A Look at How People Use Facebook

There is a fascinating article on the TechCrunch website where the author, Josh Constine, looks at how people use Facebook. Essentially, the article examines whether Facebook is bringing people closer, isolating us or both. Facebook itself seems to recognize that many people overuse their product and are now offering an app that can block areas of the site for 30 days if the user feels they need a break. Additionally, it will be sponsoring a conference where academics and other experts look at the possible negative effects of social media on society.

The author notes that people tend to use Facebook too much when their wills are weak often late at night. This is certainly true for me, and it was interesting to learn that others have the same problem. The author compares overusing Facebook to eating too much fast food, and this is an excellent analogy. Also, he mentions that one of the biggest regret users have after abusing Facebook is the time they lost. In fact, studies show that Facebook users are on the site an average of an hour a day.

On the other hand, Facebook brings us closer by connecting us with long-ago classmates, distant family members, fellow obscure hobby enthusiasts and more. Basically, the author distinguishes between good and bad Facebook use, and the article isn’t simply a condemnation of the technology. After reading this article, I came to the conclusion that Facebook is like most technologies – it’s good or bad depending on how it’s used.

Mark Zuckerberg himself has said that it’s better when people actively use Facebook to connect with friends and family than passively consume items that are routed to them by the site algorithm. Also, many experts have talked about how people who use Facebook may come to see their lives and themselves as inadequate because they are constantly bombarded with images of success and glamour from those they follow.

Cofounders of FrontPage Confidential Shatters Joe’s Evil Plans

Recently, after a longstanding feud with the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, the cofounders of FrontPage Confidential, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey, took to the media to discuss their severe disdain with the President of the United States’ decision to pardon the controversial figure.

The feud between Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey began almost immediately after the former sheriff was elected to office in 1992 due to the fact that their publication, particularly the New Times, made an effort to expose his questionable and discriminatory practices.

The situation between the former sheriff and the newspapermen reached a boiling point ten years ago when Joe Arpaio decided to the duo arrested at their homes. The arrest was alleged to be made because the New Times published information regarding an ongoing situation regarding a grand jury.

In making the arrest, Joe Arpaio not only violated the constitutional rights of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, he also further sullied his already diminishing reputation as a servant of the people.

During the time of the arrest, Jim Larkin operated as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, while Michael Lacey played the role of executive editor of the Village Voice Media; their flagship newspaper chain. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey exposed the fact that the grand jury was investigating them at the time. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://james-larkin.com/about/

In a story by Stephon Lemons, a product of FrontPage Confidential decided to revisit the situation in the wake of the recent pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, where he discussed the former sheriff’s long history of unscrupulous practices. In the recap, which discussed the many years of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department’s misdeeds, he highlighted the highly publicized “tent city,” as well as his history of discriminating against Latino Americans.

Under the former sheriff’s watch, the jail, which had been deemed “tent city” by the public, resembled that of a concentration camp. Joe Arpaio’s issues with minorities eventually led to Melendres v. Arpaio, which played a major role in the former sheriff’s failure to be reelected.

At the end of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s bout with Joe Arpaio, the duo was victorious, winning a settlement of $3.75 million. The legendary duo of newspapermen would go on to found the Frontera Fund which takes aim at the prejudices experienced by Latino Americans, helping to support groups in the community that fight against racism, and for human rights.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey founded their company in 1970, along with two other students, during a time when Lacey had decided to drop out and focus on his dream. After publishing their inaugural issue that year, the duo would go on to build an empire.

In 1983, they acquired a local news-and-arts weekly publication, along with 17 other nationwide print publications, including LA Weekly, and their flagship, Village Voice. In 2014, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sold their stakes in the company to a group of executives with a longstanding history in the company. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Daring Makeup Line Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is the authentic maker of a vegan makeup line. The vegan concept advises that the products are created without having been tested on animals. This vegan approach proved to be an impediment in expanding the market to China. One of China’s requirements to market products wholesale is that they must have been tested on animals. This requirement of course is to ensure the consumers safety. China’s trust in America is acknowledged by the acceptance of wholesale shipments when received directly from America to China, are considered as having met this requirement.

