Barbara Stokes Helping to Build the Future

A graduate of Mercer University in 2001, Barbara Stokes has brought years of experience and her study of manufacturing and management to the world of manufactured, modular home housing. She recently joined Green Structure Homes, Inc in building state of the art, energy-efficient homes which require lower maintenance and energy costs than standard homes. She also has extension experience in government contracting and will lead the company in the support of FEMA housing mission. Read this article at

Erection on site of these homes is done in a matter of days, not weeks and require a minimal amount of imported workforce with local materials. The homes offer compliant construction meeting all locale regulations plus the ability to upgrade with granite counter tops and other custom features as desired by the customer. Homes can be built with one, two or several bedrooms. Kitchens and bathroom can be in state of the art design, if so desired. Construction is consistent standardized manufacturing processes and procedures and insulated with the highest require R-19 value insulation throughout the home, with energy efficiency in mind.

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One of the most reliable manufacturers, Green Structure Homes, Inc. delivers out of Huntsville, Alabama a quality structured home. A structure which utilizes the most modern technology and professional workmanship to present their customer with a home for life. A home which is easier to maintain and with a lower energy usage than standard homes. Site planning, coordinating and installing all utilities are services that are also available. A turn-key program is available to retail customers.

Green Structure Homes designed and manufactured for Mississippi State University student housing, contracted with US Army Corps of Engineers for a complete residential development and manufactured hundreds of homes for FEMA’s disaster housing mission. Their credentials are impeccable. Through enforcement of quality assurance check and procedures GSH has maintained the highest quality in construction. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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