Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere talks teasing, product packaging, business moves, and hair dyes.


Keep reading to hear just what the Queen had to say about these things!


Does Deere Tease?

Is Deere a tease?


She says that she isn’t and says that her company does not tease customers when uploading pictures to Instagram.


Instead of teasing, Deere is building up customers’ anticipation for the product.


She and Lime Crime can’t talk about the product or show the full product until the actual launch date, but being able to show bits and pieces of the new project keeps both Deere and customers eagerly awaiting what’s to come.


Is Packaging Really That Important?

If you’re going to run a business, be professional.


Go all out.


Don’t simply make a nice package, but also package it nicely.


According to Deere, packaging allows customers to glimpse the value and quality of the products they are buying.


Sure, it’s great to have an awesome product that no other company can top,


but don’t house a $30 product in poor packaging.


People are visual creatures. Just the look of something can catch someone’s eye and prompt her to try out a product,


so ensure that the product looks great inside and out.


At the end of the day, if it looks bad, it is bad for business.


What’s A Good Business Move?

Deere says the best business strategy is always to listen.


Listen, listen, and then listen some more.


Listen even to those who most people would assume can teach them nothing.


Yes, even listen to those who don’t like you because they may very well be offering constructive criticism rather than just trying to be spiteful.


Of course, you don’t have to take everything you hear into consideration, but be humble enough to listen so that you may not miss any important information that could make or break your next idea.


Why Hair Dye?

This is the question that everyone has been wanting to ask and aching to know the answer to because – let’s face it – how many cosmetics lines do you know that offer hair dye?


Lime Crime may very well be the first.


Deere says that it all goes back to being who she is.


She has always loved hair dye and have been wearing it for the last 10 years and wanted to share her enthusiasm for hair dye with her consumers.


Also, let’s not forget that Lime Crime started off as a fashion line. For this fashion line, Deere wanted the entire look to match the outfit, including the makeup.


In the same way, hair dye is jut a way to make one’s entire look match her makeup. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global captures the market’s attention with Luminesce moisturizer

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis informed their friends that they were planning on getting back into the entrepreneurial game with a health and beauty company, many of them shook their heads. None could say that they were genuinely surprised, however. While most people in their ritzy and exclusive gated community enjoyed the leisurely life of golf courses, grandkids and second bottles of merlot, Ray and Lewis seemed to have a fire lit inside them that simply wouldn’t allow the industrious couple to fully enjoy the idleness of retirement.

It was this innate drive to excel that gave birth to Jeunesse Global. Incredibly, Ray and Lewis founded the company out of their garage in 2009, growing it from absolute scratch without outside financing of any kind. Ray put his experience as one of the most formidable salesmen in the global direct-marketing industry to work, crafting a business plan that remains one of the most lucrative and competitive opportunities for people to own their own distributing businesses in the world today.

Meanwhile, Lewis got busy spotting unmet market needs and creating some of the most innovative and revolutionary products that the health and beauty industry had seen in decades. One result of her efforts was the company’s now-famous moisturizer known as Luminesce.

Luminesce uses a special and secret molecule that is known cryptically as APT-200. The substance was developed by scientists working on behalf of Jeunesse Global and can only be found in the company’s products. APT-200 has been clinically proven to reduce current wrinkles, prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, restore skin’s natural elasticity and to give skin a vibrant and youthful glow that can help turn back the clock on aging.

In addition to the powerful effects of APT-200, Luminesce is also a world-class moisturizing lotion. It contains skin-strengthening and healing ingredients like aloe vera. The lotion is designed for busy professionals and others who have extremely limited time, which is a theme found throughout all of Jeunesse’s products. In just a single application in the morning, Luminesce can help skin stay health and great-looking for the entire workday.

Doe Deere – Article Recap

Sometimes being a morning person is just so hard. It seems like almost no one is a morning person and going through your morning routine and enjoying every minute of it can get so lonesome, but there has been somewhat of a trend in the beauty community that makes us morning people feel not as alone and oddly connected with each other. That is, going through our morning routines together.


Morning routine vlogs and blogs are typically found on the beauty side of the internet and are absolutely a product of the internet alone. There is something about the insight into each other’s lives that makes us feel that much more whole and connected. There is something about learning the steps that immensely successful people do to start their days, that makes us feel that one day we too could be in their place, were we to take the steps they have. Even ones as simple as the way you start your day.


For Doe Deere, the bright, colorful and illustrious Queen of the Unicorns, being a morning person is all too easy. She does not even need an alarm clock to wake up at her regular waking time of 8:30am. Not too late, not too early. The drinks a full glass of water as her first thing she does for the day, replenishing any dryness from skin and giving her body and skin an H20 boost!


After this she performs a few morning stretches, again, this is nothing too strenuous and is incredibly attainable for everyone! The idea of working out sucks, but not working out sucks too! Stretching is the perfect happy medium. After this, Doe moves in for breakfast. Learn more:


What do you have for breakfast every day? Do you eat breakfast? Most don’t anymore, but it is a staple that is hugely important in Doe’s morning routine and usually consists of yogurt and fruit or grits. Out of the two, Doe prefer’s grits! (Who doesn’t?!) If this is a part of your morning routine that is lacking, maybe add this for an extra boost and you’ll see more days that contain the success of the companies founder.


Once breakfast is done, Doe spends time sending emails to work and checking social media before Doe moving on to hair and make up. Deere usually showers at night, so showers in the morning aren’t in this morning routine! She does her make up and hair, allowing her flowing curls to lay around her face like the perfect frame and now it’s time to start the day.


Doe Deere’s secret for successful entrepreneurship

The Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and the “Queen of Unicorn” is sharing her love for makeup with other women across the world. She lives and wears her brand; you cannot miss her. Her hair and makeups are always bright. Her success is a testimony that people from all walks of life can realize their dreams no matter how unique they are.

