Neurocore’s Employees are Satisfied

Neurocore is a private medical institution that deals with improving brain functioning through the use of data analytics. The firm has numerous centers in the country that are all functional. They deal with improvement of concentration, curbing amnesia and stress management. This institution that was started in 2004 as a small entity has rapidly grown to become one of the leading firms in the provision of applied neuroscience services. Currently, they have nine operational brain performance centers that are based in Florida and Michigan.

The rapid success of the institution can be attributed to the use of brain mapping and neurofeedback techniques. This firm was one of the pioneering institutions that applied these new technologies in neuroscience. They have also highly invested in areas where other similar institutions never thought of going. This has enabled them to acquire a wide client base. The dedication of the employees of this firm is also noteworthy. They are ever willing to go an extra mile to ensure that they provide the highest quality service to the clients. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore treats its employees very diligently as they understand that they are the foundation of their operations. Without employees, it would be impossible to deliver quality service to individuals. The firm gives the employees everything that they require to ensure that they serve clients in the best way possible. This makes Neurocore a favorite of many high profile professionals in the field of neuroscience. Employees are very appreciative of the company for the role it plays in helping children to recover from ADHD. Most of them talk highly of the institution as they are happy about its impact on the society.

Josie Rhoads has been working in Neurocore since last year. When Josie joined the company, she worked as a clinical specialist. In about 12 months, Josie has become the leader of Palm Beach Gardens Brain Performance Center. Recently, Josie took time to give her feeling about Neurocore services. She said that she is always happy to see clients gradually improve. Her favorite technology is brain mapping. Josie says that she wowed every time she sees a patient’s brain map that is showing improvement. Many other employees are also happy when they see their hard work come to fruition. Read more about Neurocore at

Samantha Ellis is the current client advocate of the institution. She says that she has been impressed by the way it is possible to visualize brain functioning. She also appreciates the diversity in the makeup of human beings’ brains. Samantha adds that she is always ready to learn on how to improve the lives of people through neuroscience.


Felipe Montoro Jens reports investments in PPPefforts

The Brazilian federal government has been making big investments to help stimulate more public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens is an experienced infrastructure specialist who has several years of experience in sugar and ethanol sectors, real estate sectors, and waste and water management sectors. Felipe Montoro Jens has gained invaluable experience working for the international multi-sector conglomerate Odebrecht Properties. Read more at Exame about Felipe Montoro Jens

The federal government of Brazil will be investing R $ 44 billion towards public private partnerships to begin during the end of 2018. The R $ 44 billion investment will be over 57 projects and include 22 sectors. The government agency Program and Partnerships and Investments (PPI) is responsible for building relationships between public government entities and private companies. Program and Partnerships and Investments (PPI) is responsible for implementing the proper initiation of these projects. Felipe Montoro Jens also reported on road infrastructure plans for BR 153 and BR 364, these two highways account for over 800 kilometers.

Felipe Montoro Jens also reported on Piaui’s public private partnership to upgrade the state’s current internet infrastructure. There are plans to install 1,500 access points and fiber optics throughout the state. Felipe Montoro Jens also detailed plans for the government company Infraero, who is currently responsible for managing all the major airports in Brazil to relinquish control of several airports to the private sector. Infraero will no longer be responsible for Maceio (AL), Joao Pessoa (PB), Aracaju (SE), Juazerio do Norte (CE) Campina Grande (PB), Recife (PE), Varzea Grande (MT), Rondonopolis (MT), Alta Floresta (MT), Barra do Gracas (MT), Victoria (ES) and Macae (RJ).

Felipe Montoro Jens reported on the public private partnership in Rio de Janerio. Rio de Janerio is implementing projects to create 20 thousand day care center and 40 thousand preschools by 2020. The International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s World Bank Group will be responsible for the projects, and will cost R $ 2.3 million. The International Finance Corporation is a consulting firm, that will both finance the projects, but also help run them as efficiently as possible,

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Dr. Rand is Taking an Innovative Approach to ED and Other Age Related Problems

Dr. Johanan Rand is an expert in the medical field who focuses his attentino on methods to treat aging and ED. He assists patients with aging related issues such as weight gain, ed, and more, using original, innovative methods. Dr. Rand’s innovative regenerative medicine is what sets him a part from other doctors in his field.

Dr. Johanan Rand has his own clinic, the Healthy Medical Center, where he offers many services to patients. Dr. Rand advises his patients, offers physical therapy, and has diet plans that patients can use to lose weight.

