Nokia’s Acquisition Pushes Home WiFi

Smart home technology is exploding, and Nokia is moving in on that action by providing mesh WiFi solutions for the home. To achieve this, the company acquired Seattle-based Unium late last week and the deal is expected to close before the end of the first quarter. Unium’s tech includes mesh WiFi gateways, home-based mesh WiFi, beacons, and software solutions that optimize solutions.

Unium’s past clients include Google Fiber and the Department of Defense. The company understands how to deliver secure WiFi to remote regions. Nokia gains this technology and expertise with the acquisition. Industry experts expect Nokia to leverage this and other recent acquisitions “to add more value to [Nokia’s] business.”

Nokia’s Fixed Network business group president Frederico Guillen told reports, “With Unium inside, our Nokia Wi-Fi solution will deliver an unmatched user experience, going beyond what standard mesh Wi-Fi solutions deliver today.”

Home WiFi users typically experience dead zones, overlap and unexplained drops in areas of the home, especially homes with thick walls or those in rural areas. The rise of smart home technologies has brought these difficulties to prominence. Users investing in smart home technologies and smart home assistants can be disappointed in the lack of coverage in certain areas of their homes. Nokia’s mesh WiFi is one way customers can use their new technologies to their fullest potential.

Nokia’s entry into this area of tech is evidence of its mission to “deepen” its relationship with carriers. The company has also acquired Comptel that provides “software-based data solutions.” Such a relationship will ensure that Nokia is the go-to provider of powerful, secure, home internet that is compatible with a variety of partners. Nokia’s current home WiFi customers are able to continue contracts with their original carriers using plug-and-play solutions.

How 3D Printing is Poised to Revolutionize

Initially viewed as little more than a novelty, 3D printing is a technology that promises to make a sweeping impact across many different industries. From medical applications to industrial manufacturing, the latest trends in 3D printing promise a valuable glimpse into the many changes and possibilities that may be just over the horizon. Streamlining, upgrading or even outright replacing conventional production methods will soon allow manufacturers to enhance their output and efficiency while drastically reducing their overhead and operational costs.

Made-to-Order Parts and Components

Conventional methods of component fabrication often required numerous resources and entailed a production process that was both time and labor intensive. Ordering raw materials, machining parts on-site and putting the finishing touches on any components utilized during the production of end-line consumer goods typically involved a number of cost and logistical obstacles. For many businesses that have been unable to overcome production limitation, 3D printers that are able to produce finished metal goods and high-quality parts and components more quickly and for less overall cost promises to be a real game changer. Eliminating the delays and costs needed to machine parts or assemble production components will soon allow both new manufacturers and more established businesses to take advantage of an expanded range of options, choices and solutions.

Streamlined Production

Inefficient workflow processes can impede the overall efficiency of an organization. More convenient and affordable ways to fabricate the items and resources they need ensures that manufactures will be able to streamline their production process in order to boost output and optimize their profitability. 3D printers that are able to work with a wider range of materials and substances are likely to revolutionize many aspects of manufacturing within the near future. Businesses that will have the opportunity to print what they need rather than fabricating parts and components through conventional methods will be able to enjoy a number of key benefits.

Meet the Best Prostate Cancer Surgeon, Dr. David Samadi.

Dr. David Samadi is a celebrated surgeon in the United States. He is the Robotic Surgery’s chief and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi was born and raised in Iran, in the Persian Jewish community. However, in 1979, he and his younger brother were forced to leave their motherland due to the Iranian Revolution. They carried on with their studies in Belgium and London and later on to the United States where Samadi finished his high school education in New York. Samadi was lucky to secure a full scholarship at Stony Brook University from where he graduated with a degree in Biochemistry. In 1994, Samadi graduated from Stony Brook School of Medicine with an M.D. #Immediately after, Samadi went to Montefiore Medical Center for postgraduate urology training and at Albert Einstein Medicine College for proctology. He also went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for an oncology fellowship and then to France at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil for a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship under his mentor Professor Claude Abbou.

The SMART Technology.

