Transportation Mogul Perry Mandera Devotes Money and Time To Charity

Founded in 1986, The Custom Companies, Inc. has been headed by founder Perry Mandera the length of its existence; Mandera’s leadership has seen the company grow into a leading transportation provider, working with and on behalf of a variety of businesses, from local family-operated enterprises to Fortune 100 companies. Operating out of Illinois, The Custom Companies provides services ranging from domestic and international air freighting to direct mail distribution and logistics management, among others.

Upon graduating high school in 1975, Perry Mandera served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, where he first operated heavy trucking equipment. After being honorably discharged, he launched a career in transportation, and by his early twenties had gained a wealth of experience working for numerous companies.

In 1980, at age 23, Mandera started his first business, which he would sell five years later to pursue opportunities in politics. He served for four years as a Republican Party committeeman in Chicago and at the time was the youngest person to ever have sat in the committee. During that time, Perry Mandera would launch The Custom Companies.

Now boasting annual revenues of more than $200 million, The Custom Companies has launched its founder into the prominence within the transportation industry, and into a position where he has been able to contribute generously to charities and philanthropic endeavors, but monetarily and with his time.

Perry Mandera serves a member of the board of directors for the Jesse White Tumblers, a gymnastics program founded by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White that serves inner-city children from elementary to high school. Perry is also a board member for the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, where he recently organized the collection and delivery to the deprived of over 6,000 donated winter coats.

Mandera has focused much of his charitable endeavors on charities geared towards youth development and education and has served as a coach of children’s sports, including football, baseball and basketball. He has also donated money and time to cancer prevention and research efforts, as well as to programs aimed at aiding and supporting veteran causes (Thenewsversion).


Why David Giertz Stresses Getting An Early Start On Retirement Savings

David Giertz is one of the leaders in the financial services industry who has helped many people over the years get their finances in order. This includes saving for retirement, having a life insurance policy to protect dependents, and otherwise being financially disciplined. He is a FINRA registered broker and has worked for Citicorp Investment Services, Financial Horizons Security Corporation, and Nationwide Investment Services Corporation plus a number of their subsidiaries such as Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He has worked as both a financial advisor and as a top executive in the industry.

Because David is a leader in this industry he often gets asked to contribute to news articles or be interviewed about saving for retirement. He has advice to give to people young and old as well as those in between. One of his key pieces of advice is that the younger you get started the better off you will be. It was the genius Albert Einstein who is credited with saying, “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe”. By starting early on retirement saving, David Giertz says that each dollar you put away is worth far more 40 years down the road than what you put away closer to retirement age. This is because compound interest makes money put away early grow much more in value over time.

When you’re in retirement he says that you ought to create a budget so that you’re comfortable spending the money you socked away over the years. Once you have a sensible budget you will feel better about spending your retirement savings instead of adding to them. He also says that retirees shouldn’t ever have everything in the stock market, something he finds all too common. Instead they should have some in stocks, some in bonds, and a cash reserve all according to their risk tolerance.

David Giertz spent much of his career in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. He now lives in Dublin, Ohio. He continues to help people both save for retirement and live well in retirement by sharing his thoughts and opinions based on his years of experience in the financial industry.

Is Heal N Soothe The Real Deal

Have you ever heard of the all-new Heal N Soothe pain-reliever? Unlike the many options that line the shelves of most stores’ medicine isles, this product uses herbs that are naturally grown by mother nature herself. Reducing pain and relieving inflammation is what this product is all about. Its systemic-enzyme formula consists of many tried-and-true ingredients. Heal N Soothe is taken in an oral dose, and it will quickly travel throughout your system. This is actually known as Systemic-Enzyme Therapy, and it’s used for neutralizing bio-chemicals. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, this organic supplement addresses the source of the issue rather than covering it up.

