Capital Ventures by Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier became a leader and entrepreneur early in his life. As a very young person, he began using the computer in the fourth grade, setting the scene for a lifetime of innovative ideas. Opening a data base company came as no surprise to those familiar with his background in technology. Challenges seemed only natural. His first company was started in high school and from there the rest is history. His long line of successes are visible to the world. Brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier went on to trained at Harvard University and studied at MIT. This entrepreneur excelled in his studies, as in the business world. Graduating “Magna cum laude”, he extends that drive to be the best into the financial marketplace.

Majoring in English, Eric Pulier played a leading role on the college newspaper, “Crimson”. He has gone on to become an author, public speaker and a gracious benefactor to many philanthropic associations. Pursing his work with a passion, family and caring for others is a priority. Colleagues in a variety of industries respect him in his field of work.

Establishing a life in Los Angeles, CA, while growing as an entrepreneur, Eric Pulier founded, “Desktone, and Digital Evolution” are among his many businesses. In 1994, the progressive company he developed (Digital Evolution) merged in 1998 with “US Interactive LLC”. This exceptional software savvy developer piloted “Starbright World”, a private network, promoting social interaction between children with chronic diseases.

Eric Pulier is ready to share the benefit of his accumulated knowledge through lectures and books. His experience has placed him on boards that help others from many business and philanthropic organizations. He is a parent and works with organizations several organizations involving the aid of children. The “Painted Turtle” is another of his community activities benefiting from his time and business acumen.

For years, Eric Pulier has managed financially lucrative businesses, negotiating with amazing alacrity. Founding over a dozen businesses, he is a creator of innovative marketing strategies for growing organizations. Shunning a challenge has never been his way. Eric Pulier is a self-starter and extremely focused on task. Sitting back and waiting for someone else to begin is not the way he managed to produce millions of dollars in capital. He organizes with skilled intellect and experienced timing when managing a firm. Study has always been a part of his style and he applies his abilities quite effectively.

Brian Bonar and His Shrewd Business Tactics

Brian Bonar born 68 years ago is regarded as one of the finest finance executives in the world. Bonar is the current chairman of the board of management at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He joined the company in 1994 as the director of technology and sales, before becoming the overall manager in the company in 1995. Come the year 1997, he was elected chairman of the board at Dalrada. Brian Bonar due to his vast managerial experiences is connected to 7 board members in 4 different companies across eight distinct sectors.

Bonar also works as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation (OTC), which is a dominant player in color management applications and also an integrator and service company for digital imaging devices. Bonar is restructuring OTC by engaging in an expansion program through strategic acquisitions in personnel and employment practice. In 2012, OTC acquired source one group a Virginia-based organization that provides payroll and human resource services. According to Mr. Bonar, this particular acquisition is poised to generate an additional $40 million in revenues to OTC.

Bonar has also served as a board member at Alliance National Insurance Agency, and at the boys and girls club of Greater San Diego.

Other companies that Mr. Bonar has served in high-level capacities either as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, or the Chief Financial Accountant include; Trucept, Tradeshow products, Smart-Tek Automated services, Warning Management services, Solvis Group, and IBM Europe among other iconic organizations.

Mr. Bonar is very entrepreneurial, and in 1999 he founded AMS outsourcing, an organization whose primary line of business focuses on transport to the marketplace.

Bonar Graduated with an undergraduate baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde, a master’s degree from Staffordshire, and a doctorate in International Business Development from Staffordshire. He also holds an honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom.

Going with the fact that Bonar is an astute business man, he has managed to capitalize on several financial opportunities. In January 2012, he acquired 56,500 shares at $0.005per share. This is considered a very shrewd investment because the present share value is around $0.0090, and this is almost 100% percent share increase in less than three years.

Due to his prudent business decisions, Bonar is one of the best-paid company executives. For instance, just recently in 2012 when he was serving as the president, secretary, and chief financial officer at TRUCEPT, he garnered $860,571 in total compensation. Of the total payable amount, $360,000 came from the base pay, while $550,571 came from other compensations. During the same year, he did not receive any bonuses and stock options but still ended up with $860,571 in total compensation that is extremely encouraging by any financial standard.

Building A Great Company Like Brian Bonar


There are many people that want to build a great company that has an impact on their community and customers. It is difficult to get started in the world of business today. There is more competition than ever in business, and many times people do not have the capital that they need in order to get started. One of the best people in business today is Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar has been able to run several companies in a way that grows the business over time. Anyone that wants to learn how to grow their own company should learn how Brian Bonar was able to do so in the companies that he worked for. Here are several ways in which a person can build a great company.

