Cassio Audi, A Man of Brazil

Brazilian Investment Management is a specialized asset management of numerous securities (bonds, shares and different other securities) and few other assets such as real estate, to meet particular investment goals for the advantages of the investors. Investors might be institutions (pension funds, insurance companies, charities, corporations, educational establishment, and much more) or private investors through investment contracts or collective investment schemes such as exchange-traded or mutual funds.

The provision of Brazilian investment management services comprises elements of asset selection, stock selection, financial statement analysis, plan implementation and constantly keeping a watch on the investments. As BIM comes under the financial category, they are also in part investment managers and have millions of staff to assist them in their day to day business.

Cassio Audi, a famous, reliable and renowned investment manager, For those of you who investment manager is, he is a person or company that makes funds in portfolios of different securities on behalf of their esteemed clients, in agreement with the objectives of investment along with the parameters defined by those clients. Cassio Audi works in the same manner and works hard for their client. And that is the sole reason why he became a prominent figure in whole Brazilian investment manager’s market.

Cassio Audi earned his extensive experience by working in huge national and multinational firms. Few of his skills includes but not limited to Management of equities, Financial Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Business Planning, Leadership, Project Management, Team Leadership, Leadership Strategy, Cross-functional Team, Investor Relations, Business Strategy, Management Project Planning, Entrepreneurship Change, to name some.

He has completed his BA from Pontifical Catholic University following MBA from Sao Paulo University. That was his dedication and love for other that made him choose investment manager occupation to assist people who have money but don’t know how to invest and when they do, they fell in the trap of fraudulent scheme and lost their hard earned money.

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