How George Secker Helped The People Of The Philippines

Nonito Donaire, Jr. is a Filipino and former world boxing champion. He says that it is important for athletes to be socially conscious and to speak up about issues that affect the less fortunate. One of his friends alerted him that the George Secker Foundation was building houses to help those who had lost their own due to typhoons hitting the Philippines. He got in touch with George Secker and as a result he and his wife were present when the George Secker Foundation handed over a bunch of homes in Iloilo.

The George Secker Foundation built homes for people in three cities; Iloilo, Capinahan, and Lemery. There were over 100 homes that were built and given away to victims of typhoons. Back when his career had started, Nonito Donaire, Jr. says that he had given P1 million to build homes for people who had been affected by typhoon Ondoy. He was gratified to once again be a part of this noble effort to help low-income families.

The George Secker Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that Englishman Greg Secker established in 2010. His goal is to improve the lives of people the world over, especially children. He has given money to a wide variety of nonprofits such as the Tusk and Child Bereavement Trust, The Christmas Basket Brigade, Early Childhood Development Program, Flying Trader Project, and others as well. George Secker also joined up with Sir Richard Branson on a joint effort to build a crèche in a South African village that had lost their existing one.

After earning millions by trading stocks and currencies, Greg Secker launched Learn to Trade in 2003. He teaches others his methods of making money in a two-day course. He also created a software platform for people to use to make real-time trades online and sells it through his company SmartCharts Software.

Greg Secker is also a published author. He has contributed to books such as The Book of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success. He has also written a number of books on his own such as Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way To Success.

Nick Vertucci and Asset Defense

Real estate investment is an exhaustive topic that can be frightening to most people. There are so many people out there, however, who are interested in pursuing careers that involve investing in real estate. If you’re curious about real estate investing and how it may benefit your life, you no longer have to remain 100 percent in the dark. You can always attend Santa Ana, California’s highly reputable Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick Vertucci is the hard worker who is in charge at this school. Money hasn’t always been an easy subject for him. He wasn’t born to a family that had many privileges. That’s why he has had to work hard for everything that has come his way in life. Nick Vertucci wants to show other people that glory is always within reach, though. You don’t have to feel upset if you weren’t born to a millionaire family. You don’t have to feel like you can’t reach for the stars. That’s because you can always take initiative and learn. Learning the fundamentals of real estate investing can give you a nice head start. Learning all of the complexities that are part of this vast universe can push you forward in a big way as well.

Are you intrigued by the concept of contract flipping? Does the idea of strong asset protection excite you? You need to learn more about the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy today. This school can teach you so much about all subjects that are under the real estate investing umbrella. Are you interested in learning how to make 401K investments work to your advantage? Are you interested in the idea of a retirement that’s nice, comfortable and luxurious? Nick Vertucci’s courses can change your existence for the better. These classes can transform you and how you view investments of all varieties.

The idea of wealth may seem so distant to you. You don’t have to assume that you’ll never get it. If you take the time to focus on Vertucci’s real estate investment system, the idea of attaining wealth will no longer seem impossible to you. Nick Vertucci is a real estate investment specialist who opens peoples’ eyes. He helps them understand that they have the strength necessary to improve. He helps them identify the things that make them tick the most, too. Nothing stops Vertucci. He’s always strengthening his real estate investment savvy.

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How Greg Secker Teaches Forex Trading

Those who want to learn how to make substantial amounts of money in Forex markets (currency trading) need a helping hand. They need help not just learning what they need to know to be effective traders, but they also need software that allows this trading to happen and does so in an easy to use way. Greg Secker is a master at Forex Trading as he learned from the best while working in the financial industry. It was while he was a Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, in particular, that he got an up-close look at how their Forex traders employed strategies.

After employing professional strategies when it came to Forex Markets, Greg Secker earned enough money to retire from the industry. Instead, he settled into his London home where he had set up his own Forex trading floor. He eventually grew bored of this and between that and his desire to help others succeed financially he decided to teach others his strategies.

