Fundamental Education Or Technical Advantages? NetPicks Has The Answer

Forex education can be found virtually everywhere from your online videos to the local bookstore. There is no shortage of teachers possessing forex information. With much-gaining popularity, forex has become the go-to market for investors looking to make a quick buck. This is normally due to the high volatility of the forex market itself. While seeking to gain profits, the trader will have usually a signal service, a trading indicator, or some type of investment knowledge to make bets with confidence in the market today. Strategies are made for every type of trader today.

While starting in 1996, NetPicks gained in popularity by offering forex education, as well as a signal service that has provided profits for many traders the world over. NetPicks hails from Texas but has a global presence in that NetPicks trading programs follow the worldwide forex market and not just the United States forex markets. With Forex have in a daily volume over of over 5 trillion dollars, it is no secret why NetPicks has stood the test of time when it comes to having sound forex advice and providing traders with an opportunity to increase in capital by following the very informational dictums given out.

With forex being a leveraged trading market, NetPicks has educated traders about just what it means to have a leveraged trading account based on Leverage in trading basically is defined as a trader having a small amount of money which is then multiplied volumes over. A trader generally will need to have a broker who can manufacturer a leveraged account due to the laws and statutes governing the world of forex today. But this is generally what has attracted traders the world over, the ability to take a small amount of capital and multiply it into massive amounts of wealth.

NetPicks has gone about defining some of the most commonly Forex terms such as the bid price and the ask price, see ( Having education about the common forex terms is vital to traders today and there are many sources of information abounding today. With NetPicks, there is a reliable source of information for traders to gain.

Dr. Saad Saad; a Surgeon with Several Medical Inventions in His Name

Many medical experts dedicate much of their time to research. Most of them come up with lifesaving medical inventions that benefit the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Saad Saad is among the experts with vast experience in pediatric surgery. He was raised in Kuwait but was born in Palestine. He attended Cairo University where he attained a medical degree. Dr. Saad moved to the United States of America after completing his internship in England.




In the USA he worked hard to earn certification as a pediatric surgeon. He underwent progressive surgical training and practiced a lot to be certified by the board. It was not easy as he took tests and exams every ten years. After getting certification, he was able to serve patients in the USA and Saudi Arabia. With the certification and ability to speak both Arabic and English fluently, he received an excellent opportunity to work for the royal family in Saudi Arabia as a pediatric surgeon. His experience enabled him to offer quality surgical services to the family and residents.




Saad Saad also worked at one of the leading hospitals in Riyadh; King Specialist Hospital. He was recognized as the best surgeon as he was able to handle complicated surgical operations. His experience enabled him to perform surgery on the youngest kid admitted with an aneurysm. Also, many doctors respected him and valued his opinions on surgery matters. He is a determined surgeon who wishes to see patients live painless and quality lives.</li>




With his hard work and determination to make the medical industry better, he has made several medical inventions. The purpose of his inventions is making surgical operations easy for doctors. Additionally, his inventions target to keep patients safe. One of the inventions is on endoscopy procedures. He has come up with a suction-irrigation device that cleans the lens of an endoscope while inside the human body organs such as lungs, stomach, colon or bladder. This makes sure that the viewing is clear. Dr. Saad has used the suction-irrigation device, and it has proved to be an excellent solution to endoscopy procedures. Learn more:



Besides the Suction-irrigation device, Dr. Saad Saad has invented a tool that helps doctors locate catheters inside human bodies. Many doctors use X-ray and MRI scans to find the catheters. Use of the X-ray method is not safe to humans if it is repeated many times due to radiation. The purpose of MRI is complicated as the machine is large and not portable. With his new device that uses electromagnetic energy to locate a catheter inside human’s body, doctors can easily locate catheters without the using X-ray or MRI scans.

Clay Hutson: Sound Engineer and Visionary Tour Producer

Clay Hutson, legendary sound designer, tour producer, and native of Nashville, Tennessee, is an incredibly hardworking individual who assembles one showstopping production after another. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan University, along with a Master’s degree in business administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. His skill as a project manager became apparent when he traveled widely with Billy Graham’s sound team. However, he always felt a pull towards the music industry, specifically the rock ‘n’ roll genre.