In dealing with the present challenges of marketing to China, Lime Crime became aware of the fact that one of their products (lip topper) had been counterfeited in China and was presently being sold in large quantities (over a million units). This fact called for an immediate remedy in finding the most efficient way to tackle all of the barriers Lime Crime was facing. Not only did they need to be successful in marketing to China, they also needed to make sure that consumers knew that Lime Crime was the authentic distributor of its product line.

Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform based in Los Angeles California, which was expanding into beauty products became the answer to Lime Crimes marketing challenges in China and additionally would serve as a push back on would be counterfeiters. This resolve with Revolve was the answer to the complexities faced with the logistics of transportation, the managing of questionable who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s? As well as the handling of returns internationally and meeting customer assistance needs from a foreign language perspective.

The coming together of this partnership was readily embraced by both Revolve and LimeCrime. For Revolve it was an easy transition in bringing Lime Crime aboard as Lime Crime is its own company and would be a great addition to Revolves expansion into a beauty segment. It’s a win, win not only for these two companies coming together and expanding into China’s market. It is also a win for all of Lime Crimes consumers assuring receipt of authentic products.

How Companies The Education Technology Sector Seek To Help Students Learn

The education technology sector has been surging in 2017 after a down year in 2016. According to one source, Pitchbook, this sector of the economy earned $1.4 billion in 2017. The most this sector ever earned was in 2015 when it brought in $1.5 billion. Some look at education technology cautiously, though, as it’s likely that the federal government will cut what it spends on education in the 2018 budget.

Some companies that offer something special are expected to still do well, though. This includes Nearpod which is an adaptive learning company. Another one is Classcraft which makes going to school a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons. The companies in this sector that will survive and thrive are those that make getting an education a fun experience. One company that is nailing this idea is ClassDojo.

ClassDojo doesn’t just make getting an education fun but it also solves a problem that educators have, something that is vital in any enterprise. It is used to create a community that includes the daily interactions of teachers, parents, and students. They can easily communicate with one another through the app which is much better than the old-fashioned way of a couple of parent-teacher conferences a year.

Through the ClassDojo app teachers can keep parents informed about what is going on in the classroom and their child in particular. In return parents can ask questions of the teacher. The student benefits because the app is used to create a positive environment where their parents and teacher are working together to make sure the student receives a high-quality education.

ClassDojo is now used in 2 in 3 schools across America. It is also used internationally since it has been translated into many languages. The company itself is based in San Francisco and it was started by two entrepreneurs in the technology industry who wanted to find a way to make creating a community in schools easier. They brought in a number of people in the education industry so that together they could figure out how to best educate children.

How George Secker Helped The People Of The Philippines

Nonito Donaire, Jr. is a Filipino and former world boxing champion. He says that it is important for athletes to be socially conscious and to speak up about issues that affect the less fortunate. One of his friends alerted him that the George Secker Foundation was building houses to help those who had lost their own due to typhoons hitting the Philippines. He got in touch with George Secker and as a result he and his wife were present when the George Secker Foundation handed over a bunch of homes in Iloilo.

The George Secker Foundation built homes for people in three cities; Iloilo, Capinahan, and Lemery. There were over 100 homes that were built and given away to victims of typhoons. Back when his career had started, Nonito Donaire, Jr. says that he had given P1 million to build homes for people who had been affected by typhoon Ondoy. He was gratified to once again be a part of this noble effort to help low-income families.

The George Secker Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that Englishman Greg Secker established in 2010. His goal is to improve the lives of people the world over, especially children. He has given money to a wide variety of nonprofits such as the Tusk and Child Bereavement Trust, The Christmas Basket Brigade, Early Childhood Development Program, Flying Trader Project, and others as well. George Secker also joined up with Sir Richard Branson on a joint effort to build a crèche in a South African village that had lost their existing one.

After earning millions by trading stocks and currencies, Greg Secker launched Learn to Trade in 2003. He teaches others his methods of making money in a two-day course. He also created a software platform for people to use to make real-time trades online and sells it through his company SmartCharts Software.

Greg Secker is also a published author. He has contributed to books such as The Book of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success. He has also written a number of books on his own such as Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way To Success.

Susan McGalla Gives Advice To Women In Business

Entrepreneur and successful businesswoman Susan McGalla says the problem with more women not getting chances in the boardroom is more about lack of sponsorship than credentials.

