Bruce Levenson, The Successful NBA Team Owner

The NBA is one most respected leagues of the globe. Being a team owner of one of the teams in the NBA is a herculean task, as one need to have adequate resources to make a purchase. The best part about being a team owner is that one stands to gain from the sale of the team because most of the past team owners have realized profits from the sale of their teams. Some of the team owners like Bruce Levenson have made remarkable contribution in NBA through his team, Atlanta Hawks.
Bruce Levenson is a well known American business person. For over ten years, Bruce Levenson was a co- owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. In 2004, he purchased the team from Turner Broadcasting through Atlanta Spirits LLC, where he is a majority shareholder. After purchasing the Atlanta Hawks, the name of the company changed to become Atlanta Hawks LLC.
The deal included the rights to the Phillips Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers. However, the Atlanta Thrashers team was sold in 2011 and relocated to Winnipeg. Bruce Levenson guided the Atlanta Hawks to great success in the ten years in which he was the owner. In late 2014, Bruce Levenson made clear of his intentions to sell the team. He finally sold it to investor Anthony Ressler and his Group. The sale was successful despite the bankers hired by Bruce Levenson having quoted a higher price.
Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC to a Jewish Parents. He grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bruce attended the University of Washington graduating with a bachelor’s degree in law. It is at the Washington University that Levenson made his baby steps in business writing by writing a column for the university’s newspaper. In 1977, Bruce and his friend, Ed Peskowitz established United Communication Group (UCG). The company started its operations by providing real time information about the oil and gas sector.
United Communications Group grew and started covering more areas like the real estate and other investment related information. Under his leadership, United Communication Group has become a world leading business Information Company that offers specialized information to more than 2 millions clients in various sectors. These sectors include technology, healthcare, and financial services. UCG covers information regarding the energy sector and the telecommunications industry. A part from the UCG, Bruce Levenson is the founding shareholder of the publicly held company, Tech Target. In the recent past, Forbes billionaire Levenson together with his partner established DOT, a private firm that came up with a new cooking technology that is able to toast bread within three seconds.
Aside from his business commitments, Bruce Levenson makes time to support philanthropic endeavors. Together with his wife, they led in the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership in partnership with the University of Maryland. They also hold an annual challenge Dubbed Do Good Challenge at the University of Maryland.

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