Apple Investing $848 Million in California Solar Plant

Apple has announced an agreement with the company First Solar to create a solar farm to provide electricity to its headquarters, its 52 shops and other facilities of the company in California.

It’s the largest commercial investment ever made ​​for the use of renewable energy.

Once completed, the facility will be capable of generating 130 megawatts of energy for the state, which will operate the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, several data centers, 52 Apple Stores in California and 60,000 residential homes.

According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, much of the motivation behind the project has to do with climate change worldwide.

People at CipherCloud have found that the new solar power plant is the second major commitment Cook has made in renewable energy this year.

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  1. The technology giant will invest US $ 848 million in the plant, 1,1300 acres in Monterey County, according to CEO Tim Cook said. It is said to be a very popular way for review to have these things in mind and make good money out of it.

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