competition for the most brilliant tech minds from other cities. A new study has shown that there are now a wide variety of great tech jobs available in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. This is a bit of a surprise and seems to have come out of nowhere. This is because neither of these cities were on the map in terms of being hotbeds for tech jobs a few years ago. However, things change very quickly in the world of technology.

Employees of tech companies in Los Angeles pulled in an average of $130,000 in 2017. People in Austin who worked in the tech industry made roughly $120,000. This still lags behind the average Silicon Valley salary which is currently $150,000. However, you need to keep in mind that the cost of living in the San Francisco area is basically double what it is in Austin. More tech companies are deciding to set up shop far away from Silicon Valley in an attempt to get away from all of the competition. They feel that it will be easier to get noticed in cities where the tech industry is still in its early stages.

Young people who are interested in starting a career in the tech field are finding it easier to get hired in cities like Los Angeles and Austin because there are not as many qualified candidates applying for jobs. This gives the people who are willing to work in these cities a great opportunity to get their foot in the door and make a lot of money to boot. However, people who have their heart set on working for the giant tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Uber will need to plan on working in Silicon Valley. None of those companies seem interested in opening up offices in other parts of the country.

The good news for tech workers in the United States does not extend to people working in similar positions in foreign countries. In fact, tech industry salaries have plummeted in the United Kingdom and France in recent years. Therefore, fewer people are applying for tech jobs in those countries. This has hurt the tech companies that have their base of operations in Europe.

Modern Day Technologies That Are Nearing Their End

Progress insists on pushing out the old to make room for the new. However, it is clear that sometimes doing so leaves us all feeling a little nostalgic for the way things were. At the very least, we like to try to think about some of the pieces of modern technology that are going the way of the dinosaur so to speak. It can help us appreciate that technology for what it was while at the same time looking forward to what will come next.


There are more than a few pieces of modern technology that are very likely to meet their end in the near future. We want to take a look at what a few of those items are today.


CDs- You might have already heard the news that Best Buy is pulling CDs from their store shelves as customers are simply not purchasing them enough anymore. There was once a day when this was the only way that people got new music. With streaming services and digital downloads, listening to music this way has simply become outdated.


Cords- Cords of any kind for electronic devices are on their way out. The technology needed to make things cordless as simply gotten better and better. These days, we do not have as much need for power cords as we once did. It has meant that we can transition to a less corded world in general. So long tangled up messes!


Cable Television- There is just something about those streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that make cable not seem all that important anymore. A lot of people are simply ditching their cable television in favor of the ability to stream what they want when they want it. Thus, cable may be on its way out as well.


These are three of the things that are very likely to meet their end in the near future. Keep an eye out for what replaces them.;