Windows 10 Getting New Screenshot Tool in Next Update

Microsoft’s flagship operation system, Windows 10, will be getting an update in the near future known as Build 17661. Codenamed “Redstone 5”, there isn’t much known about exactly what we’ll be getting from the update. Among the number of fixes and features being introduced in this update that we are aware of, though, is a new screenshotting tool currently in testing this week.

Given that Windows 10 itself has so far been devoid of any efficient means of taking and sharing screenshots, various third-party apps like ShareX have routinely taken the stage to fill this need. Microsoft seems to have finally taken the hint that users would like this kind of feature in their operating system, introducing Screen Sketch as its own app.

Previously, Screen Sketch was simply a part of the Windows Ink software suite oriented for pen computing. With this update, Screen Sketch will be separated from Windows Ink, giving users easier access to screenshotting without losing any of the functionality that made it worthwhile before, namely the ability to draw on and annotate the screenshots taken through it.

The command to initiate Screen Sketch will become “winkey + shift + S”, which will bring up an area selection tool for users to pick how much of the screen they wish to capture. Once selected, a notification will give users the option to annotate and share their screenshots directly through the app. Traditional keyboard users will also have the option to replace the normal “winkey + printscreen” command for screenshotting with Screen Sketch, too.

Additional features of the update include tweaks to the control panel, Task View, and File Explorer, and new additions to Focus Assist’s ability to suppress notifications while you’re busy (it now blocks any that try to bother you while fullscreen in a game). More information is expected to come out during Microsoft’s Build developer conference next week.

Facebook Embracing Democracy

A third of the world population is on Facebook and I think this next question will sound familiar to you. Have you been on Facebook scrolling down on some posts or comment and thought to yourself that comment is not right? Okay, Facebook too has been doing the same. The new additional feature of an ‘up’ or ‘down’ depending on what you view this comment to be.
According to Facebook spokeswoman Facebook has roles this programme only in Australia and Newzealand. In February it was rolled out in the United States in a small scale to test its functionality. The social media mogul has not actually decided whether it will roll out the new feature to its entire global users estimated to be in the region of two billion. How really does this new feature work?
For those who have accounts on Facebook have a look at it it is quite straightforward. For this who have no experience with Facebook please visit When a post is posted by a user there are usually other options for another user to give their comment on what they think. Another feature is to share the post to other users or site and even like the post. The problem with this feature is that the comments given by users can be seen in accordance with the time posted, with the recent post featuring as the lowest on the log. This has some problems with users because the topmost comment might not necessarily be the best comment that carries the mood of the post. However, Facebook has realized this and trying to fix it with the new feature.
The new feature brings democracy to Facebook letting people choose what comments they prefer to be at the top. This comments will feature in terms of the votes they get to be on top or on the bottom. The feature, according to Facebook, will encourage users to give positive comments and increase the user experience. The same feature has been seen to work on Reddit.

Bloatware deal between Verizon and Samsung

Yahoo has had a pretty steep fall from grace over the years, and if that is not all, the company has now been relegated to becoming a bloatware on Android phones across the world, thanks to Verizon and Samsung who have come up with a new advertising deal.


Reuters state that the deal is going to load a number of useless apps on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9plus. Some of the useless apps include Go90, YahooFinance, Yahoo Sports and Oath Newsroom, which is a curation app that showcases the headlines of news across the internet, but ideally from HuffPost and Yahoo News which are all Verizon owned companies.


The deal between the two corporations has Oath as the content partner for Bixby which is a first party VA (Virtual Assistant) for Samsung. If that is not enough, Oath and Samsung are going to allow native ads to be displayed at the center of the news feed. The revenue from the deal will be split between the two companies, as they bank some cash anytime you tap on the app mistakenly while you are scrolling.


The Oath CEO Tim Armstrong stated that ads will now be closer to the consumer, which is indirectly relevant to the needs of a customer. Tim continued to state that there is nothing better than being direct to a consumer on the home screen of a smartphone and in the app itself.