Dr. Samadi is known for his outstanding expertise in the treatment of prostate cancer, bladder, and kidney cancer as well as urologic diseases. He has performed over 7000 prostate surgeries all over the world, making him be recognized as one of the best surgeons for prostate cancer.What makes Dr. Samadi a leading prostate surgeon in New York is his SMART surgery technique. This technique uses the Da Vinci surgical system which is the currently the best tool to be used for minimally invasive surgery. Due to the smaller incisions made to the patient during surgery using this technique, there limited or zero interference to the prostate nerves retaining the patient’s sexual function and bladder control. Using the SMART surgery technique and DaVinci, Dr. Samadi is able to perform about 15 surgeries weekly on prostate cancer.Dr. Samadi is a member and frequent contributions to Fox News Health TV since 2011. He features in a program which enlightens the audience on prostate cancer, oncoming technologies, and latest health news. He is also part of the Medical Team Anchor as the Medical Consultant.

Awards and Recognitions.

Dr. Samadi has received several awards and recognition from various bodies. The New York Magazine has named him the Best Doctor for four consecutive years that is from 2009 to 2012, and also in 2015. He was the 2013 and 2014 award winner of Castle Connolly Top Doctors and has been featured in America’s Top Doctors for Cancer from 2009 t0 1013.

A $500 Million IPO Is Planned for Dropbox

There have been many discussions among Wall Street experts over the past few months about the possibility of Dropbox going public. It would seem that day has finally come. The company that is headquartered in San Francisco has contacted the SEC and filed for a $500 million initial public offering. The company allows people to share data. However, it was launched as a free method that people could use in order to securely store various files like music and pictures. “DBX” will be the ticker symbol associated with the company when it finally appears on Nasdaq.

Dropbox experienced revenue of more than $1 billion last year. This was above industry estimates. There are currently more than 11 million people who pay Dropbox to store their files. More than half of these people reside outside the United States. The company has experienced very steady growth over the past few years. This is very good new considering that there are many other companies that offer a similar type of service. However, Dropbox has done a very good job of marketing itself as a cheaper alternative for data storage. This has helped them steal many customers away from their more expensive competitors.

There were many stock market analysts who thought that Dropbox should have filed for an IPO two years ago. However, company executives did not feel the time was right to make a move of that magnitude. It appears as if their patience is going to pay off in a very big way. The announcement was a surprise to many people on Wall Street. Dropbox did not give any advance warning about filing the IPO. There are several of the largest financial firms in the United States who will be underwriting the IPO. People in more than 180 countries use Dropbox on a regular basis.

How Self-Driving Vehicles Will Revolutionize Urban Design

The sweeping changes mad possible with self-driving vehicles may extend well beyond commercial application and the influence this technology is expected to have on the transportation industry. From the largest commercial trucks to the smallest passenger cars, having growing numbers of self-driving vehicles on the road will have a major impact on urban planning and city design. Having to rethink urban development from the ground up may be the only way developers and planners will be able to keep pace with autonomous vehicles.

Congestion, Traffic and Parking

Traffic patterns are expected to undergo a rapid evolution thanks to vehicles that drive themselves and those that are able to operate without the need for human occupants. Certain routes, roads and areas may see a steep rise in the total volume of vehicles and traffic while other locations may experience a sudden drop off. Removing human drivers from the equation can also eliminate many of the most common and significant causes of traffic congestion. Even dedicated parking areas and structures may no longer serve a useful purpose as self-driving vehicles that have been stored off-site can easily routed to pick up passengers regardless of their proximity or surroundings.

Other Advances in Transportation Technology

Autonomous vehicles are not the only emerging technology that may serve to reshape urban environments. Other transportation technologies, such as emission-less vehicles, next-generation public transit systems and even aerial delivery drones may all have a role to play in shaping the ways cities are designed and built. Overcoming the limitations of existing city layouts and making the necessary changes and infrastructure upgrades needed to maximize the potential benefits made possible with self-driving vehicles is an important undertaking. Widespread access to more efficient and convenient transportation solutions is expected to make a big impact on the way tomorrow’s cities and urban areas are designed.

