Market America Shares How To Share On Social Media

Market America was founded in 1992, and it was one of the first companies to help individuals sell products with the aid of the internet. The company does this through what they call an “Un-Franchise” model. This means that sellers are able to use Market America’s products and resources without having to go through the process of leasing a traditional retail space to make money.

The company has long been on the front of the independent sales model with it offering over thirty-five million different kinds of products through their online store. The company also offers service to help their sellers set up their own stores. This means that sellers are able to use online resources to make their own niche in the web where they can gather dedicated customers from across the globe.

Market America has long been involved in social media, and they regularly release content instructing their sellers on the best ways to use social media to promote their online stores. This information allows their sellers to attract new customers, advertise unique products and services, and helps them stay in touch with dedicated customers.

Market America’s recently posted a blog detailing how to use hash tags to set sellers apart. This is a useful tool as it allows sellers to distinguish themselves in an environment with many people posting, and where seller’s post frequently end up being buried by other posts in a short period of time. Their hashtags direct customers to Market America’s store The hash tags also allow other sellers to meet up with each other. This allows them to combine resources and share expertise. It also allows sellers to like and share each other’s post. This means that sellers can reach a much larger group of people by simply using a few hash tags.

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Over For Coriant’s Pat DiePietro As CEO


It’s official and the company could not be happier. Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO to Coriant. The announcement came this week to a group of anxious people who watched Pat DiePietro move over to a sister company from his coveted role as CEO. As the leaders in optical transport, they had a responsibility to fill one of their biggest positions quickly. They felt Kheradpir was the perfect choice due to his long history in communications. With companies like GTE, Verizon and Bell-Atlantic under his belt, he was the sensible choice.

Kheradpir brings with him almost 30 years of experience in an industry that he loves and has dedicated his life too. It has been his passion since he graduated from collect at Cornell University. He was always destined to be successful as his father was a doctor in a prominent area of England. His journey to this country occurred when he wanted to attend a big name college and become something great. He found his niche while here, and he never left. Of Iranian descent, this man knew that he had tapped into something that would define his life. His first job was at GTE. GTE was the major telephone company during the 1990’s.

His leadership skills were of particular interest to Coriant. It’s not many people who can manage more than 7,000 people at one time, but that is exactly what he did when he worked for Verizon. GTE sold out to Bell-Atlantic, later on, Bell-Atlantic and Verizon merger. It didn’t matter what challenges they threw at him, he remained dedicated until he quit his position in 2011. Twenty-three years of triumphs and milestones with a company he loved. However, when a lucrative position at Barclays was present to give him the authority to sit on the executive team; he jumped at the chance.

Kheradpir doesn’t have a wife or children to keep him tied down, some say he is married to his career. He has dedicated his whole life to the business world and is ready to take on a new challenge like Coriant. His dedication to business has earned him a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and a Doctorate. Though he needs the educational background to fulfill such a position, he also needs the hand-on-experience too. Coriant thought he had the perfect blend of both worlds to bring their needs and his skills together. It was the perfect match.

Given time, Kheradpir will do amazing things as the president of Coriant. Since he has a reputation of saving money, they should love the changes he implements that will affect their bottom line. He was able to take overhead costs from 30 percent down to 20 percent for Verizon. With the economic woes that most companies face these days, any savings and wisdom he can implement into this company will be beneficial. However, Coriant is a leader in their industry and financial problems are not an issue. Consequently, if he can offer any savings, he will secure his position at this global giant.

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Sam Tabar Climbs the Career Ladder

It is very hard to get accomplished in the legal field. Sam Tabar is one of the few who has became very accomplished shortly after starting his legal career. He is known for being one of the greatest attorneys and is a well known capital strategist. He has worked extremely hard in building a positive reputation and strives to make every client happy. He is currently working in New York City for a company called ‘FullCycle Fund.’ Because of his numerous talents, he was given this position, among many previous positions as well.