Injuries are some of the major culprits for experiencing pain. If you’re an active person, the chances of you getting some kind of injury is very likely. This is just a natural part of life and we’ve all gone through it. Joint injuries are very common in today’s society, and it has been for quite some time. Heal N Soothe’s herbal ingredients work wonders when it comes to repairing joints. This powerful conglomerate of ingredients does a great job of regenerating injured muscle tissue. Medications like prescription painkillers, Advil or Aspirin doesn’t promote any healing-properties because they are only used to block the pain. No matter the injury, this product can help you recover much faster. “What can I use this supplement for?” Heal N Sooth can be used for a variety of issues such as:

• Contusions

• Fractures

• Bruises

• Joint Pain

• Muscle Pain

• Sprains

• Strains

• And more

Heal N Sooth is simply on another level. For those who are experiencing pain from muscle or joint injuries, this product should be a viable option to get you running on all cylinders.

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Change through Passion and Hope

The state of Israel has many enemies, many of whom are their direct neighbors. When Israel officially became its own nation shortly after the end of World War II, they were attacked by a coalition of Islamic states from all directions.

This short-lived war was known as the Six-Day War, and ended, miraculously, with an Israeli victory. Even though Israel managed to suppress their attackers then there is no telling what the end result would be if a similar scenario would happen now. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

This is the fear of many Jewish people living in Israel, as well as Daniel Taub, a popular and renown diplomat who has assisted Israel in making ground across the globe. Thanks to Daniel Taub the state of Israel now has a 200% increase in trade with the United Kingdom.

They are able to produce new businesses overseas, gaining a foothold in Western Europe as a result of the international trade deal that Taub originally cleared the way for them.

Daniel Taub owes his dedication and steel hard commitment to Israel to his unending faith as an Orthodox Jewish man. He was originally a national of the United Kingdom and loved his entire family to Israel to become an official citizen there.

Before becoming a diplomat Taub was a medic in the Israeli defense force. His service to his people and to the world as a whole makes him an incredible candidate for any diplomatic mission that Israel may have for him. Such is the case with the most recent problem; the possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear power. Read more; Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Iran has threatened Israel many times to total destruction and annihilation. They have been working on producing their own nuclear weapons for quite some time now, and thanks to a quiet United Nations, may actually be able to reach their goals. The president of Iran has, on record, stated that his plans for nuclear energy are to use it to destroy Israel.

Daniel Taub is working diligently to attempt to sway the hearts and minds of the UN in order to force strict sanctions on Iran to make sure this does not happen. While the outlook for such an endeavor at the moment seems bleak, with Taub working ion the case it is only a matter of time before something positive will come from this. Isreal is a strong yet small nation that can move mountains.

Felipe Montoro Jens and His Fantastic Leadership Skills for the Programs He Runs

It was the ancients who said that there are kinds of defeats you face that might be better than some victories. In the case of Felipe Montoro Jens, he’s able to prove himself that despite the challenges and failures, he’s still able to withstand the challenges in running the various Public Private Partnerships and programs that are designed for Rio de Janeiro.

Education Network

One of the challenges today of Felipe Montoro Jens is to make sure that he’s able to construct, maintain and sustain the various non-pedagogical services that can be offered for the educational sector of Rio de Janeiro. It is part of the programs in the line up of Felipe Montoro Jens to make sure that there are about 20 thousand new places that can be allocated for the day-care centers for the pre-school students in Rio de Janeiro. These infrastructure projects would be able to sustain and house the different school projects of the Brazilian government. Truly, the infrastructure projects of Felipe Montoro Jens will be instrumental in the projects and growth of the country. Without this kind of help from Montoro Jens, it would be hard for the country to sustain the kind of growth it needs to make its educational programs successful.

Assistance of World Bank Group

The programs under the leadership of Felipe Montoro Jens would not be possible without the assistance of the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank Group. It is now the institution that helps in making sure that the educational programs of Rio de Janeiro would be successfully implemented.

The PPP program is similar to the first Public-Private Partnership of the schools in Brazil, and because of such application, many students would be able to find the quality education they need to gain the advantage they require to lead ahead in the future.

