Cassio Audi, A Man of Brazil

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Cassio Audi has more than two decades working in the field of Finance. He has amassed an experience with startups, private equity funds, Private and public companies, global organisations. Over the years Cassio Audi has contributed to many startup businesses. He has worked at many positions assuming the responsibilities of a leader and providing his skills to each  business and its growth.


Cassio Audi, currently,  is an investment manager. For those of you who do not know an investment manager is a person that organizes and maintains funds within a client’s portfolio. The client’s portfolio are managed with the help of a consultant, such as Cassio, but all final decisions are made by the client.

Cassio Audi earned his extensive experience by working in huge national and multinational firms. A few of his skills include but are not limited to Management of equities, Financial Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Business Planning, Leadership, Project Management, Team Leadership, Leadership Strategy, Cross-functional Team, Investor Relations, Business Strategy, Management Project Planning, Entrepreneurship Change, to name some.

Cassio completed his BA from Pontifical Catholic University following MBA from Sao Paulo University.   His choice to become an investment manager came from his dedication and willingness to help others who needed help investing in their future.

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Jim Larkin’s Journey as a Workers’ Rights Reformist.

When Jim Larkin joined Liverpool dockworkers in his quest to feed his family, little did he know that it was the stepping-stone of becoming a workers’ rights crusader. Having born and raised in Liverpool slums in England, Jim had to do manual jobs, and that is how he ended in the docks.

The life in the slum could not let him get a proper education, but that did not deter him from becoming a foreman standing for his rights. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin | Wikipedia

It is under those criteria that after joining the National Union of Dock Laborers, he became an active member in the union. He would organize strikes, which were aimed at raising the workers’ grievances.

Not everyone was happy with that kind of approach leading to his transfer to Dublin, Ireland. His militant ways of leading other workers caused alarm in the union.

In Dublin, James Larkin formed the Ireland Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) which was the umbrella organization to all other workers’ unions. The union had a political programme, which included nationalization to all transport systems, the right to participate in voting for all workers and a pension program for all workers at the age of 60. Provision of employment to the jobless, legal eight hours’ day and compulsory Arbitration Courts were also included in the union’s program.

This programme was outlined in December 1908. Jim Larkin joined hand with James Connolly to form Ireland Labor Union a more vibrant movement. The union staged many peaceful strikes, but the Dublin Lockout was the most effective. Over 100,000 workers participated by laying down their tools for close to eight months. The strike culminated in the workers’ success to secure their rights.

During the onset of First World War, Jim organized anti-war demonstrations. Just as the way he organized peaceful strikes and boycotts to lay workers’ grievances, Larkin was against Ireland’s participation in the war. He was on the opinion that Ireland would be adversely affected by the war. He advised people to “fight for Ireland and no other land.”

James went American not only to lecture but also to look for funding to confront the British. While in America, Larkin was a member of Industrial Workers of the world and Social-Political Party of America.

Graeme Holm: Saving through efficient budget planning

Graeme Holm is a man who has built his career in the banking sector for 17 years. This was until he left the banking sector to create his own financial company known as Infinity Group Australia to address issues which he felt the banks were not taking good care of. He had seen the insincerity in the banks when dealing with their customers. These banks would give the customers the cold shoulder when it comes to management of loans. No bank is willing to help their clients repay their loans in the shortest time possible which is the only way to get them out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle.




Graeme Holm formed this company with the knowledge of how the banks work, he has inside information, and when he says that there is a problem with the way they handle their customers, it should come out as true. He believes many people are living under tight budgets because they cannot afford to pay the huge rates that banks want them to pay. Banks want to hold their customers ransom through the loans they give them but Graeme holm wants to rescue the masses. He has a plan that will see people save more money that will enable them to pay debts in the shortest time possible.




Infinity Group Australia raises more savings by helping its clients to develop new budget plans that leave them with more savings. The biggest challenges that we face as a people is that we spend too much on things which we do not really need and at the end we are left with so little for loans repayment.