Know The Customer

Knowing the customer is one of the most essential aspects of running a business. A company is in business because of the customer, and in order to succeed over the long term a company must understand its core customer base. There are many ways for companies to reach out to their customers. Asking for feedback is one of the methods that Brian Bonar uses in order to get an understanding of how his most important customers are feeling. There are many ways in which a company can make decisions based off of what their customers say.

Reduce Expenses

Another important aspect of building a great company is to reduce expenses whenever possible. There are many businesses that are not as profitable as they could be because they have a lot of unneeded expenses. As a business owner, take the time to reduce any expenses that are not adding value to the bottom line of the business. This will make a huge difference over time in how profitable a business will be.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a great example of how to run a company in a profitable way. He has a wide variety of experiences in different industries of business. Not only does he know his customers but he also works tirelessly to cut out unneeded expenses. There are few people that have been able to improve companies like Brian Bonar has in his career. Anyone that is in a leadership position in a large company should follow his example.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many people that want to build great companies but few know how to do so. There are many examples from the past of people that have been able to increase the effectiveness of the company that they work for. Always work to provide value to the customer and cut out expenses.

Several Reasons Why Beneful Is A Superior Dog Food

Beneful is a dog food brand made by Purina, that is designed to be of high quality. The food is made with quality ingredients, and it is designed to provide a good diet for canines. It’s also designed to be particularly appealing to dogs, and many dogs love the taste. If all that weren’t enough, it’s also quite easy to find Beneful.

Beneful is made with ingredients that come from nature. Real meat is used in the dog food. In addition, there are plenty of different natural grains on that are used. This is designed to promote the health of dogs. Naturally sourced ingredients tend to be much healthier for dogs than artificial products.

Furthermore, the nutritional quality of the dog food is designed to be optimal. Not only is it very nutritionally balanced, but it has different types of nutritional qualities for different age ranges of dogs. There are three types of Beneful on twitter to pick from. These are Beneful Puppy, Beneful Adult Dog, and Beneful Senior Dog. Puppies are growing and developing, and Beneful Puppy has all the raw materials needed for your dog’s development. Beneful Adult Dog has all the materials necessary for an adult dog to maintain proper health. Beneful Senior Dog has all the materials necessary to allow your canine to age gracefully and maintain the best health possible.

There also is a lot of oversight in the plant(s) where Beneful is made. Very careful measures are taken to assure that the food is safe. It is made by a very reputable pet food company, Purina. In addition, Purina is actually owned by Nestle. Many of us actually put our trust in the same company’s products every day, for our own diet!

Dogs love the taste of Beneful over many other types of dog food. Due to the natural ingredients, the taste is richer than many other brands. Lots of dogs who eat Beneful seem to really love the taste, and they keep going back for more! Different dogs have different taste preferences, and Beneful caters to that. There are numerous different types of flavors that you can pick from.

Many excellent dog food brands are only readily available in specialty pet food stores. Beneful is very widely available, and you can find it in many pet and grocery stores. In fact, it is one of the more commonly consumed pet foods on the market. Millions and millions of dogs eat Beneful every day. The cost of the food is also quite reasonable. Not only can you get Beneful in person, but it is also available over the internet. In fact, it is even possible to find Beneful outside of America!

Beneful is an excellent dog food brand. It’s available all over the country and beyond. The taste and nutrition are both optimal for dogs. Furthermore, you can be assured that the food is safe to feed your dog. If you are going to be buying dog food anytime soon, consider giving him or her Beneful.

Qnet Sets its Gaze on India for Setting Up Manufacturing Hub

Qnet LTD, an MLM (multi-level marketing) firm based in Malaysia recently announced that it had plans for placing its center of production operations in India.

Suresh Thimiri, CEO of a Qnet franchisee, recently spoke on the matter, claiming the company plans to produce everything from electronic parts to consumer goods at the new manufacturing site. As it stands, Qnet already manufactures Nutriplus, an energy drink, and a portion of its watches on Indian soil. Thimiri went on to explain that moving production efforts to India would present a significant “cost benefit.” Qnet currently stands to gain back 8-12% in production costs from the move to India. As you would assume, this is quite the financial move.

Company officials have watched revenue from Indian operation grow at an alarming rate. In merely a year, revenue has skyrocketed by 100% from producing in India. It is forecasted that revenue will continue to grow at the same rate as time goes on. Because of this, Qnet is maximizing on the opportunity by moving more of its operations to India.

At the five day convention held by Qnet at VCon 2013, there was a high turnout of Indian representatives.

Along with its plans to extend its production operations in India, Qnet is also urging any Indians to come forward who have the ability to discover/develop unique things. Dave Osh, the global CEO for Qnet publicly requested for anyone with unique offerings to come forward and discuss these matters for opportunities. Osh added that each person would need to undergo a quality test before the company would agree to work with him/her.