Sam Tabar has also worked for Arps Meagher and Flom LLP, Skadden and Slater. He is a phenomenal business man and great Associate. It is no wonder so many people have wanted him to work for them. He focuses on business development and capital strategies as much as possible. The time he spent working for other companies definitely did not go to waste. Each company that he worked under has benefited from his skills and has grown exponentially because of his hard work. He has a true passion for his job and an even stronger passion for helping his clients.

SPARX Group is a popular company that has also benefited from the hard work of Sam Tabar. After his success at SPARX Group he decided to take a job offer at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Working for Bank of America gave him the ability to be a director and grow in knowledge. He worked in the Asia-Pacific Region during his career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. After a wonderful career at BOA, he decided to take a position at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. This company helped Sam Tabar decide to focus on compliance issues and specific hedge funds. During his career here, he build a reputation for himself that has pushed him to be an amazing attorney. He did amazing work for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP and continues to build in success and his career now that he is at the top.

Spark Tank: Marc Spark’s Latest Entrepreneurial Booster

Most know Marc Sparks due to his extensive entrepreneurial success through many ventures. These ventures have proven to be very successful, but Sparks has done so much more for his community and others. It is perhaps this outreaching and helpful spark in Mr. Sparks that led him to start the Spark Tank initiative.

Spark Tank was the brain child of both Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora whom he met more than 15 years ago. Both have been involved in charitable ventures, and Spark Tank is simply another one of these ideas. The plan was to help entrepreneurs who have ideas that financial sectors don’t see as profitable.

What Sparks and Sipiora wanted to do was give those entrepreneurs in the social service industry an opportunity to present their ideas. Their ideas would then compete with others and go through a serious and fruitful competition to see which idea proved to be the best. The competitor that wins will get a 5,000 dollars check free and clear.

Sipiora and Marc Sparks know that 5,000 dollars is more than enough money to really make a difference in what the company wants to do. 5,000 dollars was enough to fuel a shuttle bus for an entire year so that workers and others did not have to spend money on gasoline. This was something that they both were able to accomplish on their first venture together, which was a homeless shelter.

Another useful task that Marc Sparks and Sipiora were able to do with 5,000 dollars is cover a camp for children. Keep in mind that this camp did include instruction. In short, Sparks and Sipiora believed that 5,000 dollars was the kind of money that an innovative company will be able to truly use.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

The criteria to win is pretty strict and does challenge every team to really make their case as to why they are the social service company to invest in. There are a few rules that one does have to follow in order to be eligible. For one, the organization should be active for at least 2 years. And the organization needs to have been a 501c3 for that long as well.

You should also remember that there are some organizations that are not going to be eligible, like church organizations unless it is faith-based in name only and not attempting to created something that is faith-based – read mind: Who Is Marc Sparks?. Other organizations that cannot join the contest are national action political committees.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the organizations that are not allowed to participate. There are plenty of service oriented companies that are eligible, like those involved in the arts or shelters for animals.

The Spark Tank has has been proven to be successful for those who participate, and everyone wins a little more help and support from within the community of spectators or competitors.

Shaygan Kheradpir Assumes Leadership at Coriant


The leading supplier of inventive networking solutions, Coriant has a new CEO and Board Chairman. Shaygan Kheradpir replaced Pat DiPietro, who will operate as coriant’s vice chairperson and an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir came into limelight after a successful tenure at Juniper Networks Inc. During his short-term leadership at Juniper Networks, Kheradpir designed and executed a cost-cutting and restructuring program known as Integrated Operating Plan (IOP). The plan managed to reduce the number of employees and structural cost but maintained operational excellence.

Career progress
Shaygan is a talented entrepreneur and terrific technological investor with an extensive experience of more than 28 years in the corporate world. He has held supervisory and managerial roles in industries such as technology, financial service, and telecom. In 1987, Shaygan landed a job at GTE Laboratories as a network manager handling network management, control, and routing. Eventually, he served as a Chief Information Officer and developed several innovative products.

After the formation of Verizon Communications, Shaygan became the president of its e-business division. He is the Verizon’s first Chief Technological Officer. He is remembered for diversifying the telecommunication services offered by Verizon. Additional, he reduced the operational expenses by automating operations.