Immediately when Verizon acquired Yahoo, AOL and many other companies, this deal was inevitable. By acquiring Yahoo for $4.5 billion and AOL for $4.4 billion, Verizon became a major contributor to the advertising world. Now it is playing the cards in its favor without understanding the needs of the customer.


Bloatware is not interesting at all, and Samsung is loading them up in their phones with unnecessary apps that users do not even use to the point that the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission filed a lawsuit.

Annoying Autoplay on Google Chrome will be blocked

A new version of Google Chrome was rolled out last month that addresses the issues of autoplay videos. The version 66 which is the latest update include autoplay video alterations that stop auto-play videos from happening by default when the sound is on. Google has taken charge of these changes in a customized way for Chrome to learn the preferences of users on the sites that need to be blocked. This will prevent immediate sound blasts when you visit a relatively new site. The changes that Google are making will save the user preferences of a site that you clicked, and played videos on for future use. For example, YouTube will autoplay with sound, and if you interacted with a video site before, it will autoplay with sound.

If you are starting to use Chrome and you don’t have any kind of history browsing the internet, videos on popular websites that usually play videos with sound will autoplay . Once you begin to browse the internet, Chrome will learn your trend, and on the websites that you play media, Chrome will autoplay the media with sound and disable autoplay on sites that you do not play media. As you begin to teach Chrome, you will have to click “play” each time you want to play a video, but the new policy blocks approximately half of the autoplay that is unwanted, to make you have very few surprises when you visit a website.

The latest updates on Google follow Chrome 64 changes that allow a user to mute a site, instead of the “mute tab” that was temporary. There are additional Chrome features that targetted towards users of Windows 10. There is going to be a notification support for Windows 10, together with the full swipe gestures and precision trackpads support. These features have not yet been released, but they are currently being tested in the company’s Canary developer Chrome versions.

EU Set To Investigate Purchase Of Shazam By Apple

The European Union is made up of almost all European nations, with a central goal of ensuring citizens, businesses’ outputs, and money of all 28 member states can move around freely without excessive restriction.

The EU wears countless hats in terms of regulating business throughout most of the European continent. One piece of headwear that it’s pulled out of the proverbial closet several times recently is that of Sherlock Holmes – that’s the same thing as an investigator, right? – just days ago coming to the conclusion that Google’s search engine and advertising features shouldn’t be under the same umbrella due to shooing away substantial competition due to its self-favoritism in terms of selecting ads put forth by Google itself over its competitors’ media.

Just today, Monday, April 23, 2018, the European Union has kicked off an investigation that looks into the business acquisition of music finder mobile app Shazam by none other than one of the world’s largest companies, Apple.

European Union constituents are worried that the finalized acquisition could very well limit how many options consumers have for selecting music streaming platforms on mobile devices, particularly within the confines of the European Economic Area.

Several countries under the leadership of the EU asked the European Commission to officially make a ruling on whether the merger between the two companies was allowed under the system’s laws. Those countries included Spain, France, Iceland, and Austria.

The European Commission made public that the deal “may have a significant adverse effect on competition in the European Economic Area.”

Apple’s investigation by the thorough, magnifying-glass-wielding, top-hat-wearing Sherlock Holmes lookalike – the European Commission – will be completed by September 4, 2018.

Shazam has grown into quite a popular app since it was founded several years ago. Together, Apple and Spotify – the pair are competitors within the same industry – currently collectively get about one million references from Shazam.

Apple could drown out Spotify’s shares of clicks, which is the primary concern of EU member states.

Village Media Voice co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Phoenix New Times and Village Media Voice co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin understand all too well how being in the cross-hairs of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio can be dangerous.

The self-anointed “Toughest sheriff in America” has wreaked havoc on the citizens of Maricopa County for 24 years. Many believed that the controversial figure would finally get his comeuppance after his July 2017 criminal contempt conviction.

