Atari Invents “Speakerhat”

Atari, one of the oldest brand names in the world of video games, has recently unveiled an interesting piece of headgear. Atari’s “Speakerhat” is a novel piece of wearable piece of technology that is basically a blue ballcap fitted with a speaker system and the company’s name printed over the front in a large white font.

In addition to the hat’s speakers, it also features a microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the Speakerhat’s wearer to broadcast calls and music from their mobile device. While the device is rechargeable, it remains to be seen what sort of charging port it will utilize. Atari stresses that the Speakerhat will eventually support linking with other Speakerhats in order to simultaneously share audio channels. While the Speakerhat is not yet on the market, Atari has established a website for people to sign up as beta testers. Because of the questionable necessity of this item and its status as a physical item, Atari will only be opening the beta to ten users.

Savvy tech followers may have caught wind of Atari’s recent surge in activity after years of dormancy and resignation in leasing its brand name out to other companies. In addition to the questionable Speakerhat, Atari recently unveiled that it was getting back into the video game business with the Ataribox game console. Said console is intended to work similarly to the proven success of Nintendo’s console Classic endeavors; offer a first-party means of emulating your games in a package that reminds consumers of what the company was built on and the good feelings associated with them.

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