Shaygan joined Barclays in January 2011 to lead the Global Retail & Business Bank division. During his tenure, he developed and launched Pingit, which was a mobile payments app. Due to his innovative skills and ability to strike deals with top investors across different sectors, Barclay appointed him as the Head of Operation and Chief Technology Officer.

Brief history
Shaygan was born in London but raised in Iran. He relocated to the U. S. for his higher education. He joined Cornell University and managed to graduate with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

About DiPietro
DiPietro became the CEO and President of Coriant back in 2014. His duties included merging several network suppliers acquired by Marlin Equity Partners to form Coriant. The appointment of Shaygan as the CEO is a confirmation that the development and integration phase was complete.


Kyle Bass Has Very Questionable Business Tactics

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who predicted the economic crisis of 2008 when it severely impacted the US economy. Kyle believes the economy of Asia will atrophy due to overextended credit. He believes there is 40 – 50% chance of it occurring in the next year. He was embroiled in controversy in 2006 as he played a role in the collapse of Bear Stearns. Bass leverage the firm’s balance sheet against bad mortgages and bears Stearns suffered irreparable damage to their reputation which led to the company’s demise. JP Morgan acquired the Bear Sterns after it went defunct. He claims that Bear Stears as a company put themselves out of business.

Kyle Bass founded his Dallas, Texas-based hedge fund Hayman Capital in 2006. He was considered a star in the financial world for quite some time. At this point, however, critics claim he has made bad call after bad call. He has made alliances that raise many eyebrows. His association with Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has severely impacted his reputation negatively.Christina Fernandez de Kirchner is notorious for taking advantage of the Argentinian people. Kyle Bass continues to champion her tactics on economic policy. Because of this Association and others, many have claimed that he is desperate and is incompetent. Many claim he changes facts and figures to ultimately serve his bottom line.a New York Judge Thomas Griese ruled that a reduced amount of money couldn’t settle Kirchner’s debt to their creditors. It was ruled that the whole amount had to be paid.Bass has also defended GM Motor Company though they knew that there defective power steering mechanisms in their vehicles were causing deaths. GM claimed that the victims were either not wearing their seatbelt or had been drunk. Chris Kyle’s Widow Taya Kyle is also suing one of Bass’s subordinates at Hayman who she claims is unethical.  Wikipedia has further info.

Brian Torchin Staffing the International Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin resides from North East of Pennsylvania, and he is truly an experienced person in the health care industry. He started by opening and operating offices in Florida, Delaware, and Philadelphia, swiftly rising as the top health care recruiter globally. Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. He has managed to extend his territory overseas to Asia and Europe. He is regarded as an experienced professional, who plays a significant role in the development of Healthcare Recruitment counselors.

Since the establishment of the private company, Brian has been a team player and has specialized in the methods of consultation, direction, and expedience. In the end, the objective of Torchin is to provide efficient and fast solutions to his customers and be available at all times to answer any query or fulfill the request of his clients.

Brian habituated himself with the business by his experience as a doctor in chiropractic practice. With growing familiarity in what was required to maintain a top quality chiropractic facility, Torchin, and the Health Care Recruitment Counselors personnel imagined an objective in which they could provide healthcare client with the excellent workers possible. According to their website, HCRC recruitment provides additional availability during weekends and nights to their customers. It assists to guarantee efficient and fast communication with doctors and clients.

The HCRC staffing provides some services to potential medical practices looking for workers that will make their business operate smoothly. The staffing works categorically with private chiropractic practices and medical centers that are looking forward to fill in chiropractic vacancies, medical vacancies, physical therapy and more. Besides offering help to their customers employ experienced assistants and therapist, HCRC staffing also does professional consulting, staff training and background checks.

On the HCRC staffing website, Brian posts tweets that offer guidelines on the different subject. The articles include tips on how to recruit potential workers efficiently with the help of social media sites like LinkedIn. Torchin as well writes on the safety measures that medical practices needs to take into consideration to make sure they are operating a good doctor office.