Many were praying that the good sheriff would spend some time inside his own notorious “tent city” and exists in 120 degree temperatures, be forced to wear pink underwear, eat green bologna and all the other indignities faced by the inmates who actually stayed there.

Sadly, that day would never come thanks to Donald Trump. One of his first orders of business after winning his election as President of the United States was to pardon the 85-year-old former sheriff. While many were outraged, it wasn’t a big shock. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

After all, while Trump was driving the “birther” bus, Arpaio was riding shotgun. The insidious lie to defame the President Barack Obama was being pushed by two of the most vile human beings to ever walk the earth.

Arpaio had gotten away with a lot over the years. Mostly with the help of his henchmen at the prosecuting attorney’s office. Arpaio was anti-immigration and made no bones about it.

Larkin and Lacey saw what was going on. And since no one else had the balls to confront Arpaio, they decided to take on the cause.

the duo often penned articles in their newspaper criticizing Arpaio for everything from the unexplained deaths inside prison walls, beatings, civil rights violations and much more. Arpaio hated Hispanics.

In his mind, any person with a Latino background was illegal. As the stories began to pile up, more light was shone on Maricopa County Jail.

Larkin and Lacey wrote a giant expose on Arpaio, including recently divulged information that Arpaio’s minions at the prosecutor’s offer were going to issue subpoenas to anyone who read the paper.

Now, the sheriff was mad. And what he did less will go down in the annals of history as one of the most egregious civil rights violation ever.

Both Larkin and Lacey were absconded from their homes in the dead of night, forced into separate black vans and taken to jail.

When the smoke cleared, the men were awarded $3.4 million as part of a civil rights lawsuit. But not even that stopped Arpaio from his harassment and racial profiling.

In 2011, U.S. District Judge G Murray Snow issued an injunction against Arpaio and the Maricopa County Jail banning racial profiling in traffic stops. He ignored the ruling. This is what led to his criminal contempt conviction.

The one good thing that came out of it is the money Larkin and Lacey won went to the Frontera Fund. It’s a non-profit that helps with Hispanic causes.

Both men are still putting up the good fight. In the meantime, Arpaio just won’t go away. He’s planning to run for the senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake.

Google “Pausing” Allo

Google has announced that its messaging app called Allo is being “paused.”

Anil Sabharwal, who is the new head of the company’s communication group, said that not only was the company pausing Allo, but that all its personnel would now be working on a different messaging app called Android Messages. Some analysts believe that Google needs as many resources as possible on Messages to make sure that it is ultimately successful.

In effect, Allo suffered from a lack of users, making it an ineffective competitor against the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Sabharwal indicated that the app simply did not gain enough traction among users. At least not as much as they had hoped. They thought — when they started developing the app — that they would be building something that millions of people would not only use but get excited about. But he said that at this point the company does not see the app being on that kind of trajectory.

For those who use and depend on Allo, all is not lost. The app will still work, and Google is even saying that it will support it in some undefined way. The company actually has not made a final decision about what it will do with Allo, if anything. Sabharwal said that they wanted to be fair to users of the app, and that they did not want to make any rash decisions about it at the moment. Though, he added, the company had immediate needs when it came to Android Messages, and that is why they made the move.

For those who use Duo, which is a video chatting app Google launched at the same time that it launched Allo, the news is better. The company says that it is satisfied with how Duo has grown. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, is steadily gaining users. As long as this continues into the future, the company will continue to develop it.

Netflix Updates Mobile App to Include Video Previews

You can now watch previews of movies and TV shows within Netflix’s mobile app. As reported by The Verge, the on-demand video provider recently updated its mobile app to include this feature.

Of course, users have been able to watch video previews on the Netflix’s TV interface since last year. Consisting of short 30-second clips, it provides users with a sneak peak of the show or movie without watching the entire program. Now, however, users on their mobile device can take advantage of this feature.

