An Impressive Line-Up of EOS Natural Lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has an natural line-up of lip balms that are free of alcohol, silicon dioxide, synthetic waxes, manufactured skin softeners, and petroleum distillates. They also do not contain any artificial flavorings or dyes. EOS natural lip balms contain lip moisturizers that provide a gentle and effective remedy for chapped lips. They are natural alternatives for users worried about applying harmful chemicals to their lips. Too many lip balm products contain parabens and petroleum, which can cause even more dryness.

EOS natural lip balm products soothe and hydrate with ingredients so safe that they an be applied liberally. A light, silky barrier is created by these lip balms to provide superior protection. Each flavor is packed with jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. Many of the products in the lineup are also organic. Organic Smooth Sphere lip balms include vanilla bean, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, summer fruit, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, and medicated tangerine. EOS spheres keep out debris and dirt very well, so that just the natural formula is being applied to lips.

Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres are natural EOS products on ULTA. Flavors include vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar. Each product provides a delicious scent due to the ingredients used in its formulation. EOS lip balms are so effective that the company has received a Best Of Beauty Award.

Active Protection Spheres are not only natural, but they also contain SPF 30, serving as prevention for sun damage. Since the sun’s rays can cause dryness and damage lips, using EOS lip balms with SPF provides superior protection to keep lips healthy. The protective flavors are designed to energize and delight users.

There are many EOS lip balm flavors to chose from. As a result, anyone can find a scent and formula right for themselves. Visit the website:

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