Bruce Levenson Leaves NBA Team Behind and Moves on to Other Business Ventures

Bruce Levenson is a businessman. He has worked in many different aspects of business over the years, but most people in Atlanta know him as the owner of the NBA team. Levenson has taken this team quite far down through the years, but he has managed to finally make the decision to leave this franchise behind and move on to better business ventures.

A lot of the time has taken place since Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson started with this NBA team. He has always been someone that was willing to go the extra mile, but he has other things that he wants to focus on now. Much of this has to do with his philanthropy efforts. He believes in giving to charities. He has been a champion of providing aid for victims of the Holocaust. Levenson has also given to youth, and he continues to do so.

What Bruce Levenson is known for more in the public eye is his ability to work his way in technology with the United Communications Group ( He was one of the co-founders of this company, and he continues to play an active role in the day to day functions of this organization. As a member of the board of directors Levenson has a say in the strategic planning that is done with this company. Currently the United Communications Group has more than 40 millions customers. This is where Levenson has made the majority of his money. That would give him the type of income that he needed to purchase the Atlanta Hawks many years ago.

Today he is moving on to new business ventures. The Atlanta Hawks are rising in the NBA, but Bruce Levenson felt that it was time to discover something new. He wanted to give someone else a chance to work with this NBA franchise.


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