Alaskan Airlines Finds Sleeping Worker

Employers often do not encourage their employees to take naps on the job, mainly because they do want to pay their salary while they are asleep. But others encourage a good power nap citing that it increases productivity among its workers. However, it probably would not be advisable for an airline baggage handler to take a power nap in the cargo hold of a plane. Doing so can put you at an increased risk of being whisked away unwillingly to another location. At least this is what appeared to have happened to an Alaskan Airlines contracted baggage handler in Seattle.

The pilots of an Alaskan Airlines flight to Los Angeles had to return to the Seattle-Tacoma airport after the pilot heard banging coming from the cargo hold of the plane shortly after taking off. Upon landing, authorities discovered the baggage worker who had claimed he had fallen asleep after loading the plane. Coworkers had thought he had finished his shift and gone home for the day and therefore did not look for him before buttoning up the plane for departure. The good news is that the cargo hold was pressurized and temperature controlled so the worker was never in serious danger during the flight. Paul Mathieson was glad that all played out in that way. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation where he was shortly released and substance abuse testing was negative.

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