Ara Chackerian investment to the healthcare.

Ara Chackerian is a business person and also philanthropy who is lives in San Francisco. He is a man who has made himself proud of what he has done to the community-based efforts to help the people. He has focused a lot on the healthcare service where he has spent much to bring to together technology to be hand in hand with healthcare service to provide for all without bias. Ara Chackerian has dedicated his interest in healthcare, and he has had many board members who have come up to help him build the healthcare sector. He has also taken concern in environmental and youth development with a lot of interest to see how the youths can help develop the community. Check out Medium to see more.


According to the news version, the Limonopa Teak has been taken seriously as it is environmental friendly regarding the agricultural practices and this has contributed to enhancing the operations done rather than spoiling the local environment. The agricultural farm has helped hundreds of community members as it has given them room to be workers who are well paid for their hard work seen on the farm.


Ara Chackerian idea came up when his longtime partner wanted to venture a lot in building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers to promote health and so they joined hand and started to build a network of centers in Northern California. Their provider had a suggestion of them to try outpatient psychiatry space, and they majored on a new device based treatment for depression known as the transcranial magnetic stimulation. The form of therapy that they chose seemed promising when their research into technology and they saw how treatment leads to the realization that TMS had the capability of becoming the third pillar of psychiatric care together with medication and therapy talks.


The Mental Health Awareness Month is a significant occasion of the year dedicated to recognize and appreciate people with mental illnesses. Every year during this month, different groups come up to sponsor various events to educate, inform and most essential to assist the public and those people with mental illness. Millions of people work directly or indirectly with this people within the field, and this makes it a challenge for one cannot be able to identify them.



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