When the company Hutson was working for encountered difficulties during the recession, he felt compelled to start his own production management company, using his years of experience in the industry alongside his knowledge of business administration. He travelled with a band called Garbage, visiting North America, Europe, and Australia, and designs, manages, and produces concerts for many other musicians (Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Halsey, to name a few).

Hutson spends most days working as a stage manager on whatever his current tour may be. Pre-show, he is the first to arrive at the venue and is immediately hard at work, reviewing the day’s schedule and ensuring everything is running smoothly. During the show, Hutson begins a plan for the post-show take-down, making sure he has accurate instructions for staff, so the entire process moves as quickly and effortlessly as possible. He is responsible for knowing both the vision of the artist and the details of the production and making sure they work together, using his vast experience to gain perspective.

He makes a point to be several steps ahead of himself in the planning process, writing out schedules for entire days including everything from the most mundane detail to the most show-stopping performance. Productively delegating every task, he prides himself in quality, efficient stage managing.

Planning productions that keep up with the rapidly advancing industry is a challenging task, but Hutson keeps stride without a glance back. He has expressed hope that performers will move away from large screens and the use of videos in their shows, favoring aerial stunts and daring acrobatics instead (such as in the shows of Lady Gaga and Pink).

Unlike many sound designers and producers in the music industry, Hutson possesses a compelling vision and, whilst taking his clients’ thoughts, feelings, and ideas into consideration, ensures an unforgettable and showstopping performance. Learn more:

Heather Russell Brings Her Legal Expertise To TransUnion

There is a new face in the executive team at TransUnion, one of the three major credit bureaus based out of Chicago, IL. Heather Russell is due to join the company as of June 4, 2018 as Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President. She comes to TransUnion with over 20 years of experience in global financial services with a strong legal and banking background. Heather previously held positions with a top legal firm in London and Washington, D.C. as well as upper level positions with institutions including Fifth Third Bank and Bank of America. She is a highly qualified asset to the team and TransUnion’s CEO James Peck has expressed his excitement about her becoming a part of the agency.

Heather will be taking over for a long term employee who is transitioning into retirement. It would be remiss not to mention her educational background as well. Before earning her Juris Doctor from America’s University Washington College of Law, Heather received both Biology and English degrees from William and Mary College in Virginia. According to Wikipedia, she, as expected, was a top performing law student who was a Law Review senior editor and was awarded the Most Outstanding Graduate of her class. This was indicative of her work ethic and motivation to excel at whatever she does and there is no doubt that she will be at the top of her game as part of TransUnion as well. You can’t go wrong with this pairing of a business savvy legal executive and a top credit reporting agency.

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How You Can Become Financially Fit

In Australia, mortgage bankers have used the same model for approving loans as they have for the last 50 years or more. The traditional lending practices often do not help the average family or those with a less than stellar financial history. Graeme Holm and his company, Infinity Group, aim to change this lending model with new, innovative ideas. Graeme feels that families are currently living from paycheck to paycheck and have little money left over at the end of the work week to reduce any of their outstanding debt. He believes that with help, many of these people can begin to see an end to their debt within a very short period of time.


Graeme Holm has many years of experience in the business world and most of it has been in the banking sector. He worked for many national banks throughout Australia in their loan departments. He was responsible for the day to day operations and application approvals. He found that many loans were not being approved because of the instability of the applicants. He decided that a change needed to be made and although he pitched his idea to many of the institutions in the country, they tended to stay away from it. He took a chance and founded his company, Infinity Group Australia where he believed he could make a big difference in the lending process.


Graeme’s idea was not only to approve loans and give clients money they needed, but, to teach these clients how they should be using their money. This was a huge undertaking but it seemed to work right away. His idea was that after a loan is approved, each one of the clients would be assigned a coach who could work with them on reducing their debt. He wanted them to realize that there is a big difference between purchases that are made as a need or a want. Need purchases should be made right away and wants can wait until you are financially fit. The coaches that are assigned set budgets for the families who apply for a mortgage loan and they periodically send reports to them to show how their budget is working.