Knowledge to Action Group is the parent company that Greg Secker created to teach others. The workshops about Forex markets that he has developed are offered through his company Learn To Trade. Through this company he offers a free to attend seminar to get people started on the path to effectively trading currencies. This first seminar lasts two hours and is filled with interesting material. During this seminar the attendees can sign up for a two-day course that goes into far greater detail.

Another company George Secker has is SmartCharts Software. This is the software package that people use when actively trading. It’s pretty simple to use and allows the user to track different indexes and make buy and sell orders. During the seminars people are taught the ins and outs of SmartCharts Software so that they can use it effectively.

In order to help others, he also founded the Greg Secker Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that he established in 2010. It’s an organization that helps children with their education. It also helps build leadership and life skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

The Start Master Class-Reasons Why Entrepreneurs are Going Back to School

Lately, a majority of the entrepreneurs have opted going back to school. This is in an attempt to venture into new businesses; to learn what they might be missing out or for better management of family businesses. With the high level of technology; there is need to ensure that you keep up with the progress to maintain the market and satisfy their needs accordingly.
Currents even successful business people with large enterprises are going back to acquire a master’s degree or Ph.D. in business management. Going to school molds you to an all rounded entrepreneur; making you more competent in the field. Jensen’s, a lecturer of entrepreneurship, says that the entrepreneurs come back to school with dots about the ideas of entrepreneurship and the professors join in the dots and complete the puzzle of their students.
Their many programmers that are being offered to entrepreneurs, different individuals will take on various programs depending on their area of specialization. These programs are very crucial, and the future of the business may solely depend on that knowledge. Recent research has shown that the failure of many companies would have been avoided if the entrepreneurs had gone to school prior to the opening of the business to learn the required skill to run their businesses.
One of the success entrepreneur, Campbell, saying that going to school greatly improved the profit margin of his business. This is as a result of getting acquainted with the accounting process, pricing, inventory process and international trade agreements. He says that the cost of his education is way below the added profits in his business.
Going back is, therefore, the new trend in the business world. It’s wise to get equipped with the right tools before you embark on your entrepreneurship journey. If you’ve already started on your journey, you can still spare a little time to go back and pick up what you may have missed for better results.

Whitney Wolfe Uses Feminism To Dominate The Online Dating Space

Whitney Wolfe, an American tech entrepreneur and founder of Bumble app, has achieved overwhelming success in the industry. Owing to her achievements, Wolfe has been able to receive numerous awards, including being recognized on Forbes’ Under 30 list. Whitney founded Bumble dating app in 2014. Under her visionary leadership, the app has experienced rapid growth. Bumble app stands out because of its feminist nature that gives women the power to initiate a conversation after a match. In the course of her career in tech entrepreneurship, Whitney came across numerous cases of online bullying where perpetrators are mostly men. The desire to create an app for women was also fueled by a first-hand experience as a victim of sexual harassment.

Speaking at the annual Boston Summit, Whitney Wolfe explained that traditions have always put women in second place. Most entrepreneurs have created mainstream products like dating apps where women have not been allowed to make the first move. According to Wolfe, women’s passive participation gives men the power to control and manipulate them. Bumble has managed to strengthen women’s position in the feminism society. The company has donated to women’s healthcare organization, Planned Parenthood. Bumble has expanded beyond dating. Recently, the company launched Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz to give women a chance to connect with new peers and engage in professional networking. Whitney said that they incorporated innovation and Bumble data to meet the additional demands of their users. She explained that most users on Bumble focus on networking.

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of Bumble, the fourth most popular dating app according to monthly user base. According to TIME, Bumble, which has more than 18 million users, is worth $500 million. Whitney’s expertise in tech entrepreneurship has been recognized by leading companies like Elle’s Women in Tech and Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30. Whitney ventured into entrepreneurship at a tender age of 19 by establishing selling bamboo tote bags in the areas affected by the BP oil spill. Later, she collaborated with celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp to launch Help Us Project. The bags attracted national attention after celebrities Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe were spotted with them. In the early stages of her career, Wolfe worked at Hatch Labs where she was part of the Cardify startup, a project initiated by Sean Rad. She is an alumnus of Southern Methodist University where she pursued her degree in international studies. Recently, Wolfe had a perfect wedding in Italy.