Advantages of Automated Delivery Drones

The limitations of today’s transportation technology has created a number of obstacles that businesses may soon be able to surmount through use of drone-based delivery systems. Small and even mid-sized aerial vehicles that are able to transport payloads to their destinations without the need for a human pilot or operator can provide a seemingly endless range of benefits. From shorter delivery times to decreased operational costs, use of a fully-automated transport and delivery system will soon change the way that businesses and other organizations are able to operate.

Cost Advantages of Automated Delivery

From staffing costs to the maintenance needed to keep a fleet of conventional delivery vehicles operating in the field for any length of time, logistical expenses associated with existing delivery systems are often substantial. Smaller drones that are only dispatched at need and that can bypass ground-based obstacles with ease will be able to provide a far more cost-effective way to fill orders and make deliveries. New startups that would otherwise lack the resources needed to handle a delivery process and larger organizations interested in curbing operational costs would do well to learn more about automated delivery options and drone-based transport solutions.

Other Uses for Aerial Drones

When it comes to the many potential uses for autonomous drone-based transport, commercial delivery services are just the beginning. Drone-based solutions are ideal for optimizing the effectiveness of limited resources and drone delivery may soon be used to delivery defibrillators or other life-saving equipment to the scene of an accident or other emergency. Areas and regions that lack conventional infrastructure may also be able to utilize drone delivery in order to better service a rural or developing population. The sheer number of drone delivery systems that are already being developed and those that are beginning to see implementation and real-world use offer a valuable glimpse into the many ways that this technology may soon be utilized.

Best Campaign Tips From NGP Van: How to Save Time

Almost all American Democratic campaigns are powered by software from NGP Van. This includes the voter contract campaign for Obama. The fundraisers, organizers and strategies work in the advancement of important causes and inspire leaders including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama. NGP Van encompasses issues including climate change, education, reproductive rights and equality in the provision of technology to bring goals to life. NGP Van has shared their best tips to reduce stress for campaigns at the end of the quarter.

NGP Van recommends keeping some ideas for the future instead of sending so many emails the ideas run out. They advise sharing the number of people including email subscribers, volunteers and social media that have joined the campaign. This adds momentum to the campaign and makes the people feel like an important part of the process. A thermometer can be used to show how close the EOQ goal and benchmark are becoming. If the average contribution is below $35 ask supporters to chip in for the average amount. Once a donation has been made encourage the donor to share their story regarding their reasons for making the donation. NGP Van recommends sharing the most impactful stories through email.

NGP Van believes in getting the content approved and written in advance. Writing is time consuming and good preparation eliminates a lot of the stress. Once this is accomplished all that remains is sending subject line tests, coding emails, choosing the winner and reporting back. An end of the quarter master calendar will keep track of emails sent and approved as well as which ones require a follow up. This is extremely helpful when multiple clients are being juggled and saves time. Every campaign deserves a celebration for doing a good job. A bonding activity such as a pizza party, potluck for lunch or laser tag works very well. Both the department and team have numerous options to celebrate their success. NGP Van understands everyone needs something to look forward to while working that final stretch. This is also a good time to discuss which tactics were effective and which ones were not.

NGP VAN is located in Washington DC and specializes in online voter and volunteer management, campaign analysis, and political fundraising.

Follow them on Twitter for more helpful tips in organizing and improving upcoming campaigns.

Dr. Saad Saad and Innovative Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. SaadSaad is a physician that specializes in performing surgery in Eatontown, NJ. He performs thoracic, cardiac, colon and rectal surgery as well as general surgery. He has expertise in obstetrics, gynecological, neurological, ophthalmic, oral and maxillofacial surgery. He also performs orthopedic, otolaryngologic, pediatric, urological and vascular surgery. He attended the Cairo University School of Medicine where he received his MD, and he completed his residency at UMDNJ-University Hospital in General Surgery.