Jon Urbana Has Many Strings To His Bow With Business And Leisure Activities

Jon Urbana is a famous face around the city of Denver, but the man who spends a large amount of each summer coaching kids lacrosse camps has much more in his life than simply his sporting and business activities. In fact, Jon Urbana is a well known figure in the U.S. aviation industry, particularly after being elected to the FAA Airmen Certification Database. Looking into the life and activities of Urbana reveals much about the many different interests and activities the popular philanthropist undertakes.

Mentioning the name of Jon Urbana in Denver will probably see the majority of people mention his work at the Next Level Lacrosse Camps. Not only does Urbana work with young people, he is also an important figure at the Ellipse USA company. As Head of Business at Ellipse USA Urbana has overseen a wide range of improvements in the business that was formed in 1997. The company is offering a range of Laser and pulsed light treatment equipment, which can assist in the treatment of acne, skin pigmentation and hair removal in a clinical setting.

Despite the busy life, Urbana has a busy blog, a personal website with his bio, and also acts as the Head of Business at Ellipse USA he is also looking to live a full life away from each workday that he shares on Twitter with his followers. He has presented at quite a few conferences this year and recently gave a talk I particularly enjoyed (shown here):

This means he puts as much effort into his skills being developed as a pilot as he did at Villanova, and as he now does with his business career; recently, Jon Urbana has been elected to the FAA airmen Certification Database, which lists pilots with the highest levels of training, education, and experience. Being added to the database means that Jon Urbana has now joined a small group of pilots who have the certification that entrusts the lives of many to them during a flight.

The skills of Jon Urbana are not simply limited to the world of business and flying, he is also a respected photographer with his own Flickr account that he also syndicates to Websta. Urbana is looking to develop his own range of skills that has seen him become a popular food photographer; a look through his blog shows them any influences from fashion and food photography that have evolved over the last few years.

Susan McGalla Shares Tips On How To Make Leaders Out Of Employees

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businesswoman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Having worked in companies like Wet Seal and American Outfitters, Susan McGalla understands leadership like no other. One of the most underappreciated facets of leadership is making leaders out of employees. Eventually, a manager gets promoted and there needs to be a person on the bench who would be able to fill that very important spot. So, what does a manager do in that instance? The process of inspiring leadership is not just related to motivation, it has to begin from Day 1.

Here are some top tips from Susan McGalla –
Teach Employees How To Network – The first tip Susan McGalla offers is regarding networking, an important leadership role. If there is an employee or team member who shows potential for leadership, leaders should take them along during important networking events. This would teach employees how to be confident in formal situations, forge long lasting connections with people, and practically employ quid pro quo with prospective clients looking for the same opportunities. A leader needs these skills to further their ambitions in the industry and by equipping employees with these skills at an early time in their career.

Offer Bigger Responsibilities – In order to move up the leadership ladder, there are certain key responsibilities that only leaders are supposed to undertake. For instance, managers make project presentations and then, they present them. They also help newly hired employees become acquainted with the company norms. Sometimes, managers have a lot of work overseeing how all their projects are continuing. Susan McGalla recommends that leaders should ask their employees to sit in on those presentations and eventually, create and finish it themselves. They can delegate certain responsibilities to help these budding leaders.

Create A Culture Of Initiative – When a manager is stuck with a budget or finance sheet, the finance manager comes to their rescue. However, when employees make these budgets or finances, they come to the manager. Usually, the manager sorts out the problem and undertakes it from there on. However, leaders trying to inspire leadership in their employees should try not to do this, says Susan McGalla. They should generate a culture where future leaders of the company would figure out solutions to the problem themselves.

Delegate Authority – After everything, teaching and the above tips are still theoretical and Susan McGalla says that the best way to inspire leadership is through trust. If employees never get out of theory, they would be poor leaders when such a time arrives. As such, leaders should allow their employees to make certain decisions on their own after they have proven their worth. This would ensure that they are accountable for the decisions they have taken and know how to explain their choices to their peers and superiors.

With these big tips, leaders would find that they do not have a dearth of people to fill their shoes.