A Youtuber Gets His Head Stuck In a Microwave after a Bizarre Prank

A 22year old YouTuber from TGF channel got his head stuck in a microwave for some hours. Jay Swinger placed a tube in his mouth and then stuck his head inside a microwave that was filled with 7bags of Pollyfilla, his friends then used a hair dryer to make the mixture harder. His head is said to be in a plastic bag that was aimed to protect him from the plaster. When he stood up, that’s when he realized the airway had become blocked. Jay Swinger was heard in the video saying he was going to die.

His colleagues tried to help him, but all was in vain, they managed to drill an air passageway to prevent the YouTuber from suffocating. After 60minutes of no success, his allies called for help from the emergency officials. West Midland Fire Service stated that it took an hour trying to break the microwave and remove the plaster from his head. The commander of Wide Midland Fire service also said also that as funny as it sounded the 22year old could have easily suffocated or gotten severe injuries. He also added that the YouTuber was very released after the breakthrough to remove his head from the microwave. The Fire service crew had to be careful not to damage his head that was covered with a bunch of plaster.

Jay Swinger was not apologetic after the accusation that he had wasted the time of the emergency official. He told the BBC that he didn’t see it as a waste of time since they saved his life. He also laughed during the interview saying that sometimes you “You’ve just got to look back at this stuff and laugh.”

Despite the YouTube making the prank to entertain his YouTube followers, people didn’t think it was funny. Jay Swinger said that the incidence made him appreciate life. The prank was supposed to be funny, but it turned out to be life threatening ordeal for the 22year old.

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