Lime Crime Sells Amazing Makeup Brush Sets

There are many different makeup tools on the market today. However, they are not all created equal. Some of the products can leave much to be desired. One company called Lime Crime has some great makeup brushes that can be bought online. Here is some information about their wonderful makeup brushes and their uses.

One of the products that they sell is called the Hot Stuff Brush Set. This set comes with three different brushes. What makes these brushes unique is their look. The bristle part of the brush is hot pink. The handles of the brushes are filled with glitter. This set comes with three different brushes. It comes with a Powder Brush, a Contour Brush, and a Blush Brush. The powder brush is used to blend makeup on the face. It is also used to layer powder on the face. The Pointed Brush is used to apply makeup to the apples of the cheeks, and also the smile area. The Contour Brush is used for contouring and blending to add definition to your face. These brushes are very soft and not harsh at all on the skin. This set is $38 dollars.

Another product that Lime Crime offers is their Aquarium Brushes. These brushes are blue and purple on the brush end and filled with water and glitter on the handle. This bundle comes with seven different brushes. These include a powder, blush, pencil, lip, blender, brow, and fan brush. It also comes with it’s own clutch. This set is $58 dollars.

This company is an amazing company to buy your makeup brushes from. They love animals so much that they are cruelty free. This means they never test on animals. They are even approved by PETA. They are also vegan friendly. If you are looking for a great makeup brush set then you should check out the many different products on Lime Crime’s website. They offer a ton of great brush sets.

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Harvard Snake Robots Are Winding Their Way Around Campus

The latest robot prototypes developed at Harvard University are crawling their way around the Ivy League campus using skins made of snake scales.

Ahmad Rafsanjani, the postdoctoral researcher investigating the use of snake mobility models to applications in robotics has produced some extremely impressive trials of these winding robots.

Describing his methods for creating the robotic snakes, Rafsanjani explains that starting with familiar silicon rubber tubes, he stretched a synthetic snake skin composed of thin plastic materials that had been etched with various symmetric patterns of polygonal shapes.

Air was pumped into the silicone tubes beginning a cycle of inflation, followed by a resulting deflation. As the materials inflate, the etchings on the tubes expand and begin to resemble the skins of snakes, propelling the snake robot tube forwards.

As the tube deflates, the skin etchings return to being flush against the plastic film, resulting in the rear portion of the snake tube pulling itself forwards to the snake’s new position.

By repeating this process, the snake begins to propel itself forwards in a manner similar to an inching caterpillar.

To optimize the snake’s movement Rafsjanin experimented with different polygon etchings. The best results in terms of most movement per inflation/deflation cycle resulted from a trapezoidal pattern.

Excited about the prospects of their experimental findings, the journal Science Robotics published the study describing applications for the snakes in on rough surfaces such as concrete and asphalt as well as crawling through the human vascular system to deliver medications.

The idea of snake robots has been around for some time. The U.S. Army research lab had performed experiments in 2010 to create snake robot networks that worked together to manipulate objects in a manner akin to the coordinated tentacles of an octopus.

Broad military applications of this type of robotic system include grasping systems that can perform tasks that require delicate gripping and hand movements including turning and opening doors with knobs, not an easy feat for today’s robots.

Intelligence Chiefs Warn Against Using Chinese Phones

On Tuesday at a U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, American intelligence chiefs said its citizens should not use phones manufactured by Huawei and ZTE.

The directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA, as well as the director of national intelligence appeared before the committee, and they all issued the same warning against the two Chinese tech giants.

Chris Wray, who is the director of the FBI, said during his testimony that he was worried about letting any company or organization have access to American telecommunication networks when such a company or organization was bound by a foreign power that does not share American values. He went on to say that, by allowing this to happen, it would give these foreign powers the ability to steal or modify proprietary information. It would also give them the ability to spy on the United States without detection.