Dr. Rand’s diet plan that is offered to patients is 100-percent his own creation and consists of using hormones to stop people from feeling hungry and to curb cravings. The hormone used is a hormone that is only produced in women who are pregnant. This hormone can assist in stopping the destruction and decomposition with muscle tissue, a problem that many weight loss patients are subjugated to. This type of diet is preferred by patients that want to see quick results; patients are able to lose up to one pound per day with this weight loss plan.

Another problem that many older patients suffer from is ED. Dr. Rand uses alternative methods to invasive procedures to help patients that suffer from ED. Changes are made every year in the medical field concerning ED, so it is very difficult for aging patients to stay up to date on the options available. As an expert in biotech medical research, Dr. Rand has hormonal treatment for ED as well.

One of Dr. Rand’s methods of medical practicing is educating his patients. Dr. Johanan Rand believes that conversation should be a critical point in patient care. Most facilities don’t focus on educating their patients, but Dr. Rand and his clinic are different. Dr. Rand is also a public speaker, he provides information to audiences all over the country while traveling as a lecturer.


Wes Edens Has Bought Into The World Of E-Sports

Wes Edens has made a name for himself in the world of sports by purchasing the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks with partner Marc Lasry. Former owner Herb Kohl sold the team to the two men for $550 million and they have already increased the franchise’s valuation to over $1 billion. In addition to serving as the co-owner of the Bucks, Wes Edens is also one of the co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group. Before joining Fortress, he cut his teeth at Lehman Brothers as a managing director and a partner. He worked for Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993.From there, he would then join BlackRock Asset Investors. He worked in the private equity division from 1993 to 1997. It was at this time that he elected to leave and begin his journey at Fortress Investment Group.

Thanks to the experience that he was able to accrue when it comes to private equity, he is able to garner a sizable amount of take home pay thanks to the work he has done with Fortress Investment Group. When the company was recently sold to SoftBank Group, Edens was able to walk away from the transaction with a whopping $512 million.Now that he is training his focus on the world of sports, Wes Edens has also invested in e-sports. The Cloud9 Challenger’s League Championship Series caught his fancy and he has spent $1.8 million on just one spot.Once the salaries of four different League of Legends team members were included, Fthe price rose to $2.5 million. He is the fourth NBA owner to invest in the league but Edens was not done yet. Once this purchase was made, he set his sights on the launch of his own brand. FlyQuest Sports has established in 2017.

The professional League of Legends team was included as a part of this purchase and the Bucks continue to embrace e-sports. The NBA is in the process of establishing a NBA 2K League that will allow professional gamers to compete against one another for cash prices.Thanks to the efforts of Edens, the Bucks will be one of the 16 NBA teams to have their own 2K team and team apparel/logos will be designed for the occasion. Now that the NBA is rapidly growing in popularity, Edens is betting on console based fandom going forward.In his mind, this is the best way to reach out to the younger demographic and ensure that they remain fans of the NBA in the years to come. The 2K League is expected to become a smashing success around the world and Edens is paving the way for e-sports to become a more integral part of the NBA fan’s existence.

The Philanthropic Efforts of Stream Energy

Corporate philanthropy is one of the most outstanding values of Stream. Recently, the company launched ‘Stream Cares’ which is a charity foundation. The company started the foundation to make things formal about the philanthropic activities it carries out in different parts of the US. The company has been active for over 12 years in giving funds to the needy.

When Hurricane Harvey occurred, Stream demonstrated to other companies how conducting charity work is incorporated into its practices. The company does not only offer funds but human resources. Most companies participate in philanthropic activities but do not launch a separate department to take care of such issues. Philanthropy is important to any given community because it is beneficial to the company and those in need. For instance, the company that gives to the community earns loyalty as well as the respect of everyone. Philanthropy is an excellent buffer to a company when profits decrease, scandals arise, and hard times prevail.

Based on statistics, most companies located in the US are extraordinarily generous. Businesses donated $19 billion to various charities in 2016. However, such contributions are not the same as donations of time, individual employee contribution or corporate sponsorship. Stream Energy is an example of a company that has a good reputation for giving to the community.

Stream Energy employs a simple model. Direct selling of energy helps the company in paying associates thus leading to loyal clients.Stream Energy also offers a broad range of services which include virtual doctors, corporate services, clean energy, and fixed rates of power among others. Stream also provides mobile phone plans and residential services.