Upon launching the new Netflix app, users will see previews for shows and movies at the top, which they can click to watch. The previews are displayed as circles, and users can add them to their watch list just like any regular program that’s available on Netflix. If a user doesn’t want to watch a specific preview, he or she can swipe right to switch to the next preview.

So, how does Netflix decide which movies and shows to display as previews on its new mobile app? Like the platform’s TV interface, Netflix’s mobile app displays recommendations based on the user’s viewing history. Netflix has a complex algorithm that it uses to determine which movies and shows a user might like. By examining the user’s viewing history, it’s able to recommend similar shows and movies, displaying these titles as previews in the app. When announcing the newly updated mobile app, Netflix said years of testing showed that video previews help users find content more quickly.

Video previews is only available in Netflix’s iOS app, but the company says its planning to launch an Android version with this feature in the near future.

You Can Soon Pay for Gas Inside Chevy Cars

There have been many very exciting tech innovations during the past several years. Many of these innovations come from the automotive field. Chevy has been one of the companies that has done quite a bit to improve the tech that is used inside of all their cars. Their ability to innovate has continued by creating a way for drivers to pay for their gas without the need to get out of their car. The system will be installed inside the dashboard of certain cars. It is currently in the testing phase in several cities including Detroit.

The catch is that you will need to buy your gas at Shell stations because they are the only company that has partnered with General Motors at the present time. The driver will need to download the Shell app and set up gas payment in order for the service to automatically bill your account. The good news is that the service will not require the driver to use another data plan to access the service. It will use the 4G LTE connection that is already available in many cars. It remains to be seen when the service will be available all around the country. It will depend on how successful it is in the cities where it is currently being tested.

Chevy has been talking about creating a service where people could pay for their gas inside their car for several years. However, the technology was not quite right to make it work effectively. Now the development of smartphones and 4G technology have allowed this new app to be created by Shell in conjunction with Chevy and its parent company General Motors.

There are a number of advantages to using a system like this to pay for your gas. First of all, you will not need to get out of your car in cold or rainy weather. You will also not need to put your credit card in the slot at the pump where your number could possibly be stolen. In fact, you will not even need to have your card with you in order to pay for gas.

SmugMug Takes a Chance and Buy Flickr

Flickr’s best days may still be ahead of it. At least that is the hope of SmugMug, the company that recently acquired the one-time popular social media platform. The stated goal of SmugMug’s management involves “revitalizing” Flickr, a noble goal that may prove difficult. Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon, couldn’t do much with Flickr. Hence, Oath/Verizon now chooses to sell it off. SmugMug thinks it can restore Flickr to its former glory.

Flickr debuted a popular concept when its community arrived on the online landscape: photo-sharing. People love to take and share pictures. Flickr became a user-friendly and well-trafficked venue in which to do so. A huge community quickly amassed among the user accounts comprising Flickr’s membership. While Flickr always delivered on its promises to members, the popularity of Flickr seemed to fade. Unfortunately, most people prefer to use Facebook for pretty much everything with photo-sharing included. Flickr, like MySpace and others, couldn’t compete and somewhat faded.

The idea that there’s no room for any other social media or digital media platform outside of Facebook seems a bit overly pessimistic. With hundreds of millions of people using the internet for business and social purposes, it would make sense that a decent percentage would embrace a smaller, purpose-focused platform. Perhaps the ability to target a smaller niche of users hinges on the ability to develop a solid marketing and management strategy.

SmugMug believes it’s up to the challenge. Honestly, SmugMug truly needs to succeed with whatever plans the company has for Flickr. Attempting to revitalize the platform and failing means the company will be out of an incredible sum of money. The acquisition price from Verizon surely comes with a steep figure.

SmugMug might be better primed to run Flickr in a profitable and successful manner. SmugMug specializes in photos and images. With Oath/Verizon, Flickr becomes “one of many properties” owned by the telecommunications giant. Sometimes, a more personal managerial touch is necessary for success.