McGalla, one of the most successful businesswomen ever, advises corporations to hire more women. “There is proof that companies that have a more gender-diverse environment are 15% more successful.

McGalla says her upbringing had a lot to do with her success in the boardroom. Born into a family with two older brothers and a father, who was a coach taught her a great deal about work ethic. She was always told that she would have to work hard to be successful. She used what she learned from home to cultivate relationships with all people.

After graduating from Union College, she worked for Joseph Horne Co. as in management and marketing. Her greatest opportunity came about when she was hired by American Eagle Outfitters. She worked in various positions before landing the CEO job.

While the board room was predominately male, McGalla did a great job helping the company reach record sales.

After her work was done at American Eagle Outfitters she moved on to Wet Seal. It was during this time when she had an epiphany to strike out on her own.

McGalla’s P3 Executive Consulting mentors a number of companies and provides expert advice to retail corporations. She is also Strategic Marketing Developer for the Pitssburgh Steelers organization.

McGalla says pursuing other opportunities is not out of the question. Right now she is happy doing what she enjoys. She says women who want to find lasting success in business should follow her path.

She says you have to know your worth. Be prepared to work hard and be willing to help other women.

Betsy Devos – on topic article



Betsy DeVos comes to the world of education with no classroom time but plenty of heart. As a mother of four children, she has carefully studied educational challenges and failures in the state of Michigan and fought tirelessly to offer vouchers and other financial programs to allow parents of children in failing schools to find a better option.



Blurring the Lines


DeVos’ dedication to funding and vouchers for excellent educational opportunities has led her to focus on Christian schools such as Potter’s House in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both Betsy and her husband Dick have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to and spent several hours volunteering for Potter’s House.


Unfortunately, this focus on Christian schooling programs is distressing to many in government due to the blurring of the line of separation of church and state. Educators are extremely concerned about poor or non-existent science standards in schools that consider the Bible to be an historical or scientific text.



Insulated or Inept?


Mrs. DeVos’ lack of any experience as a classroom teacher or public school administrator has led some to question her capabilities as the Secretary of Education of the United States. While it’s true that her work on behalf of Potter’s House has been helpful and quite generous, this school is a single example in a small, close-knit community. Learn more: http://www.betsydevos.com/


The challenges facing public schools across the state of Michigan are for more diverse than a school voucher or a donation can repair. The destruction of families and community in the city of Detroit, for example, has taken decades to complete. The loss of manufacturing jobs and “white flight” as well as high incarceration rates for men of color has done more damage to family and community structures in Detroit than school voucher programs can repair.


While the contribution of the DeVos family to Potter’s House is admirable, it must be noted that this is one school in one small city. It should also be pointed out that the expertise of the super wealthy in matters of policy is most unhelpful; privileged folks are well-insulated against the ugliness of the world.



Teachers As Targets


A sad result of the push for school choice and, more importantly, the push against teachers unions has led to a vilification of classroom teachers from the top of the government down. The appointment of a woman with no classroom or administrative experience indicates to many teachers in the public schools that their education, training and dedication are invalid.

Mike Baur: Providing Training And Resources To Help Swiss Start-Ups

Successful, experienced, financial services professional and entrepreneur Mike Baur is determined to help as many Swiss start-ups as possible to fulfill their potential and bolster the Swiss economy well into the future. After spending 20 years in the Swiss financial services and banking industries, Baur worked with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer to co-found Swiss Startup Factory, an innovative new business incubator, to help young Swiss entrepreneurs. With Baur drawing on his background in banking to help with fundraising and financing, SSF has quickly become Switzerland’s top private new business accelerator.


In Switzerland, Mike Baur’s story is well known. He started his career in banking with UBS as an apprentice in commercial services. A few years later he was hired by the famed Swiss bank Clariden Leu. With a seemingly innate understanding of financial management, Mike Baur earned a series of promotions and by the time he was 39 years old he was on a very large Swiss bank’s directorial board. In 2014, he decided to retire and focus on investing. His two decades in financial services had given him unique insights into what to look for to identify companies with the potential to do well.


