Apple To Unveil the Latest in its Tablet With Its Latest Design

Even though companies have all but stopped making tablets, there is still another tablet that is on the way that is not a 2 in 1. This is the upcoming iPad from Apple. However, it is not like all of the other tablets. Instead, this tablet has a new design that is a lot like the latest Samsung Galaxy Phone. It has a screen that pretty much takes up the whole surface. The screen is almost 13 inches long which is pretty much larger than most tablets that are available.

Back when tablets have been a big thing, the size of the screen seemed to be 10 inches at the most. Many tablets were sold at as small as 6 inches when it comes to screen sizes. However, there has been changes in the market when it comes to tablets. For one thing, more tablets have been released with keyboards as 2 in 1 tablets. There is not much telling about what is happening with the upcoming iPad. One thing that is certain is that it is going to have to compete with the other tablets which are not similar to laptops with keyboards attached to them.

One thing that people have decided is that for the most part, the touchscreen only device is best left to the smartphones. However, given that Apple knows how to sell the products, it could turn out to be another well selling product. Among the features the new iPad would have is face ID, which is very similar to the features that the iPhone X has. Of course as more information is released, there will be more anticipation for the upcoming product.

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