U.S. intelligence agencies have been suspicious of Huawei for many years. The Chinese company was founded by an engineer who previously worked for the People’s Liberation Army in China, and many in the U.S. government think that the company is essentially an extension of the Chinese government. It was this that led the U.S. government to ban Huawei in 2014 from receiving government contracts.

Huawei began as a telecommunication company that manufactured various forms of infrastructure-related hardware. But it has since become a major worldwide producer of smartphones. Last fall it even surpassed Apple to become the second largest manufacturer of the devices in the world, trailing only Samsung.

However, Huawei has so far failed to have much success in America, mostly because of the actions of the U.S. government. In January, it was about to announce an agreement to sell its phones through AT&T, but the deal fell through at the last moment, reportedly because of government pressure.

U.S. legislators are currently considering a bill that would prevent government employees from using phones made by either Huawei or ZTE.

SpaceX Satellite Internet Prototype Launching Soon

According to new information nabbed from the FCC website by CNET, Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellite internet project is finally nearing a launch date, and it’s planned for much sooner than most would expect.

The letter as presented by the FCC states that the first two demo satellites will be launch this weekend, February 17 at 6:17 AM PT. As prototypes, they are more of a proof of concept than something that would actually be usable for the program. If all goes well, though, it could pave the way for an operational model as soon as 2019, says SpaxeX vice president of satellite affairs Patricia Cooper.

Taking off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, the two satellites named Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b will be launched using one of the company’s Falcon 9 rockets. Coming along with them will be a radar observation satellite from Spain known as Paz.

This rocket launch is part of a project known as Starlink, which hopes to utilize low-orbiting satellites to provide cheap internet services to everyone across the planet. Estimated to cost upwards of $10 billion upon completion, Musk hopes to have everything in operation by 2024 provided there are no significant delays.

In truth, however, universal internet access is not the real goal of Starlink. As Musk himself said in 2015, the purpose of the project is to eventually help fund his plan to colonize Mars. “This is intended to generate a significant amount of revenue, and help fund a city on Mars.”

With many unknowns left to be sorted out as well as plenty of chances for catastrophic failure along the way, it seems unlikely a Mars colony will be happening quite so soon. Starlink itself, though, is more than likely poised for completion within the next few decades, which is good news for people around the world hoping for more options in home internet services (despite what some internet service providers might have to say on the matter).

Austin and LA Are Increasing Tech Industry Salaries

Silicon Valley is still the home to many of the highest paying jobs in the tech industry. However, that part of the country is now having some very serious competition for the most brilliant tech minds from other cities. A new study has shown that there are now a wide variety of great tech jobs available in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. This is a bit of a surprise and seems to have come out of nowhere. This is because neither of these cities were on the map in terms of being hotbeds for tech jobs a few years ago. However, things change very quickly in the world of technology.

Employees of tech companies in Los Angeles pulled in an average of $130,000 in 2017. People in Austin who worked in the tech industry made roughly $120,000. This still lags behind the average Silicon Valley salary which is currently $150,000. However, you need to keep in mind that the cost of living in the San Francisco area is basically double what it is in Austin. More tech companies are deciding to set up shop far away from Silicon Valley in an attempt to get away from all of the competition. They feel that it will be easier to get noticed in cities where the tech industry is still in its early stages.

Young people who are interested in starting a career in the tech field are finding it easier to get hired in cities like Los Angeles and Austin because there are not as many qualified candidates applying for jobs. This gives the people who are willing to work in these cities a great opportunity to get their foot in the door and make a lot of money to boot. However, people who have their heart set on working for the giant tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Uber will need to plan on working in Silicon Valley. None of those companies seem interested in opening up offices in other parts of the country.

The good news for tech workers in the United States does not extend to people working in similar positions in foreign countries. In fact, tech industry salaries have plummeted in the United Kingdom and France in recent years. Therefore, fewer people are applying for tech jobs in those countries. This has hurt the tech companies that have their base of operations in Europe.