Louis Chenevert and the United Technologies

Louis served the CEO and the President of United Technologies Corporation. He offered his services to that company until his retirement in 2014. Louis also served as the Director and the President of the United Technologies.

He joined Pratt and Whitney in 1993 where he served as the manager of motors. In 2015, he was elected as the senior Industry advisor in Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking. In 2017 Louis became the leader of Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

Louis went to the University of Montreal where he completed his degree in commerce specializing in production and management. Louis attained his Ph.D. in the same university in 2011.

Louis acquired the idea of the united technologies from his workmates. Being the Chief Executive Officer, the ideas came from both the small and big firms. Louis was motivated to meet the needs of his customers from the ideas brought on the table.

He wanted to give the best to his customers. Therefore, he decided to change the product. The approach of bringing new technologies to the market brought developments in the sectors of production. Additionally, the introduction of the technologies minimized noise which was produced during processing.

Louis technologies brought an opportunity to change the upcoming generations. Louis brought new ideas to the market through his talent in engineering and operations. The ideas brought into the market would meet customers’ needs and satisfaction.

Focusing on teams and leadership was the key target to deliver the best services to the customers. Louis worked hand-in-hand with other leaders to ensure that the primary objective of the company was attained.

The main trend that mostly excited Louis was how the technologies spread first all over the world. The productive habits depend on each other to make him more innovative. Being optimistic and passionate about technologies improved his expertise. Providing everything needed to the executive led to positive results.

Louis says that given an opportunity he would involve himself in political issues and see how it will affect the business line of his technologies. Louis recommends that having the right people would help in motivating each other and avoid obstacles. Louis encouraged people not to fear taking risks arguing that it rewards.


Wes Edens Has Bought Into The World Of E-Sports

Wes Edens has made a name for himself in the world of sports by purchasing the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks with partner Marc Lasry. Former owner Herb Kohl sold the team to the two men for $550 million and they have already increased the franchise’s valuation to over $1 billion. In addition to serving as the co-owner of the Bucks, Wes Edens is also one of the co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group. Before joining Fortress, he cut his teeth at Lehman Brothers as a managing director and a partner. He worked for Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993.From there, he would then join BlackRock Asset Investors. He worked in the private equity division from 1993 to 1997. It was at this time that he elected to leave and begin his journey at Fortress Investment Group.

Thanks to the experience that he was able to accrue when it comes to private equity, he is able to garner a sizable amount of take home pay thanks to the work he has done with Fortress Investment Group. When the company was recently sold to SoftBank Group, Edens was able to walk away from the transaction with a whopping $512 million.Now that he is training his focus on the world of sports, Wes Edens has also invested in e-sports. The Cloud9 Challenger’s League Championship Series caught his fancy and he has spent $1.8 million on just one spot.Once the salaries of four different League of Legends team members were included, Fthe price rose to $2.5 million. He is the fourth NBA owner to invest in the league but Edens was not done yet. Once this purchase was made, he set his sights on the launch of his own brand. FlyQuest Sports has established in 2017.

The professional League of Legends team was included as a part of this purchase and the Bucks continue to embrace e-sports. The NBA is in the process of establishing a NBA 2K League that will allow professional gamers to compete against one another for cash prices.Thanks to the efforts of Edens, the Bucks will be one of the 16 NBA teams to have their own 2K team and team apparel/logos will be designed for the occasion. Now that the NBA is rapidly growing in popularity, Edens is betting on console based fandom going forward.In his mind, this is the best way to reach out to the younger demographic and ensure that they remain fans of the NBA in the years to come. The 2K League is expected to become a smashing success around the world and Edens is paving the way for e-sports to become a more integral part of the NBA fan’s existence.

Igor Cornelsen Explains Why Investing Your Money Is Always A Smart Idea

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian banker who is now officially retired. He has retired and settled down in South Florida. His hobbies include playing golf and spending time at the beach. Below is a summary of a blog post that Mr. Cornelsen posted on his WordPress blog back in July 22 of 2016 on why investing is always a good idea.


Mr. Cornelsen starts of his blog post by saying that through investment you can make money off of assets or cash that you already have on hand. He continues by saying that if you have good advice and know what you are doing, then you should see a nice return on your investment. Consequentially, if you receive bad advice and are clueless about investing, then you can actually suffer losses of your money.


To get good advice and get a solid foundation of investing, Igor suggests you try the following. Igor states in his blog post that reading up on investing and financial management through books at a bookstore, library or an online store such as Amazon is one of the best ways to improve your financial knowledge. A book can tell you on which stocks are the best to invest in. They should also provide you with general tips on how to better manage and invest your money. Reading books will also allow you to find out where you can seeker further and more in depth investment advice.


Another place to get knowledge on how to invest your funds or assets is at a bank. Igor Cornelsen believes that banks are one of the best places to get advice and knowledge about investing in stocks. Banks have a team of investment bankers that can help you create an investment portfolio that is tailored to your needs and risk tolerance. Bankers can not only help you set up a portfolio but explain why some stocks, bonds or funds may be better suited for you than others.


At the end of his post, Igor Cornelsen said that any serious investor should not overlook the stock market. It offers the chance to make big returns on investments. The market does go through ups and downs added Cornelsen. While you can make predictions using certain metrics, the market carries inherent risk and uncertainty even in the most safest stocks. https://about.me/igorcornelsen1

Profile review of CEO Jeffry Schneider 

Jeffry Schneider has more than 17yrs experience.

Schneider is a deep believer in persistence and quality service. In fact, one of his favorite quotes is by Calvin Coolidge (1872 – 1933) which says that. ‘Talent alone won’t make you successful; there are many unsuccessful men with great talent. Genius will not; un-rewarded genius has become a proverb. Education also will not; the globe is full of learned derelicts. Only persistence and determination are omnipotent. The phrase which says, ‘Press On’ has solved and will always solve many of humanity’s problems.’

Those who have worked with him, know Jeffry Schneider as a friend and business associate who is extremely dedicated to serving his clientele, and will always put their needs first before anything. Schneider’s unequaled work ethic and jovial nature have brought him happiness.

In addition to his business interests, Jeffry is also a committed philanthropist having helped many less fortunate people in society. He works with various charity organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries as well as the Cherokee Home for Kids. Currently, he resides in the Austin, TX area.

After graduating from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Schneider began his career in 1990 in New York City.

In 2004, Jeffry Schneider joined a firm where he worked as a senior vice president, charged with the responsibility of managing and supervising the firm’s US activities in the brand marketing and structuring department.

Apart from his professional career, Jeffry is also an avid sportsman and is known to participate in the Ironman Triathlon events.