*A Closer look; White Shark Media:


White Shark Media is based out of Miami Florida. White Shark is a digital media company founded by Gary Garth and Andrew Lolk. The company creates cost-effective marketing campaigns. White Shark Media is a boutique type agency which has helped numerous business grow by helping these organizations utilize their on line marketing tactics.

White Shark utilizes Google integration as well as competitive intelligence to help their client grow their business and help increase their revenue. In addition, White Shark also utilizes the sophisticated reporting software to gain a competitive advantage within the advertising market.

The company was created back in 2011 after careful research of both on line as well as off line marketing techniques and tools used to enhance overall ad-marketing experience.

In 2014, White Shark was awarded Google Ad Words Premier SMB Partnership Award. This prestigeous award was given to White Shark due to the fact that the company was able to meet strict standards as well as business eligibility requirements.

White Shark was also chosen in 2016 to become part of Bing’s Authorized Re-seller Program. White Shark is number one in offering their clients innovative as well as cost-effective marketing solutions. The company uses an effective result-driven approach to new business. Identifying as well as meeting the needs of the client is what it is all about.

Alexander Nygert is the Chief Financial Officer of White Shark. Nygert has interactive as well as extensive on line marketing experience. Mr. Nygert knows what it takes to run an effective organization such as White Shark.

*Useful Tools to grow your business:

White Sharks offers a host of useful tools to their clients including SEM Evaluations, PPC Evaluation as well as a Local listing scanner. All of the tools can help make the client meet their financial goals as well as establish new and lasting client relationships.

Additional information may be obtained through the company web site at www.whitesharkmedia.com. You may schedule a free client evaluation session with a company representative. You may be quite amazed at what What Shark can do for your existing business.

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