The Importance of Financial Management

Financial management is very important when it comes to every aspect of life, especially business. It is not enough to merely make money, one must also learn how to manage it as well. When one makes money and then wastes it, he winds up completely broke. This is why it is important to do some research before spending money. Many people put money towards liabilities instead of assets. As a result, many people struggle with their finances when it comes to making ends meet as opposed to living comfortably. The good news is that there is a way to break the pattern.

When managing finances, it is very important to find someone that can be seen as a n example. One example of such is Brian Bonar. He is a CEO of Imaging Technologies and is always looking into expanding and growing his business. He believes in a sound business strategy that will bring his business to the next level. He never gets complacent, he understands that if one is not moving forward, he is moving backwards. One can never really stand still. Progress is very important when it comes to business and financial success.

As one learns to manage his finances, he may find himself facing setbacks or he may even revert back to old habits. This is a natural occurrence. All he needs is persistence and before he knows it, he will have learned to manage his finances in a successful manner. One thing he can do for money management is set up a savings account that collects interest. If there is compounding, then that makes it even better. As long as he is careful not to take too much money out of the account, he will eventually have a large sum of money in his account that he could live off of.

Important Traits for Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a risky endeavor with many gratifying successes, but people have to realize that most startup businesses fail. This means that potential entrepreneurs will need to possess perseverance among most other character traits. Additionally, they need to inform themselves of all the potential ways that businesses can fail, but more importantly, the common characteristics of those ventures that are successful. This information is available in many places, but nothing outperforms the information that can be gained from a personal mentorship from successful people. However, the drive and persistence that is needed to succeed does not often translate into someone with the extra time to coddle a person that is not willing to do the hard work. Marc Sparks has innovated a method by which he is able to place budding entrepreneurs with the type of mentorship in which they would otherwise have no access.

marc sparks dallas tx
Photo of Marc Sparks

It is valuable both in progressing someone’s business and as a tremendous time saver. It would take years to gain the experience to produce a business acumen equivalent to these successful entrepreneurs, and this makes Mr. Spark’s program and similar programs essential. While being mentored, the person being mentored needs to focus on the traits that make their particular mentor successful rather than focusing on their mentor’s particular route to success. For instance, people are often surprised that successful people do not work constantly around the clock even if they keep the long requisite hours. Many schedule different diversions throughout the day to avoid burn out, and nobody performs well when they are constantly tired. These breaks also allow people to gain some perspective. Decisions are naturally better after periods of rest or with time off from the task at hand.

Entrepreneurs should schedule their day to have breaks and lunches as well as a set quitting time. Schedules naturally have to be flexible, but burn out is a real issue even when people are in a business that they love. Additionally, entrepreneurs should limit their scope. The old adage about delegating properly holds true. The entrepreneur should be proficient at the whole business, but they should focus on certain critical areas and delegate others. They can exercise control with constant oversight over the delegated tasks. This is not lording over employees especially in startups in which they may not be getting paid yet. It is actually an opportunity to add input and give encouragement. It also allows problems to be discovered swiftly and often in the planning phase before any damage is done. Because of this, the business will be more like a like-minded community with everyone held accountable including the owners while still remaining supportive

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5 Tips for Getting Your Finances Ready for Retirement

Baby boomers have been retiring in record numbers. With the economy still a bit shaky, however, many are wondering if they actually have enough money and resources to pull a Igor Cornelsen and retire comfortably with a happy Facebook feed. The following are 5 tips for making sure that when you’re ready for retirement you’ll have an adequate nest egg.

1. Define What Your Retirement Will Look Like
You’ll need to know what kind of lifestyle you’ll be living before figuring out how much money you’ll need. While many baby boomers have dreams of traveling the globe or sailing around the Caribbean, this is probably not realistic for most retirees. Make a list of goals for the future, monthly expenditures, and make sure to factor in unexpected expenses.

2. Take Stock of All Your Assets
Make a list of every debt you have including mortgages, credit card bills, and any other type of loans. Then make a list of your assets. This might include your 401k, savings accounts, and any equity in your home. You’ll always need to take into account your monthly living expenses. This should give you a pretty good idea of how much money you’ll have for retirement.

3. Consult With a Financial Planner
If you have several debts or your assets are in stocks that may be confusing, it’s wise to consult with a financial planner. Just because you’re getting ready to retire and think there’s not enough time to save much money at this point doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a planner’s expertise. A financial planner can help you organize and manage the money you do have and may even have advice for short term investments that can increase your monthly income.

4. Evaluate Your Health
Medical expenses are one of the top reasons Americans file for bankruptcy. Even with Medicare and Social Security, all healthcare expenses may not be covered. Evaluate your health conditions honestly and plan for any unforeseen hospital and medical expenses.

5. Consider When to Sign Up for Social Security
You don’t always have to sign up for Social Security the same year that you retire. Payments can increase for each year that you delay claiming up until age 70. If you’re in good health and one or more parents lived into their nineties it may be in your best interest not to sign up until age 70.