Infinity Group has personal bankers whom they work with to create budget plans for the clients. The personal bakers can be compared to personal fitness trainers. Such people will help you get a better result that would have happened working alone. It is the responsibility of the trainer to see that the client has a budget plan that does not allow wastages. The excess money that will go to saving or loan repayment will come from the money the foregone expenses. By adjusting one’s budget, there is a likelihood that more resources will go to loan repayment. There is nothing better than knowing that you are debt free. The money that you receive will be going to other causes.




Infinity Group Australia is not just about debt reduction; it also involves coming up with a long-term saving plan that will enable clients to secure their future through investments. People who have worked with this company have recorded average saving s of $42,000 annually. This is a hefty amount if well managed and put into investment programs for future use. Learn more:



Infinity Group Australia is an original idea of Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. The company’s primary objective is to take up the responsibility of training its clients on finances. They have some various branches; in Bella Vista (New South Wales 2153), Cronulla (NSW 2230), Melbourne (1 Southbank Boulevard), Brisbane (Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113) and Port Macquarie (NSW 2444).


Graeme’s passion for this idea came after spending quite some years around financial institutions, and he was not satisfied with how they handled their client’s credits and financial records. He was frustrated about how Australians were draining down in debts and mortgages taking a lifetime before they can clear. After conducting surveillance for six months to try and identify the gap which ‘his idea’ would fill, he found that clients lacked some dedicated guidance and reliance. This was when Infinity Group Australia was born.


First of all, their approach is different from all money lending institutions. Before approving your loan request, they set up several meetings where they assist the client in managing their finances by coming up with a budget for the necessities. After the loan has been passed, they assign a personal teller whose principal responsibility is to follow up.


Infinity Group Australia reviews are sent to clients every six months and updated monthly statement. This makes the clients able to analyze their spending and make adjustments where necessary; it also enables the teller to follow up on his/her client and advice accordingly. This constant keeping in check helps to ensure that you don’t unnecessarily spend and this money can cover the debt you owe. Numerous testimonials prove that indeed Infinity Group Australia is supporting the ordinary Australian citizen.


Infinity Group Australia gets involved in charitable work where they give out sponsorship to students, disposing a jeep and thirty thousand dollars. This helps the community by maintaining a direct avenue where they can interact with possible clients and to improve in case of any loopholes. It also promotes community unity among them bearing in mind that the initial idea of Infinity Group Australia was started for the common Australian, to improve their lives.


The Infinity Group Australia emerged as number 58th in the most innovative companies in the Australian Financial Review. The Australian Financial Review has dominated Australia for 50 years, and their views are very influential. They have been in business for only five years, and this comes as a significant achievement for Graeme and Rebecca. Learn more :

Organo Gold Manufactures Quality Products that are induced with Ganoderma Lucidum

Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008. The company deals with the production of a variety of products such as tea and coffee. Additionally, Organo Gold makes sure that their products have antioxidants as well as immune boosting products such as the Ganoderma mushroom. With that said, it is evident that Organo Gold is dedicated to making sure that the various consumers who purchase their products are able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Read the reviews at

Background Check

Currently, Organo Gold is operating internationally. Apart from dealing with production and making sure that people are able to live healthy lives, Organo Gold also enables people to earn by selling the company’s products as distributors. Since the tea and coffee manufactured by Organo Gold is infused with the Ganoderma mushroom powder, the consumers reap benefits such as strengthening their immune systems in the process. Additionally, Organo Gold products are also infused with antioxidants thereby making sure that the consumers of this products can lead a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

Additional Information

It is evident that the addition of Ganoderma Lucidum in the various Organo Gold products has been a smart move. Since the Ganoderma mushroom has been used in the past due to its medicinal properties in areas such as China, the addition of this specific component is bound to make sure that the immune systems of the various consumers are strengthened. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.


As for Organo Gold, there are four varieties of pre-brewed coffee, and they are as follows; café latte, café mocha, café supreme, and black coffee. The mentioned forms of pre-brewed coffee are easy to prepare, and they are packaged in a manner that is bound to catch your attention. Since the coffee is of good quality, the fact that it is induced with the Ganoderma Lucidum is another beneficial factor. With that said, it is evident that Organo Gold is geared towards making sure that the people consuming their products are able to lead a healthy life.