In another public statement, Osh expressed his concern for the Indian government’s lack of attention to MLM practices. Osh is worried that the MLM sector lacks regulation, which can lead to large potential problems in the future.

Shaygan Kheradpir Has Been Hired As The CEO Of Coriant

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has recently been named the chief executive officer of Coriant, which is a solution provider that makes sure their solutions are considered innovative, in turn offering something that nearly no other companies can offer. Mr. Kheradpir was named to this high-ranking position because the executives at Coriant knew that they needed someone who already has extensive experience with technology and anything to do with it.

Mr. Kheradpir is a perfect fit for the company because after graduating college, the only types of companies he has been associated with have been those dealing with technology and creating and implementing new technological developments. Many people are not able to do their job as well as Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir because he earned three college degree from Cornell University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world that few people are actually accepted into.

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir decided that he wanted to go to school in the United States after growing up in Iran, where there were not many good options for secondary education. Mr. Kheradpir made the most of his time at Cornell University and earned a doctorate’s degree in electrical engineering, which has set up Mr. Kheradpir with a great career. Not many people are able to go to Cornell, let alone earn a doctorate degree there.

Mr. Pat DiPietro is going to be stepping up to vice chairman at Coriant, and wanted Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir to work for his company because of the experience he had in school and in working for companies similar to Coriant.

Shaygan Kheradpir is expected to help grow Coriant into using 4G and 5G networks because these are going to be used by pretty much all companies and phone users in the future, so it is very much important for Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir to help Coriant grow now.

One of the tasks that Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir is expected to take on is creating a multi-terabit metro network. This is a very large network and will be very important for the success of the innovative networking solutions provider known as Coriant.

Art proves a large success for hedge fund specialist Adam Sender

Through his work with Exis Capital Adam Sender created a career and fortune that is unmatched amongst his rivals as a hedge fund manager with rare abilities. Sender was well known across the financial industry for the tight control he held over his hedge fund, which included working from a darkened office featuring more than 20 screens to monitor markets across the world at a single time. Entering the offices of Exis Capital was also something of an adventure in contemporary art, which Sender is a dedicated collector of and positioned around his offices to bring a little culture into the world of finance.

It is not uncommon for successful business people to invest their funds into the best art the world has to offer, but much like the modern art collection of advertising experts the Saatchi brothers Sender took his own path through the art world. Instead of seeking out the established masters of any genre the hedge fund specialist sought to find the best in contemporary art and seems to have taken a particular interest in the photography of contemporary artists. Adam Sender has created one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the world, which will be auctioned in a sale that experts believe could raise as much as $70 million for the avid collector.

The risks Sender took in employing curator Todd Levin to find the best in contemporary pieces for his collection look to have paid off as huge profits are expected for pieces that have rarely come to the auction floor. One piece Sender purchased in 1998 for just under $100,000 is expected to raise between $2 and $3 million as he looks to achieve major profits through the sale. Working as a hedge fund specialist allowed Adam Sender to invest in the best contemporary art that came onto the market and the 400 piece sale comes after an earlier 2006 sale of 40 contemporary art pieces raised over $20 million for the collector.

Susan McGalla Shares Tips On How To Make Leaders Out Of Employees

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businesswoman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Having worked in companies like Wet Seal and American Outfitters, Susan McGalla understands leadership like no other. One of the most underappreciated facets of leadership is making leaders out of employees. Eventually, a manager gets promoted and there needs to be a person on the bench who would be able to fill that very important spot. So, what does a manager do in that instance? The process of inspiring leadership is not just related to motivation, it has to begin from Day 1.

Here are some top tips from Susan McGalla –
Teach Employees How To Network – The first tip Susan McGalla offers is regarding networking, an important leadership role. If there is an employee or team member who shows potential for leadership, leaders should take them along during important networking events. This would teach employees how to be confident in formal situations, forge long lasting connections with people, and practically employ quid pro quo with prospective clients looking for the same opportunities. A leader needs these skills to further their ambitions in the industry and by equipping employees with these skills at an early time in their career.

Offer Bigger Responsibilities – In order to move up the leadership ladder, there are certain key responsibilities that only leaders are supposed to undertake. For instance, managers make project presentations and then, they present them. They also help newly hired employees become acquainted with the company norms. Sometimes, managers have a lot of work overseeing how all their projects are continuing. Susan McGalla recommends that leaders should ask their employees to sit in on those presentations and eventually, create and finish it themselves. They can delegate certain responsibilities to help these budding leaders.