Eric Puller, the Man Behind ServiceMesh

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a supplier data innovation and an expert in providing professional solutions and services. Their customers are business ventures and the United States government, and additional state, local and non-United States government organizations. The Company works in three business fragments: North American Public Sector (NPS), Global Infrastructure Services (GIS), and finally Global Business Services (GBS). GBS offer innovative solutions that comprise of application administrations, programming and consulting. Moreover, GIS gives virtual desktop arrangements, bound together correspondences and coordinated effort administrations, data center administration, manage storage solutions, digital security and compute. Further to that, CSC was established in 1959.

CSC bought ServiceMesh founded by Eric Pulier

NPS always strive hard to deliver operations relates, mission and IT related services to the civil agencies of the United States federal government, Department of Defense. Further to that, CSC offers their best services to other state, foreign and local government organizations. CSC obtained Eric Publisher’s ServiceMesh in 2013. ServiceMesh is located in Santa Monica, CA and specializes in cloud based systems; they sold this company for an undisclosed charge. Some people believe this to be around $250 million. At that time, IT infrastructure was about using different cloud-based systems for various enterprises.

ServiceMesh Inc.

The Co-founder of ServiceMesh Inc. is Mr. Eric Pulier (TheCrimson Profile) furthermore; he is the Chairman of the Board and works as the Chief Executive Officer. Further to that, he even served as the General Manager and as Vice President of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd. He directed its creation and provided solutions thereby enabling organizations to increase its productivity while at the same time lower its overall cost. Mr. Eric Pulier has been recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in enterprise and government technology. Another important aspect is that he is the co-founder of Desktone.

About Eric Pulier

He has been regarded as a renowned public speaker at most advanced technological conferences that take place around the globe. The best capital enterprises have financially funded his companies. These include virtual desktops, professional services, media presentations and service oriented infrastructure. Further to that, he is the executive director of Enterprise Leadership Council and is also of the key member of Clinton Global Initiative, which is founded by Bill Clinton. He has made a multimillion dollar donation to Ace Foundation. In addition to that, he is an active donor to various other non-profit organizations.

What’s The News On Product Recognition?

Search engines are great. They were designed a few decades ago, at the beginning of the consumer based Internet. The searcher simply types a few search words into a search engine and they are presented with the top links that match their search words. However, a quiet revolution was going on behind the scenes that was quietly changing the way that people and marketers operate on the Internet. The fact is that product recognition has been slowly taking over the way that a consumer looks for information on the Internet. It started with visual displays directed at mobile users and has slowly expanded to all devices that connect with to Internet.

What is Product Recognition?
Well, in simple terms, it is a visual search for information using a special type of software installed on a mobile device or computer. Here is an example of visual search. A mobile user is in a store and spots an item they are interested in buying. The mobile user would like to know more about the product before purchasing. The consumer takes a picture of the item with their smartphone. The user instantly receives more information about the product via the product recognition software or Apps that are installed on their mobile device.

Marketing and Product Recognition
Marketers are excited about product recognition software and Apps. Many serious marketers view this as a way to gain more product recognition or brand recognition. They are sure that this new application makes it possible to reach a wider audience and gain more customers without necessarily broadening their initial advertising strategies. Certainly, this is also a great benefit to the consumer. The consumer is able to find relevant information with a quick picture and the touch of a button, before making a purchase.

Slyce is a Leader in Product Recognition
Clearly, Slyce is a leader in product recognition. They work with numerous leading manufacturers across the country, providing a way for consumers to easily connect with the company and for the company to easily reach out to potential customers through visual search. Slyce is a leading innovator in product recognition. They’ve developed advanced visual technology that easily captures images that are taken and match them up through a visual search. This new and advanced search technology is not the future. It is already here. Those that do not use this new technology are losing out to the competitor that is already embracing the advanced marketing technology.

Gaining a Closer Look at Celebs Through Social Media

Social media is booming and most people have their own accounts on one or more of these types of sites. One thing that is literally booming at the moment would be social media pages specific to the celebrities who run them. Celeb social media pages are all the rage nowadays because they allow fans and the public to look a little more closely into the lives of top celebs from around the world. Jim Dondero ( agrees that this can be a great way for you to learn more about your favorite actor, musician or the like just by checking out the social media page that they happen to run at any given point in time.

One of the major issues with celebs who have social media pages and update them often is that it can sometimes disclose too much information for the public eye. One wrong thing that is said on their page and it will be all over the Internet in many different forms. This can be problematic for celebs who tend to speak their mind and do not have an agent who looks over all posts before they are put online for the world to see. This is also something that has gotten many a celeb in trouble in the past and more famous individuals are now being extra careful not to get themselves in this type of mess as well just because of something that was said.

Is WiFi Coming to International Flights?

Long flights can be really boring. The journeys also undermine productivity since you are forced to deal with a tremendous amount of down time. Only if those international flights had access to high-speed Wi-Fi. Things would be a lot different then. Here is some really good news. People at Boraie Development are excited to know the possibility of super-fast Wi-Fi internet on international flights becoming a reality is increasing by the day. Honeywell Aerospace thinks it knows exactly how to deliver such a perfect internet connection.

