Achievements of Rick Smith is Securus Technologies

There are many things that we have heard about being in jail. Most of the ordeals are very scary. Most of us are even afraid to associate with an individual who has a history of being in jail. Detention facilities are seen as brutal places where only tough human beings are bled. Thanks to Rick Smith of Securus Technologies, the story has changed.

Rick Smith, the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies has taken the company to another level. It is now ranked as the most reliable high technology company. The users say that this is because the gadgets are convenient and reliable.

One area that Rick Smith seems to have emphasized on is improving the detention life. The inmates are the biggest beneficiaries of his projects. Through Securus Technologies, the convicts can now comfortably communicate with their loved ones. There are many options for communication that Rick Smith has introduced. Read more on

There are the video calls and audio calls that the convicts and the relatives can use during visitation. Initially, there were just audio calls. However, Smiths passion for videos led to the innovation of video calls in the facilities. Smith argued that when people see each other, communication is more efficient compared to when it’s just the voice they can hear. A video call brings some connection.


Rick Smith also saw the issue of having to queue during visitation as a waste time. Securus Technologies has, therefore, come up with ways to help the relatives schedule visitations in advance. By doing this, the relatives go at their own pace. They do not have to wait for long hours before seeing the inmates.

The other program that Rick Smith Securus has introduced that has proofed effective is the ability to call from home. Sometimes the relatives may be too busy to drive to the detention facilities to see their loved ones. Other detainees are in facilities that are far from their residential area. It is therefore impossible for the relatives to drive to the jail regularly. Rick Smith has given such individuals the option of calling through a webcam.

Rick Smith has been able to do all this because of the skills he possesses. Before becoming the CEO of Securus Technologies, he was the President and CEO of Eschelon-Telkom. His reign in the society is always remembered. He played a huge role in ranking Eschelon. He elevated the revenue of the company to $350 million from $30 million.

The other factor that has contributed greatly to the success of Rick Smith is his educational background. He has a degree in Engineering and masters of the same. Smith also has a masters degree in Mathematics and an MBA. Visit for more info.

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