Create A Culture Of Initiative – When a manager is stuck with a budget or finance sheet, the finance manager comes to their rescue. However, when employees make these budgets or finances, they come to the manager. Usually, the manager sorts out the problem and undertakes it from there on. However, leaders trying to inspire leadership in their employees should try not to do this, says Susan McGalla. They should generate a culture where future leaders of the company would figure out solutions to the problem themselves. This would mean that when there is a finance related trouble, they should be confident enough to speak to the Finance Dept. Head on their own.

Delegate Authority – After everything, teaching and the above tips are still theoretical and Susan McGalla says that the best way to inspire leadership is through trust. If employees never get out of theory, they would be poor leaders when such a time arrives. As such, leaders should allow their employees to make certain decisions on their own after they have proven their worth. This would ensure that they are accountable for the decisions they have taken and know how to explain their choices to their peers and superiors.

With these big tips, leaders would find that they do not have a dearth of people to fill their shoes.

Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua

The world of the international entrepreneur requires many skills. People who want to successfully market products to others both locally and around the globe must be prepared to demonstrate their ability to meet the needs of others as well as their ability to manage tasks such as marketing, finding employees and working with suppliers in many parts of the globe. They must also be prepared to work hard as they strive to meet the needs of their clients and help them understand the many ways in which they can help them improve their lives in some way.

A person who fully understands how important it is to have such qualities and to use them in a way to help meet the needs of people both locally and in other parts of the world is Bernardo Chua as his extensive career history on Crunchbase shows. Chua is a native of the Philippines where he grew up. He has drawn on his Chinese heritage in order to help start his various business ventures. Using his skills in the business arena has allowed him to flourish and provide for the needs of his many satisfied customers both in his local area as well as in many other parts of the world where he has chosen to do business.

Chua is a hard working entrepreneur and video producer, who knows that customers turn to him and his company in order to help them figure out methods and products they can use to improve their lives in some way. He knows that he can offer them such ways and that he can help them have kind of lives they want to be able to lead. He and his team of skilled salespeople have worked hard to help his customers become aware of the ways in which the products they have chosen to market can benefit people. He has also worked hard to look for new products of all kinds that can also be of great help to his customers in some way.

This devotion to detail and skill at marketing has helped make Chua one of the world’s leading business people. He has demonstrated his skill at helping discover products and services that may be of use to his customers. He has also shown skill and working closely with his employees in places around the globe as they strive to work hard to help find new customers for his products. The result has been a highly successful partnership between Chua, his suppliers, his employees and his customers. All of those involved have greatly benefited from his visionary leadership skills and his ability to provide the kind of help that his customers need as well as the kind of support that his suppliers count on from him.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc. in GoFundMe Campaign

GoFundMe is the world’s leading fundraising site for personal causes and live events and has its headquarters in San Diego and Menlo Park. The site has been operational since founded in May 2010. By GoFundMe Many campaign organizers can invite others to participate in their story. Just as Facebook is all about sharing lives, GoFundMe helps people share their dreams, pursuits, celebrations and the challenges they face with crowd funding.

GoFundMe initiative overcomes the many physical barriers people face when financially supporting others. Only a 5% fee of each donation received gets deducted for operating expenses. Also, a small 3% processing fee is also deducted from each donation. . Indeed, it’s only GoFundMe that has an incredibly efficient way of providing financial support for donations. The donors not only give in an extremely target way but also the money goes directly to the intended recipients.

The GoFundMe campaign has linked the Earth Force Inc. nonprofit with a principal supporter and donor, Jon Urbana. Earth Force mobilizes youths to become good environmental activists and participants in maintaining natural surface beauty. The work of Earth Force Inc. by Mr Jon Urbana has seen a significant boost to the efforts put by the youth in caring for a clean environment. Thanks to GoFundMe campaign.

Jon Urbana’s official website says he is from Denver, the capital of Colorado in the United States. He is a renowned entrepreneur and a former professional lacrosse athlete. He is a graduate of Villanova University, where he played for their lacrosse team and majored in economics.

Urbana is the co-founder and owner of the Next Level lacrosse camp in Colorado. It’s a youth program mainly helping the youth lacrosse players perform their best by identifying and strengthening their key skills and techniques that best suits them. He has won CAA Defensive Player of the year and the Tewaaraton Award watch list. He also has an extensive experience in entrepreneurship, economics sales, and business development. Follow him on Instagram for daily pics from Urbana’s life.

In the corporate world, Jon Urbana is the head of business development for Ellipse USA, and some of his Slideshare presentations offer a deeper glimpse into his work. The firm deals in overseeing the progress in awareness of revolutionary IPL and laser technology. He mainly works with the regional managers and oversees the marketing department and its materials.