The associates of the company also get commissions on sales made. Homelessness is a major concern of the company. Employees of Stream, as well as the company’s management team, track the state of homelessness in Dallas. It was noted that there was a 24 percent rise in homelessness in the area. Through Hope Supply Company, Stream Energy was able to reduce the increased rate of homelessness. Thousands of children are able to benefit from the same on a regular basis. Hope Supply Co. offers products such as diapers, clothing, and school items among others. Stream Energy has partnered with the charity for over four years.

Jorge Moll is Leading the Way in Neuroscience.

Many people don’t know who Jorge Moll is, but that doesn’t mean he’s not fighting for them every day. Jorge Moll, the Founder and Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, has a profound history in the world’s medical field.


Jorge Moll’s Need to Help Others Began Early in His Life

He always wanted to help people who suffered from debilitating medical conditions which negatively impacted their lives. Moll attended and graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a medical degree.

He did not stop there. He later completed his residency at the same university. He later went on to study for his PhD at Sao Paulo University. His major was experimental pathophysiology.

With every academic step he took, Jorge Moll never forgot his ultimate goal in life, helping those with debilitating conditions have a higher quality of life.


Jorge Moll is Dedicated to World Class Research

Moll has always been dedicated and passionate about his home country’s healthcare, education and research. Moll even started his own research facility, the D’Or Institute for Research Education.

His days at his research institute is filled with meetings to involving a lot of topics. He always takes time to speak to various individuals such as researchers, scientists, doctors, students and associates. He does this because he believes in exchanging ideas and collaborating with others to find solutions and hypothesis.

In fact, Jorge Moll believes ideas are plentiful. The hardest thing to do is to choose the best ideas and eliminate other ones. Those chosen ideas must be the ones that can be converted into a plan. To do that requires collaborating and planning with other individuals who can assist in making ideas reality.

Jorge Moll has seen a lot of failures since opening his institute. However, he’s seen a lot more successes. These successes are pushes him to make his goal of helping others live a better life reality.


The BBB Torch Award is presented to Aloha Construction!

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) awarded Aloha Construction their Torch Award for continued excellence in Marketplace Ethics earlier this year. This award, being a magnificent feat for Aloha Construction and their reputation, was received with pure honor. The BBB Torch Award is used to recognize hard-working businesses for their quality work and honesty staying consistent throughout long periods of time.

Aloha Construction makes clear that they truly care about their customers. It is obvious that they understand the importance of having their customers be their top priority, and by no means would every jeopardize the comfort of them. So much so that they have been recognized by the Bureau in the past for their great job in providing exceptional service.

Not only have they been known for their customer service expertise, but they have also proved time and time again that they are also great at keeping their employees comfortable. This is another reason as to why they have received the honorable Torch Award. They continually recognize their dedicated employees and even reward some for their amazing hard work. Much more than one could say about other companies. In the words of Dave Farbaky, CEO of Aloha Construction, he refers to his employees as “family”.

Winning this award has meant a lot to the Illinois-based company, and one of the most prominent reasons why is because of how they prioritize their community in Illinois. They provide countless examples of sponsorship to a variety of athletes, provide financial aid to the Bloomington Boys’ and Girls’ club, and many more services to the community can be observed as well.

All in all, the amazing qualities listed in this article just go to show the fact that Aloha Construction has earned every bit of this award. They prioritize their customers, take good care of their employees, and even give back to the community in any way they can. These many examples prove how deserving Aloha Construction truly was of winning the BBB Torch Award.

How implants are being made safer in San Diego by Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is changing all the negative headlines about gluteal augmentation and thing are changing from the negativity to being better. In the community of the cosmetic medical Dr. Mark Mofid is known because of so many reasons. He is known as someone who knows exactly what he is talking about for he got his training at both Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. But he has other qualities expect him being educated and well trained Dr. Mark Mofid has shown that he can be an innovator in an industry.

One of the reasons why so many people respect Dr. Mark Mofid is because he has a stellar reputation and when it comes to medication safety practices, he adheres to all. He is constantly doing research and coming up with ways that things can be done differently so that to achieve better results. Mofid when it comes to innovations he will use an approach that science supports, examine the details and think beyond. The deep understanding he has when it comes to the body’s skin, muscles and fat will make him be in a better position to understand how things work.

He has been working so hard so that he will be able to develop those kinds of surgeries for the past eight years. The first time he was involved with the company he saw that there were so many chances for the future improvement. Instead of following the norm and doing things just as they were being done, he sought of saw that he could reinvent the whole industry.