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Here’s Why Marc Sparks Has Moved Offices After 14 Years

After being in the same location for over a decade, Marc Sparks has decided it is time for a change. Learn more:


When it comes to starting a business Sparks believes there are two main components that must be in place. First you must have a basic business model, and secondly there must be a way to acquire the resources needed to succeed.


By moving into a new office Sparks will be creating an environment that is optimized for collaboration.


As a serial entrepreneur Sparks knows all too well what it takes to start and grow a successful business. Over the course of his 20 year career he has found that an environment that is conducive to collaboration is a vital part of success.


That’s why he advises entrepreneurs to never cut corners when it comes to office space and where your team will spend the bulk of their day.


They Can’t Eat You


After starting and growing several successful businesses, Sparks started to realize there was a certain flow that must take place within an office if maximum collaboration is to be achieved


He speaks about this in great deal in his book, “They Can’t Eat You”. In this book Sparks shares some of the successes, along with some of the failures, he has experienced throughout his career.


It is these experiences that inspired him to start Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into revenue-generating products and services.


Timber Creek Capital uses Marc’s 35 years of experience to tackle the various aspects of starting and growing a successful business.


The company will take on a handful of clients and offer them mentorship as well as access to resources such as web development, office space, accounting, legal advice, banking, marketing and capital.


As an aspiring entrepreneur, when you work with Timber Creek Capital you will get access to everything you need to not only start your business, but to grow it into something really amazing.


Marc Sparks understands firsthand the many challenges entrepreneurs face. Through his experience he hopes to help entrepreneurs build their dreams to critical mass.


George Soros Brings His Financial Weight To Bear On The Political World

The world of politics and philanthropy are now the main domain of Hungarian-born financial expert George Soros, a hedge fund manager with a history on Wall Street dating back to the 1960s when the refugee journey of the founder of the Open Society Foundations completed his refugee journey by arriving in New York. The rags to riches story of George Soros is one of the most impressive in the history of the U.S. with a determination to stay in New York for just five years giving way to a life spent in American fighting for the rights of those who feel they are not represented in the political landscape of the country.

After spending much of the 1950s living in Greenwich Village, New York, the epicenter of the counter-culture, George Soros decided he was finally free of the yoke of totalitarianism he had lived under for the majority of his teenage years. Despite the feeling he had found his home in the U.S. George Soros also felt the Constitution was not as all-consuming as many of his fellow U.S. citizens believe and needed to be fought for on a regular basis to ensure the threat of capitalism did not become an issue for the people of the world. Along with the development of the Open Society Foundations as the philanthropist side of the work of the founder of Soros Fund Management, he has also become known for the success he has achieved as a political donor towards liberal and Democrat candidates and causes; Politico reports George Soros has dipped in and out of the political landscape of the U.S. with major backing provided at dire times of need for Democrats and the world as a whole.

The two most important moments when George Soros stepped up to provide his financial support from his own funds were 2004 and 2016 when the octogenarian felt the threat to global security was at its highest. Forbes reports George Soros has around $25 billion as a personal fortune and is the 22nd richest person in the world, a large amount of this fortune has been spent on developing his political giving techniques for the campaigns of Democrats John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Soros gave $27 million to the Kerry campaign in 2004 and a further $25v million in support of former Secretary of State Clinton in 2016. George Soros believed these were town important moments in the history of the U.S. and the world when he should fight against a rising right-wing influence in the U.S. that made its way to power under President’s George W. Bush and Donald Trump, which Soros felt was dangerous to global security.

Jim Tananbaum Invest in Mindstrong Heath to Improve Mental Care

Mindstrong Health Company raised $14 million in the first round of Financing, Series A, aimed to support the neuropsychiatric diagnosis and treatment platform. The firm utilizes smartphones to detect and help to treat neuropsychiatric disorders. Some of the main investors were Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, and ARCH Venture Partners.

According to the CEO of Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagum, despite the fact that modern medicine is based on objective measurement, mental health has been confined to limited subjective reports in the clinical setting. People with mental illnesses need the objective measures similar to those applied to other chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Mindstrong Health provides continuous objective measures of cognition and behavior at an insight and a high level of resolution that has never been achieved. Jim Tananbaum praised Mindstrong Health for their unsurpassed understanding of the hurdles faced by the people with cognitive health disorders.