Additionally, Dr. SaadSaad has been a surgeon for over 20 years and is affiliated with Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. He is board certified and has received certifications from the American Board of Surgery for pediatric surgery. He has received his NJ state medical license and the IA state medical license. He has won the AAP Fellow and ACS Fellow awards and written medical publications about groin laparoscopy and neuroblastoma. In his publication about groin laparoscopy, he discusses the utilization of a trans hernia multiple channel scope for improving pediatric inguinal hernia surgeries. The publication about neuroblastoma explains the clear cell sarcoma of the gastrointestinal tract in infants.


During Dr. SaadSaad’s most recent interview, he discussed the lessons he learned throughout life and his career as a physician. He was born in Palestine and lost his home in the 1940s due to forced relocation. The State of Israel was being formed, and Palestinians had to involuntarily move to the West Bank. Fortunately, he moved to Kuwait with his family in the 1950s where his father instilled the importance of receiving an education in him. The desire to become a pediatric surgeon came about after he had a heat stroke from working outside at a work site. He immigrated to the United States in the 1960s where he pursued his dream of becoming a doctor and worked hard for his achievements. He believes that his childhood experiences gave him the passion to succeed as a physician.


When he began practicing medicine, he decided to improve the quality of surgery. He discovered methods that would decrease pain for patients and minimize recovery times. He invented a procedure that lowered the number of incisions during surgery and implemented it over 2,000 times. He is a firm believer in improving and increasing the livelihoods of children. He believes in making a difference in his field of practice and not just following what he learned in medical school.


Recently, Dr. SaadSaad retired after a 47-year career and is proud of his success. He contributes his determination to the lessons his father taught him as a child. He learned the importance of perseverance at a young age and it changed his life. Learn more:

Amazon Will Open Additional Stores Without Cashiers

Amazon has been dominating the online retail industry for a very long time. The company has used their money to get into other industries. For example, they purchased the Whole Foods Market chain of grocery stores. Amazon is currently trying to revolutionize the convenience store industry. They have already opened one Amazon Go store in Seattle. The unique aspect that separates Amazon Go stores from other convenience stores is the fact that there are no cashiers. Customers download an app and scan a bar code on their phone. This opens a turnstile that allows them into the store. A running tally is kept as he or she places each item into their cart. They are charged when they leave the store.

This type of store is appealing to customers because there is no need for customers to wait in line. There is also no need to carry cash or a credit card when you shop at a store like this. The one Amazon Go store in Seattle has been a success so far. This is why Amazon is already planning to open six additional Amazon Go stores in Los Angeles and Seattle. However, the exact locations of these stores have not yet been revealed by the company.

Amazon has not released a time frame regarding when the six new stores will open. There has also been no word about the size of each store. The company released a statement saying additional info on each of the new stores will be released within the next months. There are rumors that the new location will be larger than the original store. This has led to speculation that a larger selection of items will also be available. However, that it purely speculation at this point. Amazon said that more stores will open later this year.

Changes in the Mobile Industry

There are currently changes in the mobile industry. While smartphones are selling as much as ever, there is another form of technology that is starting to take off. This is the virtual reality technology. The interesting thing is that this is one of the most anticipated forms of technology in that it has been showcased in sci-fi productions. It has also been one of the most talked about forms of technology. Now, it has finally been unveiled to the public, and people are taking advantage of all of the fun they can have with the products as they try the games in virtual reality simulators.

However, there is one company that is looking to merge the mobile phone and virtual reality sections in order to be more efficient. This company is HTC. HTC has been struggling and is actually laying off a lot of people and preparing what could be its last flagship. One thing that can be said about HTC is that it is a good mobile phone company. The only thing is that the mobile industry is saturated and dominated by Samsung, Google, Apple, and LG. Fortunately, there is always going to be hope for HTC to move with its next project.

One of the best things to happen for HTC is that the smartphone division has been acquired by Google. Therefore, HTC is going to receive the Google touch and come up with some better selling phones. One of the best things about Google is that it is one of the more marketable company. With all of the expert marketing, there are going to be phones that are going to sell better than the last.