One of the problems that were involved with gluteal augmentation in the past is that the implants that were being used were generic. Instead of Dr. Mark Mofid going on with the same product that was not even close to perfect, he examined some of the options he had and tried coming up with something new. Fortunately, after spending so many hours on the research, brainstorming, and designing. He was able to come up with a superior gluteal implant. The new implant has taken over the industry by storm because of so many reasons.

Pulp Fiction and Lawrence Bender

Pulp fiction, the crème de la crème of pulp classics. When this movie broke records in 1994, being the first independent film to bank over $200 million, it set the stage for Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender’s movie making love affair. Racy, sexy and drugged out, Pulp Fiction was an action-packed drama no one was expecting. It was nominated for over 20 awards, landing an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for best screenplay in 1995. Producer Lawrence Bender had struck gold and wasn’t planning on stopping there, he produced all but three of Tarantino’s films.

Born in The Bronx in 1957 to a Jewish family and growing up in New Jersey, Lawrence Bender followed in his grandfather’s footsteps majoring in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine in 1979. Bender got his first taste of the film industry in 1980 working as a technician on the set of the horror TV series Tales From The Dark Side. He moved into producing in 1989 working with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell on the film Intruder. However, Lawrence Bender wasn’t mapped until after releasing Reservoir Dogs in 1992. He’s continued to do nothing but produce blockbusters since. Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds and Good Will Hunting have racked him in over 30 Academy Award nominees, winning a total of eight. He won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for the film An Inconvenient Truth, which unearths the important idiosyncratic awareness of climate change.

Bender is an undoubted advocate and activist for social and political issues. His last documentary, Countdown To Zero, shines a light on the demanding risks of the proliferation of terrorism and misuse of nuclear weapons, featuring Presidents Gorbachev and Carter as well as former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

He has received the Torch of Liberty award from ACLU and was named a Wildlife Hero by the National Wildlife Federation. He also is on the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability Advisory Board and fundraisers regularly for social and political causes in Los Angeles.

OSI Group: The Premier American Food Company with a Broad Reach

The OSI Group is an American food company that reaches abroad, expanding its footprint. The company spans across Western and Eastern Europe as well as Asian-Pacific regions. The OSI Group has a North American footprint in Illinois, California, Iowa, Maryland, South Carolina, Utah, Wisconsin, and Canada. The meat processing company has more than 65 facilities worldwide, staffing 20,000 employees. OSI offers customized food solutions and distribution to major retail companies and food chains.

The company began in 1909 as a small meat market in the midst of Chicago. It made an indelible mark by offering fresh ground beef meat supplies. In 1973, the modest shop expanded by opening its first meat plant in the West Chicago area. Since then, it was able to stand up to higher production volumes. The company acquired a majority of their business from the McDonald’s Corporation, becoming their solitary meat patty supplier.

The OSI Group created a welcomed niche in the marketplace. It continued looking for additional markets to introduce their goods. The company began distributing their products to local restaurants and grocers while honing in on their business model and processing strategies. In 1975 the group became known as OSI Industries. Still desiring growth, the business moved in a different direction. It incorporated plants and factories that were already in progress. The company acquired neighboring facilities initially, then began expanding abroad.

Flagship Europe was acquired by OSI Group in 2016. The company was known for producing frozen chicken, pie products, sous-vide cooked products, sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise condiments. Flagship Europe recently acquired Calder Foods a United Kingdom company that specialized in dips sauces and marinades. Flagship Europe is excited about the merger, it allows them an opportunity to expand their product offerings. In turn, it provides OSI Group with products that complement their staple meals. The agreement enhances the group’s ability to meet the growing demands of their valued clients.

The company still operates their U.S. facilities under OSI Industries, LLC. They are responsible for delivering customized quality products including meat patties, hot dogs, seafood, pork, poultry, vegetables, fruit, dough products, bacon, and sausage. Their state-of-the-art food plants specialize in food processing capabilities, food cooking technologies, and food packaging functionalities. These are all done by utilizing the highest industry standards and guidelines. The company relies heavily on their own check and balance system. They routinely audit every product to ensure that customer and government requirements are exceeded. OSI Group recently celebrated receiving the esteemed Honour Award for 2016. The honor was issued in London by the British Safety Council. OSI Group surpassed industry standards by delivering top-notch quality in every aspect of their environmental risk management and safety operations. OSI exemplifies world-class standards in their North American facilities as well as abroad.

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