Jim Tananbaum ( is the Founder of Foresite Capital Management. The company invests in firms with services in the healthcare sector including genomics, medical devices, diagnostics, and biotechnology. Jim studied at Yale University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Jim Tananbaum holds an MD from the Harvard Medical School and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Foresite Capital Management.

Jim was one of the few investors who appeared on the Forbes Midas List of top 100 investors in 2017. It was his first time to appear on the Midas list. For one to one on this list, he/she should be ready to make colossal calculations and great risks. Lucky people also find their way to this coveted list.

Jim has been in the investment industry for more than two decades. According to, he was part of Sierra Ventures and Prospect Ventures Partners. Jim’s leading investments include Amerigroup, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. He founded and held managerial positions at Theravance and GelTex Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Tananbaum served on the visiting committees as well as advisory boards of Yale School of Engineering and Harvard-MIT HST program.

James Dondero And His Investment Strategies At Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest hedge funds in all of America, and it is a large place that has been diversified many times over the years. There are many different people who will find it easy to ensure that they are given the best services with their hard-earned money. This article explains how James offers better services to all customers, and it gives a look at what the company does to diversify its investments.

#1: The Company Has Investments Everywhere

There are quite a few investments that may be made around the world through the company, and each of these investments will ensure that the customer is earning more money through their account. Diversifying the accounts of each customer is simple because HCM remains diverse around the world.

#2: The Company Is An Alternative Thinker

The company has been based on alternative thinking that James Dondero has used through the years to make changes to his investments. There are many things that James has done to ensure that his clients are earning more money, sand he often sees reports of the movements his company has done. What HCM does is of great interest to make people in the world of investment, and it is important for James to ensure that he is adjusting to the marketplace.

#3: How To Plan For Investments

James hires many of the finest analysts and brokers in the world, and they are all placed in the HCM office to aid clients. The clients who come to HCM to earn money, and they will learn from the associates what their next best step in the process may be. There are several different people who will benefit from what the company does because they have a broker on the other end of the line they trust.The HCM difference is in how it plans its investments. James Dondero runs the company in a style that is appropriate for every customer, and he works quite hard to ensure that all his clients are given the information and investments they need for the good of their financial future.

Integration Of The Internet Of Things In The Airlines Industry By Jason Hope

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way things are getting done. Today, the communication between objects and people employs the use of Bluetooth beacon technology.

This type of technology bears good fruits for the airline industry. First, the technology increases the safety of the airlines. Today, all the Boeing 787s are inter-connected. Real data can continually get collected, and the maintenance automatically tracked. Beacons continuously monitor the status of the relevant instruments in the plane. Therefore, enhancing safety by detecting faults earlier.

With the help of The Internet of Things, the customer service is becoming exceptional. Most airlines issue tickets online and assign seats 24hrs before the flight. The system chooses the sitting arrangement according to customer preferences before automation. The beacons, with the passengers’ permission, gets used to assist in direction. For instance, if one gets lost, a tag through an app advises the client. Additionally, the airlines have developed seat sensors used in monitoring the passengers’ enjoyment. In the case of uneasiness, the cabin crews make the required corrections.

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The technology also finds usage in the handling of the customers’ luggage. Finally, it’s employed in monitoring the fuel efficiency.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur with interests in the development of technology. He predicted The Internet of Things. Jason Hope has continuously monitored its development. Throughout his career, he has participated in the development of tech that empowers and makes the lives of people more comfortable. In most cases, he is at the height of developing mobile applications and desktop software. Additionally, he is keen in the development of technology that enables scientists and researcher to improve their ability to manufacture potent drugs that eliminate diseases.

Besides Jason Hopes inclination to technology, he is a renowned philanthropist. He contributes through SENS foundation that seeks to develop anti-aging drugs and therefore, prolonging life. Additionally, they find cures for diseases like Alzheimer and heart diseases. Supporting scientific research helps in the development of medicines that directly result to a better life.