Doe was born in Russia and spent her childhood and teen years there. She moved to New York City at the age of 17. Currently, Doe lives in Los Angeles. She was always an imaginative kid growing up. She was ambitious but with limits. All she wanted as a kid was to become a musician which she did when she first landed in New York. As a musician in New York, Doe learned a few things in marketing and made her value people who came out to listen to her music. She has always been entrepreneurial. Back in Russia, she sold temporary tattoos to classmates at the age of 13. She discovered the tattoos, made the cool and popularized them so she could sell.

Deere lived in New York for 14 years. Most of this time was spent in Brooklyn and a little in Manhattan. While in the music band, she met her husband. They worked in the band together as songwriters aiming at promoting the band well. That is where the couple learned to learn really well. The advice Doe gives young entrepreneurial women is that they should be true to themselves and follow their hearts. She believes that people should be in touch with themselves and pursue what they love. Everybody is unique. At times you may feel alone and unique but keep pushing, with time you will find like-minded people.

In 2008, the makeup industry was only producing balms and lipstick that brought out the supernatural look in women. Finding bright colored makeup was a problem. Since Doe liked bright colored, she decided to make them herself. She touched the hearts of many other girls that were experiencing the same problem. That is how the brand was started.

Doe believes that Makeup gives women the freedom to be themselves and the chance to express themselves without fear of being judged. Deere went to FIT in New York where she majored in design. She believes that makeup, dress code and hair should all be coordinated. Learn more:

One of the challenges that Deere faced running an online business was a hacking experience that the company underwent in 2014. Some of the client information was stolen and restoring trust was not easy. The brand had to work tirelessly to ensure that all customer needs were met. They also educated the customers on security measures. Deere says her role model is Kimberly Gordon who is the brain behind Wildfox. She too started out her business out of her passion for comfortable clothes. Learn more:

Doe Deere – The Lime Crime Founder and Her Mission to Empower Women Through Makeup

The Guest of a Guest interviewed Doe Deere also known as the Queen of Unicorns, owner of the Lime Crime brand in the beauty industry. She said that she was born and raised in Russia. Deere migrated to the U.S. when she was a-17-year-old girl. Her favorite years were in both Russia and NYC. She’s currently living in LA. She’s always been imaginative as well as ambitious in that sense. However, she doesn’t think, especially as a kid, you always dream about big things. And she thinks the biggest that she dreamt was most probably becoming a musician, which is what she did when she moved to NY.

Being a musician helped Deere to learn things like career and marketing plus taught her to appreciate when people came out to her events. She started with a dream of becoming a musician but ended up in makeup. She loves the choice she made; she has always been a little entrepreneurial. Deere had her first business when she was still a 13-year-old girl in Russia; she was selling temporary tattoos which was a novelty during that time, she had fun doing the business. She discovered them and then she made them popular by wearing them and emphasizing that it was fine having a temporary tattoo on your body and she sold them to her classmates.

She lived in NYC from 1998 to 2012. She lived for a short time in Manhattan, and then she stayed for nine years in the borough of NYC, Manhattan. During this period, she was in a band. That is how she met her husband; they were in the same band, and they learned how to collaborate at the beginning as they were both songwriters plus promoting the band was the origin of it all. So, they learned how to work together.

She said that she thinks that makeup gives her, and she would like to hope that other women who purchase Lime Crime, her product, the freedom to be herself. The freedom of expressing their selves without any fear of judgment. She also comes from a fashion background, she went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY, and she majored in fashion design. Therefore, to her makeup and fashion usually go hand-in-hand as well as hair for that matter. They express themselves by what they are putting on their bodies, what they put on their face, plus how they do their hair.

Deere launched Lime Crime in the year 2008. As someone who began small and ended up achieving success on her terms, she’s known to be a passionate supporter of the entrepreneurship as well as businesses of other women. Deere is constantly speaking on the topic of finding your voice plus following your dream at the public events like the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. She loves mentoring other females who are aspiring business people, plus she always welcomes themto feel free to contact her whenever they need her advice through her social media account, Instagram. Learn more:

Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams and make them a reality, that is what Lime Crime makeup owner Doe Deere did. By following a path of simple steps she achieved her hearts desire, owning her own trend setting, successful makeup brand. With hard work and attention to detail Doe Deere set out to make her mark with simple but effective business tips. Learn more:

Her first tip is to use and expand your personal skill set. Deere explains that by knowing what your skills are, and learning to improve them, is the basis of every successful business. You can not begin a business you have no natural talent for or grow it without expanding on those talents. Learning to adapt to each situation is key to building a personal business or brand.

Deere’s second tip is to tackle problems head on. As with everything in life, problems will arise, especially when starting a new business. Doe Deere recommends breaking down each problem into individually manageable pieces to avoid being overwhelmed.

Learn from others is Deere’s third tip. Everyone knows to look to their superiors or teachers to learn skills from but Deere also recommends looking to your peers as well as your employees for points of view you may have missed. Anyone can be a potential source for inspiration, don’t overlook the wealth of knowledge around you.

Tip number four is, don’t be afraid to take risks. When the inevitable problems arise, do not forget to a take calculated risks when managing the pieces. Risks are scary but often rewarding in many different ways. Deere recommends taking well thought out and planned risks; do not be blinded by fear of failure but do not take risks without researching and planning first.

Deere’s venture into entrepreneurship started as they all do, taking one step after the other. Lime Crime started as a dream but grew to a trend setting, must have, makeup brand all because Doe Deere followed her simple but meaningful advice: use and expand on your skill set, tackle problems head on, learn from others, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Beginning a business adventure with these tips in mind will save new entrepreneurs a lot of headache and possible heartache too.

Learn more: