Rocketship Education, What It Means to Low-Income Areas, and What Preston Smith, Its CEO, has Learned

Public education is immeasurably important for the personal development of people on an individual basis, for societies’ social capabilities at large, and for the betterment of the entire world. As many people have heard – and it’s true – the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, particularly in the United States.

Places that are economically disadvantaged are especially subject to poor education, in turn creating a poverty trap that keeps many in poverty on a generational scale. Rocketship Education has vowed to change this, effectively doing so for thousands of students hailing from low-income, poor areas each and every year. With more than a handful of schools across the United States, tallying in at eighteen from Washington DC to California to Tennessee and back, with all of them being fixated in poor places, disadvantaged young people are getting help in advancing their fresh, influenceable lives. CEO and co-founder Preston Smith has been alongside his creation in Rocketship Education since its inception longer than a decade ago. Below are a few things Mr. Smith has learned throughout his years with the nonprofit network of public charter schools.

Seeing as Rocketship Education only teaches students through the fifth grade, they must turn to other schools following graduation. In order for low-income families to obtain quality educations for their children, with their common inability to not be able to afford private school, parents must push nearby schools to boost what they offer. This means parents should be willing to move their kids around to better, more promising schools, even if it’s not convenient.

Teachers are compensated better at Rocketship Education than the vast majority of public schools in low-income areas. As such, admins are able to find teachers that better meet their needs. The overarching quality Rocketship Education looks for is pliability in teachers’ instructional methods. This means looking for teachers that share this trait, rather than those with years upon years of experience.

Kids with special needs are never kept in special education-only classrooms for more than 20% of their time at school, helping build their own, other students’, and teachers’ prospects.

Dick Devos And His Wife’s Recent Passionate Advocacies

I learned recently that Betsy Devos helps not only the political system but also numerous organizations. I have never felt in so uplifting a degree the passion of a leader since I learned this fact about Betsy.


Also, I also learned about this from the article in Philanthropy Roundtable about Betsy Devos, who did a lot of charity work for various organizations. In the article, a feature revealed that the Betsy Devos, along with her husband, always seek innovative solutions both for the social problems they solve and for the charity organizations they support.


It is this passion for quality social platforms that led Betsy to establish the WIndset Group, which is a private company that holds a lot of multi-company operations across diverse fields, including technology, manufacturing, and clean energy. The firm she founded with her husband got launched in 1989.


About Dick Devos


I have high respect for Dick Devos, and it’s not hard to see why. He has achieved a lot, and one of those is being able to launch, maintain, grow and thrive in the challenges amid the operations of the company he founded, which is the Windquest Group.


Being the current president of Windquest means a lot to the success of the endeavors of Dick Devos in his career. Since being born on October 21, 1995, Dick has been able to provide a lot of value to all the endeavors and organizations that he supports. Some of the roles that he played contributed to a lot of the growth in several companies. These companies include the Willow Creek Association, where he held the Vice Chairman position, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy where he held the Founder and Chairman role.


Dick Devos was also the President and CEO of Orlando Magic in 1991 to 1993 and also became the Vice President of Amway Corporation in 1984 to 1990.


I think all of these successes say one thing: Dick Devos would never have come to the success he experiences right now without the support of his wife, family, and friends and without the talents and dedication he has for his work.


Dick Devos leadership also spanned across broad aspects of industries and continents. With Amway International alone reaching domestic sales of extreme heights since the company’s history, it is not hard to see how Dick’s skills can accommodate an international reach and approach.


I think Dick Devos would rather spend his time with his family, but with the skills that he has, the global economy should not allow that too much because the business world needs him.


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Doe Deere – The Lime Crime Founder and Her Mission to Empower Women Through Makeup

The Guest of a Guest interviewed Doe Deere also known as the Queen of Unicorns, owner of the Lime Crime brand in the beauty industry. She said that she was born and raised in Russia. Deere migrated to the U.S. when she was a-17-year-old girl. Her favorite years were in both Russia and NYC. She’s currently living in LA. She’s always been imaginative as well as ambitious in that sense. However, she doesn’t think, especially as a kid, you always dream about big things. And she thinks the biggest that she dreamt was most probably becoming a musician, which is what she did when she moved to NY.

Being a musician helped Deere to learn things like career and marketing plus taught her to appreciate when people came out to her events. She started with a dream of becoming a musician but ended up in makeup. She loves the choice she made; she has always been a little entrepreneurial. Deere had her first business when she was still a 13-year-old girl in Russia; she was selling temporary tattoos which was a novelty during that time, she had fun doing the business. She discovered them and then she made them popular by wearing them and emphasizing that it was fine having a temporary tattoo on your body and she sold them to her classmates.

She lived in NYC from 1998 to 2012. She lived for a short time in Manhattan, and then she stayed for nine years in the borough of NYC, Manhattan. During this period, she was in a band. That is how she met her husband; they were in the same band, and they learned how to collaborate at the beginning as they were both songwriters plus promoting the band was the origin of it all. So, they learned how to work together.

She said that she thinks that makeup gives her, and she would like to hope that other women who purchase Lime Crime, her product, the freedom to be herself. The freedom of expressing their selves without any fear of judgment. She also comes from a fashion background, she went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY, and she majored in fashion design. Therefore, to her makeup and fashion usually go hand-in-hand as well as hair for that matter. They express themselves by what they are putting on their bodies, what they put on their face, plus how they do their hair.

Deere launched Lime Crime in the year 2008. As someone who began small and ended up achieving success on her terms, she’s known to be a passionate supporter of the entrepreneurship as well as businesses of other women. Deere is constantly speaking on the topic of finding your voice plus following your dream at the public events like the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. She loves mentoring other females who are aspiring business people, plus she always welcomes themto feel free to contact her whenever they need her advice through her social media account, Instagram. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein, business lawyer and chairman

Many companies have recently stopped allowing employees stock options. There are numerous reasons for such a drastic difference, but feared monetary loss on the part of the firm is among the top. Regardless, the on-paper wages are preferred by countless employees, who view the stocks as an easily understood benefit as well as something of a bonus if the company’s share value rises.


In an effort to avoid added taxes for the business, a strategy called a “knockout”, the legal aspects best explained by attorney Jeremy Goldstein, can be used as a solution. Goldstein has over 15 years experience as a business lawyer, and founded his own law firm in New York.


A type of “knockout” is called an down-and-out option, which gives the holder the ability to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price if the underlying asset’s price didn’t drop below a certain barrier during the option’s life.


While knockout options aren’t the solution to every issue, they work past the largest blockages that form when utilizing the stock-based compensation.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, which is a law firm. He has earned many degrees; they are from the New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. Goldstein has also been involved in almost countless amounts of large corporate transactions.


Jeremy Goldstein holds the position of chair for the subcommittee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He is also known as one of the top executive compensation lawyers. Goldstein is a board member for Fountain House as well, which is an organization that is focused on the recovery of people with mental illness.


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How Lori Senecal Expands Horizons In Advertising

If there is one thing that Lori Senecal does well, it is to expand. She expands her company, and horizons for people that are interested in breaking into advertising or using it for their company. There are many different ways she manages to expand horizons. One of the ways Senecal does that is by sharing ideas and insights that can help business owners and entrepreneurs. According to Bloomberg, one of the most important factors in the success of a business is in advertising. Therefore, it is important for business owners and entrepreneurs to be aware of all of the methods that are involved in advertising.

For people that are interested in running their own successful business, there are plenty of methods that are worth looking into for marketing and advertising. According to Advertising Week, among the methods for advertising are television, newspaper, magazines, email, social media, search engine marketing and plenty of other methods. Within these methods are even more subcategories which really bring forth a huge world of possibilities for business owners and marketers to consider when it comes to advertising. The only thing that needs to be done is find out which methods are going to work the best for the company. It is very important for business owners to put their best foot forward.

Lori Senecal writes about the many different methods and messages to send with advertising. Among the suggestions she has is to implement social media into the campaigns. Another thing she suggests is to use moods to reach the audience. After all, marketing and sales work best when it deals with the emotions of the audience. The person has to feel as if their lives would be improved with the product and that without the product, their lives would be incomplete in some way. Lori has shown that she has a lot of knowledge on advertising and people.


Lifeline Screening Offers The Best Preventative Care Screenings Available

Any type of healthcare procedure can be nerve racking and overwhelming. The medical professionals at Lifeline Screening are dedicated to helping you maintain your overall health and ensure that preventative measures are taken. The screenings are dedicated to identify issues that are happening as well as prevent them from happening. They offer many different types of procedures that can help screen for certain diseases such as aneurysms, artery diseases, ankle-brachial screenings and bone mineral density screenings. They also offer finger-stick blood screenings that can detect heart disease and diabetes. They also offer EKG’s to detect atrial fibrillation.

Prior to the procedures, the experienced medical staff will provide education on how you should prepare for each procedure. It really depends on the procedure that you’re having which determines how you should prepare. If you’re having testing done that requires the use of ultrasound machines, you will want to make sure that you wear loose clothing that includes a comfortable two-piece outfit. They recommend not wearing pantyhose, watches, no use of cell phones and no lotions/oils. The blood draw procedure requires fasting for at least 4 hours prior to your screening. The meal that you eat prior to your screening should be 1/2 of what you normally would eat. You are allowed to take your medication as prescribed and if you have diabetes, you can eat a diabetic meal that consists of toast any kind of juice or coffee. Some of their screenings do not require you to do anything but just show up. The professionals will ensure that you receive the proper instructions needed in order to complete a successful screening.

The benefits are endless when you make the decision to get a Lifeline Screening. They can detect many health issues or even health issues that may arise, so you can take advantage of the results and make the necessary changes to stay healthy. They work in conjunction with experts to ensure that each patient requires the best possible education and care plan available after their screening, so they can follow-up with their primary care physician.

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Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams and make them a reality, that is what Lime Crime makeup owner Doe Deere did. By following a path of simple steps she achieved her hearts desire, owning her own trend setting, successful makeup brand. With hard work and attention to detail Doe Deere set out to make her mark with simple but effective business tips. Learn more:

Her first tip is to use and expand your personal skill set. Deere explains that by knowing what your skills are, and learning to improve them, is the basis of every successful business. You can not begin a business you have no natural talent for or grow it without expanding on those talents. Learning to adapt to each situation is key to building a personal business or brand.

Deere’s second tip is to tackle problems head on. As with everything in life, problems will arise, especially when starting a new business. Doe Deere recommends breaking down each problem into individually manageable pieces to avoid being overwhelmed.

Learn from others is Deere’s third tip. Everyone knows to look to their superiors or teachers to learn skills from but Deere also recommends looking to your peers as well as your employees for points of view you may have missed. Anyone can be a potential source for inspiration, don’t overlook the wealth of knowledge around you.

Tip number four is, don’t be afraid to take risks. When the inevitable problems arise, do not forget to a take calculated risks when managing the pieces. Risks are scary but often rewarding in many different ways. Deere recommends taking well thought out and planned risks; do not be blinded by fear of failure but do not take risks without researching and planning first.

Deere’s venture into entrepreneurship started as they all do, taking one step after the other. Lime Crime started as a dream but grew to a trend setting, must have, makeup brand all because Doe Deere followed her simple but meaningful advice: use and expand on your skill set, tackle problems head on, learn from others, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Beginning a business adventure with these tips in mind will save new entrepreneurs a lot of headache and possible heartache too.

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End Citizens Approach To Driving Excess Money In Politics

Democrats’ Russia Strategy: Organize Protests and Avoid Impeachment Talk

The Democratic lawmakers are advised to invoke an impeachment for Trump through progressive activists. The activist advocates for a special counsel investigation of the party’s messaging due to suspicion of Trump’s Russia ties. The push is believed to come from funded groups such as the End Citizen United,, America Bridge, and Stand up America. The major objective of these groups is to assist the lawmakers to steer US politics based on issues. The federal probe of the conceivable collusion between Trump campaign and Russia does not only pose risks to the Trump’s presidency but also to the Democrats in case they capitalize on the probe.

Nonetheless, the impeachment efforts have only been left to a few Democratic members such as Rep. Brad Sherman of California. The messaging strategy is being considered as part of efforts aimed at investigating Russia’s rigging claim as they wait for the lawmakers to return from summer. Their return will be consequential as they will decide whether to allow Robert Mueller to conduct his investigation while preparing for the worst since he could be fired.

However, progressive activists defend Mueller from being fired by the president by running paid advertisement targeting the Vulnerable House Republicans. Besides, liberal activists are continually triggering rallies in most U.S states through an “emergency rapid response.” The response includes a search tool that will direct citizens where and when to protest if Mueller gets fired. Currently, the rapid response effort functions in 180 locations throughout the United States. Besides, it has a telephone campaign that will alert individuals in congressional districts about the contingency plan. The emergency plan will evoke anxiety if Trump fires Mueller as he did to James Comey who run the case previously.

End Citizens United Raises $4 Million to Support the Election of Campaign-Finance Champions to Congress

End Citizens United focuses on driving excess or big money out of politics by raising campaign fund on its own. Statistics show that End Citizens United has raised over four million US dollars in the first three months of 2017. However, the group projects to raise about $35 million before the 2018 mid-term elections for the Congress. End Citizens United looks forward to supporting the election of campaign finance champions to the Congress. In fact, it intends to generate as much money as possible to endorse as many candidates into Congress as possible. As a result, End Citizens United has built more ties with the campaign-finance groups. It teams up with several other campaign groups to convince the Republican senators to recuse from voting in individuals who injects excess money in politics. End Citizen United has been influential in the US politics.

Talk Fusion: The Awards Mean A Lot

The first rule in business is you have to believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it. As far as Talk Fusion is concerned, they believe in what they are doing because they know it is important work and they know it is work that makes a difference in the well being of people’s lives. It is not just any old job they are doing as a video communications company. Yes, it pays them, but that is not the sole purpose behind it. They are also doing it to make an impact on people’s lives. That quote comes straight from Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He founded the company back in 2007 right when the tech world was starting to blossom and bloom.


Now, they are looking back on 2016 and the awards they received. Keep in mind; they are doing this for the customers and to give them the chance to use all of their video features to better themselves. With their video newsletters, they can keep people informed on what is happening with their company. By doing it in a video format, they reach a whole lot of people with one video. Instead of having to send out multiple videos, they reach everyone at once. With video emails, they can add a personal touch and keep in fun.


Going back to the awards, one of the awards they received from the Technology Marketing Corporation was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award ( This was their second award from this company. It means that what they are doing is something of quality and something of value. It is not just a regular company. It proves what they are doing out there is special and it means something. It matters to people.


Talk Fusion has it figured out and it makes them very happy to get recognized by people in the industry and also people that use the product. They love the attention to detail which is shown by the IT team as they really get every little thing right.


Who is Eric Pulier? A Life of Innovation and Humble Beginnings

Eric Pulier was born a regular boy. He was not born into any sort of financial wellness, and lived a very typical childhood. Though he was born into a normal environment, he was not born normal. Eric Pulier has been an innovator, and placed himself on the road of entrepreneurship, at an early age. In the fourth grade he was programming PCs and in high school he started his own company of computer data bases. During these times, he worked odd jobs in his humble home town of New Jersey. He entered Harvard in 1984 and graduated with great honors four years later. In 1991 he became the founder of PDT, People Doing Things, a company that uses technology to help issues in education, health care, among others. Eric is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in presidency affairs, creating and executing the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997. Some of his other companies include Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform. Aside from building companies, he is also involved in helping others do the same, by aiding them in raising capital.


As far as education goes, Eric Pulier has the bragging rights that anyone would want to have, being a summa cum laude graduate from Harvard University. He spent his elementary, middle, and high school years in New Jersey, then, after graduating high school, headed off to Harvard. At Harvard, Eric studied literature and science, and graduated in the year 1988. Like many serial entrepreneurs, Eric Pulier does not stop learning, and one of his best book recommendations is “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think” by Peter Diamandis. He stresses the fact that technology and innovation is the only factor that keeps humanity moving towards a better future and this is what Eric believes in one hundred percent.

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Personal Life

Eric Pulier is a father of four. With four children to take care of, he uses his mornings to read and prepare for the day in serenity and free of distractions. Like many successful entrepreneurs and business owners, Eric uses a regular schedule and tries really hard to stay within the allotted time to each task. He carries a pen and notebook to be ready whenever a new idea pops into his head. This is something that the author Napoleon Hill mentions in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. A personal trait that has made him a success is his ability to take time to think a problem thoroughly. He then spends time writing the solution to it.


Eric understands that the life of an entrepreneur is that of solving problems, efficiently. He’s always been passionate about technology and its ability to help millions of people. His main philosophy is structured around finding a problem that can be solved with technology and then taking it into a large market. In his own words, “the best ideas in the world are useless if you do not have a way to bring them to a large market.” What good would an iPhone have in the hands of only a few individuals? Another one of his philosophies is being able to help fellow entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. He does this by being a venture capitalist, where his job is to review ideas and the team trying to execute them, to make sure it will be a productive use of his time and money.

Entrepreneurial Life

During his initial stage of entrepreneurship, it was easy for Eric Pulier to get his company into a profitable stage because he was able to implement his philosophies towards it. He figured out the logistics of his product and how it would be launched, by investing long periods of time into it. He soon figured out the three different aspects of running a successful company which are, managing cashflow, leading employees, and ongoing product development. There most certainly were times when he had to be extra diligent, but he internally knew that his ideas would end up successful. Looking at difficult times as a learning experience, Eric understood that these would only push him further into a successful entrepreneurship career.

When Eric Pulier founded Digital Evolution, an interactive agency, he had to rely on word of mouth marketing. Marketing was much different in 1994 than it is now, so customer support, word of mouth, & perseverance played a huge role in growing his customer base for this company. Now, he uses pay per click campaigns as one of the main marketing tools to attract customers. Like many entrepreneurs, Eric understands the value of keeping track of marketing campaigns, budgets, and conversions because it is too easy to blame a campaign and not know why it failed in the first place.

Self Awareness

Entrepreneurs are known for needing to have a very healthy ego. At the end of the day, this ego is what helps them believe in themselves and their ideas enough, but there has to be a healthy balance of self awareness as well. The ego cannot hinder an entrepreneur’s ability to realize the truth. Eric Pulier seems to have very strong self awareness. He understands that sometimes he can’t do it all himself and so he is able to understand what he needs help in and who, and when to delegate it. When asked what he thinks makes him successful, he responded with an answer that only the top entrepreneurs can relate to. He had to risk his own capital, and so, this made him take it more seriously. Selling his first company has been one of his happiest moments in business, because it was tangible proof of success, and a reward for the amount of time and energy it took to get to that point. It is like seeing a baby grow and then head off to college to become something bigger and better.

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