Avaaz Is Bringing Change One Issue At A Time

The meaning of the word Avaaz in several languages is the word “voice” and that is what Avaaz brings to anyone who would like to join their organization, a voice. Avvaz was founded in 2007 with a simple premise, to join people together all across the world united for a cause that effects many.

For example the biggest victory for Avaaz thus far was swaying politicians with the voices of many to bring change with the Paris Climate Accord. The organizers of Avaaz noticed that both public and political interest in climate change had waned. Members of Avvaz organized campaigns to bring awareness to the public and government that the people cared deeply about climate change. By the time the signing of the accords came around, there were millions of people educated and campaigning for change.

Avaaz members recieve electronic updates on hot bed issues and are able to use strength in numbers to see results. Avaaz is all privately funded through their members and donations. The non profit does not accept any government or lobbyist funding of any kind from any country. The adgenda for current political and social issues are voted on by a random polling of about 10,000 members weekly so it is a fair and concise system. Of course members can also start a petition on an issue that needs addressing at anytime and anyone is open to join Avaaz. The few staff at Avaaz can also notify the members instantly through texting or email of any priority issues that need addressing. It is strength through numbers that guarantee results. To read more about Avaaz and the victories they have secured thus far, please click here.

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