Graeme has found that most of the clients his company has worked with have been able to reduce their debt within a period of approximately five years and they have been able to pay off completely, 30 year mortgage loans within a 10 year period. This was previously unheard of in Australia and now banks are beginning to see the need for this type of service for their customers.


Graeme Holm often starts his day off by tackling the hardest job he has to do; this gives him the motivation to accomplish anything else that may come his way. He believes that anyone can achieve financial success if they follow his business model. Several of his clients have paid off all of their debt and are considering investing in additional properties. Graeme continues to seek new ways to help his customers. Learn more:


Global development of the OSI Group

OSI Group is a leading food processing company in the United States. It has its main headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The company was established in 1909 as a butcher shop by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. The butcher shop developed rapidly, and by mid-century, it was one of the biggest businesses in Chicago. By the end of the century, it was already selling food products in various continents. Currently, the firm is in 17 countries and has established over 65 plants in different locations in the world. OSI Company is currently managed by President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin. These two have steered the company in the right direction for a long time.

OSI Group made its breakthrough in business around 1955 when it was hired by the newly established McDonald’s to supply hamburgers. McDonald’s was opening its first branches around the country. In Illinois, they came to OSI then known as Otto & Sons and signed a deal for the supply of hamburgers. Since McDonald’s grew rapidly, there was pressure on OSI to increase its production so that it could meet the demand of the food products needed by McDonald’s. It is a fact that the initial development of OSI Food Company was directly influenced by the McDonald’s. The first food plant that OSI Group created was built so that they could meet the demands of McDonald’s.

OSI Group maintained the good relationship it had with the McDonalds and even after it went beyond the United States, OSI followed suit. To keep its growth in the international market intact, OSI hired the services of Sheldon Lavin in 1975 so that he could help them build a company that would be recognized globally. After Sheldon Lavin joined, his priority was the international expansion of the company and even more importantly independent expansion. He did not want the company just to follow the steps taken by the McDonalds.

Four decades after he joined OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is still working for this company. Currently, he is the Chief Operating Officer. He has assisted this company to go beyond the expectations. He has a special focus on the development of the firm. In recent years, he has been working on the global development of the company. OSI Food Company has been acquiring companies in different parts of the world as it continues with its expansion plan which is likely to see it open operations in more locations in the world. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Nick Vertucci’s Debt Relief Story

When you hear about debt relief, you’re probably told about how to beat it through consolidation or small payment plans, but this is a long way that isn’t likely to build up long-term wealth. The solution to going from high debt could lie in the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a program that shows how to turn properties you own into real revenue. Nick Vertucci has partnered with instructors and real estate financing specialists who have made the academy’s courses easy to understand. The academy is based in California, but Vertucci travels around to do workshops and promote the values of real estate.

Nick Vertucci actually got the inspiration to start his academy from a seminar he once attended nearly 20 years ago. He had grown up in a low income background and didn’t have any formal education as a young adult. He started a computer hardware sales business that helped him get a home, and he also married and began his own family shortly after. But his success wasn’t long-lived because in the year 2000 the dot-com fallout caused his business to go under. Vertucci was almost over his head in debt and started losing everything short of his house which had a lien on it. It was then that he came to the seminar with low expectations, but what he heard there changed his life forever.

What Nick Vertucci learned was that real estate could be turned into an easy business once you simplified the terminology. He decided to try buying homes and converting them into rental units and part-time habitations, and he became surprised at how quickly they started filling up. Within less than a year he started seeing more money than he ever made in that period at his former business. Within a couple more years, his debt disappeared completely and he was able to spend the quality time with his family he was never able to before. 10 years later he opened the academy and the results others have had with his system have been incredible as reported by academy’s attendees.

Shervin Pishevar Refuses To Be Quiet

There are some in financial circles who would prefer it if Shervin Pishevar would silence himself and just go away. They do not want to hear what he has to say because he has been bad for business so to speak. Shervin Pishevar is not afraid to speak the truth as he sees it.

A few months back, Shervin Pishevar went on Twitter to talk about issues in the economy that he has seen as well as what he thinks investors and others should be doing these days to protect themselves against what he is calling a financial storm. He basically outlined the ways in which the stock market is likely to fall, Bitcoin will follow after it, and the American Dream is not anything close to what is was in the past.

It is fair to say that Shervin Pishevar is not afraid to be different than others as long as he is not wrong. He just wants to put out the best information that he has with him at any given time. Sometimes that information is critical of those in power or of the common wisdom of the crowd. As long as he is right at the end of the day, Shervin Pishevar doesn’t much care.

His tweet storm was twenty-one hours long in total and came across as fifty separate tweets. He made sure to tell people exactly how he felt and did so by laying out the dynamics for the economy as he sees them. He just doesn’t want people out there to get hurt because they were distracted by the glowing news reports about the economy and do not pay enough attention to the fact that there are many growing concerned by well-educated people about the nature of our economy as it is stacked up today.

You can hop onto Twitter and take a look at so many of the ideas that Pishevar has put forward whenever you want to. He leaves the tweetstorm up there so that others may benefit from reading it and perhaps learning something new about things in the process.

Stream Energy

There have been many natural calamities that happened across the globe and in the United States, in particular. While many organizations were just mere spectators, there were some like the Stream Energy who jumped in with both hands and both feet to help the victims who lost homes and their loved ones. For Stream Energy, corporate philanthropy is one of their core principles and they always try their best to give back to the community as much as they could. While they help, they not only empower their brand value but also represent the corporations in the Dallas, Texas area whose associates work tirelessly to make sure that sufficient funds are organized for the quick recovery of the victims.

One of the most important charitable cause that Stream Energy is very passionate about is to help out the homeless people. The associates and the organization work collectively to identify the number of people who could be categorized as homeless in the Big D area. They facilitated the process by working with Hope Supply Co. and made significant financial contributions which were able to cover the meals for more than thousand homeless children during an annual event. Stream Energy has worked with the charitable partner for over 4 years providing basic supplies and clothing to the needy. Its aim is to empower the communities we live in and make a world a much better place than it was yesterday.

One of the most patriotic yet noble causes of Stream Energy is towards the veterans in the Dallas area. The company provides assistance in terms of financial support so that many families could come together with their loved ones and enjoy some delicious food at upscale restaurants. The organization also supported assistance to daughters of the military members and in a way changed the lives of so many people in an altruistic way. These are some of the many kind causes that Stream Energy is involved in. They have played a phenomenal role in terms of lifting the standard of living of people in Dallas and Texas and their associates played a compassionate role in the process.

Is Dr. Mark Mckenna The Real Deal?

Greatness comes in many different forms as well as come in many different facets in life. If you know anything about medical aesthetics, then you’re aware of all the advanced breakthroughs in technology. In order to use this technology, you will need the training that accompanies the usage of such innovative products. Working in the medical field requires full-attention or you could have a huge lawsuit on your hands. Mark McKenna, M.D., MBA, is a medical-aesthetics genius to some degree. The guy has up to 20 years of experience, and he has owned two of the most successful medical practices that specialize in this exclusive sector.

Dr. Mark McKenna is actually the son of a medical doctor. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from tree after all. He received his medical training from Tulane University Medical School, and he worked at his father’s practice for rive years. Unlike other medical professionals, McKenna had other plans in mind. While in college, he would moonlight at correctional facilities by providing physicals to the inmates. “I charged $50 per hour, and I invested every penny of it into real estate,” said McKenna. This man was investing into his future while he was in college and this demonstrates just how focused he was at a young age. While practicing medicine, McKenna was able to start a host of side-businesses, including:

  • Uptown Title Inc.
  • McKenna Venture Investments

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s real estate development firm, McKenna Venture Investments, was generating millions of dollars on an annual basis. McKenna was able to live a great lifestyle by holding onto a $500,000 salary. The next big thing for Dr. Mark McKenna was launched earlier in 2018. This medical practice offers elective-aesthetic procedures. OVME has taken the game to a completely different level, and it can literally transform someone’s life for the better via minimal-invasive procedures. Building the confidence of its customers/clients is the main goal and Dr. Mark McKenna is the architect for doing so.