But Mike Baur soon realized that the staff at many viable start-ups lacked the training, resources and financial acumen to take their enterprise to the top. Baur decided he would help. He collaborated with Walzer and Meister and designed an innovative, comprehensive, three-month program that could provide new Swiss start-ups with the preparation, resources and support necessary to turn their business dreams into a reality. SSF customizes a service package designed for each start-ups’ unique needs.


Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory provides access to finance and accounting support, IT help, business development, leadership and management training, teaches about market analysis, product optimization, pertinent laws and taxes, branding, marketing strategy and more and connects the start-ups to industry experts, mentors and a global network of entrepreneurs and investors.


In addition to his work with Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur also helps Swiss entrepreneurs through his work with the University of St Gallen’s START Summiteer, Innovation Lab Fribourg, Swiss Startup Invest, the Swiss Startup Group AG, the Swiss Startup Association and through his collaboration with Fintech Fusion, CTI Invest and the Goldback Group. Mike Baur is on a mission to make it easier for countless entrepreneurs in Switzerland with innovative business ideas to have success.


White Shark Media Online Reviews Highlight Their Unique Approach to Optimized Advertising

White Shark Media is an agency that is capable of optimizing the performance of any existing online advertising campaign as well as creating new campaigns to help increase traffic, visibility and sales. The numerous testimonials found on this company’s website, indicate the type of high quality service the team at White Shark provides to its clients. This can also be seen in several online reviews, which often highlight the process this team uses to ensure their client’s campaigns deliver positive results. This process begins with the careful selection of where to advertise to obtain the best results.

The process of Internet advertising provided by White Shark Media includes the ability to pump up the results from any PPC campaign. This is accomplished through the use of site tracking software, which allows the team at White Shark to see the feeds connected with all aspects of a site including those related to sales and revenue. As a premier member of Google AdWords, White Shark Media utilizes their ability to draw information from feeds related directly to sales to help increase a client’s profit margin. Their feed tracking process is often combined with SEO analysis to ensure the continued success of a campaign.

The online reviews for White Shark Media often delve into their process of search engine optimization. This process could be accomplished using a variety of methods, including recreating the html code to increase a website’s visibility. The first step in the process of optimization is performed through an analytical assessment of a site’s content. This allows the experts at White Shark Media to create key words and phrases that will produce the best results when entered into search fields. They could also create optimized content for the site itself, which would be monitored and updated to help deliver continued results.

Dick Devos – recap article

Grand Rapids was all set for a multi-purpose sports and convention arena north of downtown in 1991. However, when Dick DeVos heard of the plan, he believed that there was something else that could be done for the city.


He had dealt with this type of sports complex construction before and had seen the issues caused by the Lions and Pistons leaving the city in the 1970s. At the time, the construction of the Pontiac Silverdome had caused a strain on the city’s finances. There were many reasons why DeVos could not allow what happened to occur in Grand Rapids.


DeVos had said at the time, “Their lesson was not lost on me.” He was the CEO of Amway starting from 1993 all the way up to 2002.


As Betsy DeVos rose to fame for her education reform in 2017, Dick DeVos has also been tapped for FAAS. He gave a speech at the 30th annual dinner of the Economic Club of Grand Rapids at DeVos Place in June 2017. Now he seems to be headed to Washington to work with his wife Betsy DeVos, who is the US Education Secretary.


He has been appointed to the top civilian panel of the Federal Aviation Administration, and he is one of 7 members appointed by the US Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.


This is another notch for DeVos as he has long been a pilot and Amway company man. He has been no stranger to wooing others to help Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan, where he lives. He even called up the CEO of AirTran Airways to help improve the Grand Rapids airport.


AirTran began service in Grand Rapids, and then carrier was purchased by Southwest, another airline which DeVos had been asked to bring to his hometown’s airport. He eventually convinced Southwest to to add direct flights to Denver, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Orlando. The success created $45 million in upgrades to the airport that will be completed in 2018.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is also responsible for sending over $187 million to various arts and culture organizations, as well as supporting education facilities and community programs. Betsy DeVos also has created tax-funded vouchers for kids to be able to go to private schools, and there has been increased focus on what DeVos will do now that his wife has transformed the education system in America.


If we can learn anything from Dick’s track record, it’s that he will continue to support the growth and businesses of Grand Rapids. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/DickDeVosII