Until this point, the development of this vital technology has proven elusive. Honeywell Aerospace may have arrived at the necessary breakthrough to finally deliver the vaunted internet connection so many would benefit from. Honeywell Aerospace is not doing all the work here as other companies are involved including a satellite internet provider.

At present, a number of tests have been performed on jets flying across the ocean. So far, the results of the tests have been positive. Nothing has been perfected yet so do not look for WiFi to be offered on transatlantic or transpacific flights in the next few weeks. Once all the bugs are worked out with the systems and the internet service is perfected, you may very well see the much desired WiFi connection finally being offered.

At some point, this type of internet access is going to exist. Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to experience the breakthrough sooner rather than later.

FCC Fines AT&T for the Misleading Consumers About Unlimited Data Plans

Have you realized all the major cellular providers have been fined by the FCC for those little white lies? Well, AT&T Wireless has been fined $100 million dollars by the FCC for misleading consumers about their “unlimited” data plans, that were really limited.

“Unlimited” anything is such an alluring amenity that it makes a lot of people gain your trust and sing your praises, until you find out you’ve been punked.

Back in 2007, AT&T marketed their unlimited data plans, especially for the iPhones, which tend to mean unrestricted to the majority of consumers. But according to the FCC, AT&T modified those unlimited plans by restricting and slowing down transmission speeds, and of course, they never notified customers.

Once customers reached a certain level of data usage, AT&T slowed their connection, ignored complaints, and charged outrageous penalties for cancelling a contract says chiropractor Brian Torchin.

AT&T ended their “unlimited” and unfriendly data plans in 2010 and introduced metered billing to customers. Data usage was capped for all of their plans at 2 gigabytes, and heavy users paid an additional $10 per gigabyte.

By the way, in 2012, LifeHacker spelled it out in a report, “what unlimited really meant among the carriers.”

In the end, AT&T claims they properly disclosed their policy of reducing data speeds to customers, but FCC said OK, show us.

Final statement from the FCC – “unlimited means unlimited.”

Find Love Overseas At Anastasia Date

Many get the wrong impression when they think of dating women from overseas. Many feel that the women are gold diggers, they’re looking for a better life, or that they want something from a man. It’s unfair to judge all people by one person, but many tend to do this. There are women overseas who tend to like men from the United States, whether they are rich or not. There are women from other countries looking for men who are in the USA, but they may not have ways of doing so, especially if they’ve never been to the United States.

Anastasia Date has found a way to link women who are international, to men who are in the United States. Since Anastasia Date is a great place to start dating women overseas, many men have joined the website to do just that. Many women have joined Anastasia Date as well, just so they can meet a great man from the United States. The USA is vast, and there are hundreds of millions of people in the country. Although there are many single people, some singles have certain preferences. If a single man prefers to date a woman from overseas, he should be allowed to do so.

Even if a man wants to date a woman from overseas, he may be confused as to how to find one. The best way to find a woman overseas is by joining Anastasia date. Anastasia date is a premier dating website for those looking to find love internationally. The website has been ranked as one of the top international dating sites in the world. There are thousands of women available on the website, and they are all looking to find a great man to call their own. Men who are looking for women who are overseas, they can easily find a great woman on Anastasia Date.

Although Anastasia Date is a starting point for a couple to meet each other, it doesn’t have to be the ending point. Couples are free to meet each other in person, but Anastasia Date is just the way they can begin to know each other. There have been marriages that have come out of the relationships started on the Anastasia Date website. Since Anastasia Date is so popular among those looking for overseas love, it’s recommended that anyone looking for international love should join too. Why wait any longer? Join Anastasia Date today, and find the love that may last a lifetime. Follow Anastasia date on Twitter or Instagram.

Hackers Beware

Thousands of lawyers, legal aides, and legislative members are doing their best to have the law catch up with the times and technology of this era. Computer and database hacking are among some of the most damning and degrading activities to plague the Information Age. President Barack Obama has expressed his interest and concern in trying to heighten security defenses when it came to online systems and databases. The federal government experienced a breach in their walls like never before. The president and his top advisors in his staff advised federally agents and employees to keep a close eye on their financials and accounts to make sure that hackers haven’t stolen their identities. According to Eric Pulier on Twitter, numerous federal advisors are concerned about the breach and truly believe that China has something to do with it. Particularly citizens in Beijing. This isn’t the first time that the United States and China have been at odds do to hacking incidents. Last year when the United States government had proof that Chinese citizens hacked Americans, Chinese officials would not prosecute those individuals. The US and China are planning on meeting later on this month to ease some of the tensions brought up by territorial claims made by both countries. The hackers who breached government walls stole personal information and weapon plans among other intelligence. The United States is currently on edge knowing that industrial secrets were stolen as well. No one is sure on how to conclude this unfortunate hacking. Until then, US officials are planning on moving swiftly and avidly to catch the criminals.