Immigration Has No Borders When It Comes to Advocacy Groups Protecting Human Rights

Since the founding of America there have been over 55 million people who have immigrated to the United States. One of the most fascinating facts about America is that every living person within the country is either an immigrant, or they’re a voluntary or involuntary descendant; with Native Americans being the one exclusive exception.

What makes the fact even more astounding is that thousands upon thousands of immigrants have faced fear and hostility due to being an immigrant. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Larcey: and

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has fought against the inhumane treatment that immigrants have faced in the country since its founding in 1920. The ACLU is a nonprofit organization that holds the rule of law and the basic human right treatment of each person on the soil of America either by choice, or force, as an afforded opportunity.

With more than one million members nationwide and an annual budget of over $100 million, the ACLU has the platform to fight for justice and seek opportunities for change within the immigration laws of the country, when necessary.

The ACLU typically has legal representation of at least 300 attorneys that support the many causes brought to the organization. The ACLU has active representation in almost all 50 states, including the District of Columbia and within Puerto Rico.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has established a resource platform for immigrants to receive information which can be utilized for protecting their families against what many consider an uncertain time in the country. The group’s continued efforts for assuring the residents of Arizona that immigration rights are human rights has been consistent since 2007.

The fund was founded by two journalists Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin. Both Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin started the fund after a victory of their U.S. Supreme Court case which was the result of a violation of their First Amendment rights.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a primary resource for Arizonians to determine the most up to date information regarding immigration rights. Arizona remains as having the highest population of immigrants from Mexico. For their human rights protection, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has taken a proactive approach to reaching those within the community who need information the most.

Immigration has been one of the most paramount issues within the country, especially since the Trump Administration has put forth its agenda. Protecting the human rights of immigrants will be a heavy burden for the Administration to meet, but advocacy groups are monitoring the decisions being made and determining the necessary actions to act on the behalf of those who could be negatively affected, either directly or indirectly.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has developed the platform to protect the human rights through education and public activities. The organization is committed to the universal ideals that America was built upon for human rights, and the respect for the rule of law.

Along with the ACLU, the group is prepared to move forward in any situation where it’s deemed unconstitutional, or unethical, during an implementation of actions affecting immigrants.

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Susan McGalla Takes Her Own Route To Success

The success achieved by Susan McGalla in the business world has been impressive for any individual, but in the wake of the release of figures showing companies that are gender and racially diverse outperform their less diverse rivals the work of the Mount Union College graduate has been thrown into focus. The former President of the American Eagle and current Vice President in charge of Business Strategy and Creative Development at the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers has recently been discussing her own journey to the top of the business world that has seen her discuss how to encourage other women to hit similar career heights.

Although Susan McGalla has taken an often traditional route to the top by impressing with her range of education and skills she has also looked to develop a way of looking at the world that does not allow her gender to play a major role in her career decisions. Gender politics obviously play a role in the life of Susan McGalla, but she does not allow these to play a role in every aspect of her career and rarely plays a role in the women’s advancement groups that have come to dominate in the world of many U.S. based female executives. Susan McGalla stated she appreciated the work completed by many women’s business groups to advance the cause of fairness in the workplace, but felt the small number of female executives was not assisting in bringing more women into the top level of U.S. business.

Susan McGalla has been on an amazing journey to the top of the business world beginning with her role as a divisional buyer with the American Eagle brand that led to her working her way up to the position of President of the clothing retailer.

P3 Executive Consulting is the latest company developed by Susan McGalla, which remains in operation even after the appointment of Susan to her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. McGalla is the daughter of a high school football coach and credits her father with refusing to use her gender as an excuse for taking part in activities with providing her with the drive to find success in the business world.

Dr. AviWeisfogel is Greatly Concerned About the Insidious Health Conditon of Sleep Apnea:

Persons who know Dr. AviWeisfogel consider him a caring and professional healthcare professional. His kind approach, led Dr. AviWeisfogel, to develop a very necessary program, within the healthcare community that being, his Dental Sleep Masters’ program. By way of the Dental Sleep Masters’ program, Dr. AviWeisfogel hopes to identify patients with the serious sleep condition of Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a condition which occurs during sleep. The individual ceases breathing, temporarily, while he or she is sleeping. The halt, in breathing, can happen for a few seconds–upward. What happens as a result is that the body is, unfavorably, deprived of oxygen. The lack of oxygen leads to other very serious matters heath care such as heart disease and stroke.

The Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, developed by Dr. AviWeisfogel, makes it possible for the Dental Practitioner or Physician, to add a sleep component to his existing practice. By means of the Dental Sleep Masters Program, the Physician or the Dental Practitioner, receives knowledge, how to properly identify patients with the condition. Dr. AviWeisfogel, instructs the medical care provider how to integrate the Sleep area into his business. He also shows the medical provider how to handle the business-side of the sleep area.

The solution, provided, in order to address the condition, is a simple oral appliance. The remedy used, allows for a 90% retention rate. This is enormously favorable. To learn more: click here.

Everyone benefits from making use of Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program. The dental practitioner or physician is able to add an additional income stream, to his existing business, and the sufferer is provided with a treatment plan that is very user-friendly.

Edward Honig is a Cardiologist in New York


When looking for a doctor that specializes in cardiology you will inevitably get a referral to a specialist. Edward Honig in New York at Glen Cove Hospital, is one of the best. This is his story about how he decided to become that heart surgeon that so many have been saved by.


LinkedIn indicates that Edward Honig went to Duke University School of Medicine, New York State licensed from 1952 forward, he takes his work seriously. It’s a passion when you have saved lives for so many years. He has seen the new developments in the field for years now. His participation in this field is something he has been immensely proud of.


Preventing heart disease is the first step to help people that end up sick. He has preached the importance of monitoring lungs, blood pressure and the blood vessels since the beginning. There have been other developments though.


Many other new developments have been a part of Edward Honig’s practice. Diet has been added, as has acidity balance in the body to help the function of the major organs. They work together to keep the heart working in good condition. It takes more than just good medical care. It begins with each person taking care of themselves. Edward Honig has worked for years to help people better understand their own participation in their heart’s health.


Some female patients have voiced concern with using a doctor of Dr Honig’s age, along with the fact that he is a man. When it comes to the best heart care though, race, sex and age should never be a part of the decision for care. When it’s time to take care of your heart, you can’t get any better than DR Edward Honig for your health care.  Honig is a life long Mets fan, and is published on PublishersWeekly medical journal.


He is a prominent doctor and will continue to work to make people more aware of how to best help their healthcare related to their heart. Invested in the future of cardiology, Dr Honig will inevitably be an active participant as the world of medicine explores cardiology and the cure for the heart disease that exists today.


New York has many cardiologists available today, but Dr Honig is one that can always be trusted with your healthcare when and if the time comes to get care from a cardiologist that knows how to help you fight heart disease. There are so many people that need that care today.

UKV PLC – Beneficial Way to Invest in Fine Wine

UKV PLC is a British brand that retails fine wine and champagne in their online stores. The brand is also a respected provider of news and education on all things related to elegant drinks and how to purchase and invest in them. UKV PLC has been around for a handful of years. One of the most important counterparts of the UKV PLC is the large team of experts that provide support for clients when they want to purchase from the retailing website.

Some of the benefits investing in fine drinks such as wine and champagne from the UKV PLC include consultations with a wine consultant, increased value due to aging, safe warehouse storage or being able to store the wine in your own home, between 12% and 15% of investment return, and much more.

Fine Wine is very precious, and connoisseurs understand that well. Not only does it have a high price tag, but it is also valuable because of the way it is produced. Fine wine is made by experts who have studied the craft. Often the business of producing fine wine is passed down through the generations. It also uses traditional methods that are still alive only because of that for more info: click here.

Fine wine is often a family business. The vineyards and the knowledge, the tools and the methods of production preserved in the craft. Investing in fine wine through trustworthy retailers and connoisseurs such as UKV PLC, for example, is a safe way to experience a certified genuine fine wine and taste the tradition of France.

There are a few things about such investment that is beneficial in terms of finance. The value of wine and fine wine, above all, increase as it ages. The older the drink, the more collectors, and connoisseurs are willing to pay for it.

Fine wine investment is quite stable. Stock markets and other markets are more on the volatile side. As long as you invest in famous brands of fine wine, the investment will be as stable as can be. With UKV PLC, investors get a return that varies from 12% to 15% depending on the quality level of the drink.

Rubica Helped After I Was Hacked

They are the three words no business owner or private individual want to say, but I was forced to utter when I contacted Rubica to tell them I was hacked. We have all seen the major ransomware attacks taking place over recent years and, I for one always hoped I would not fall victim to this form of cyber attack; I was amazed to discover some groups believe cyber attacks will cost business an amazing $21 trillion by 2021. Once I turned on my computer and realized I was hacked I started doing some research into the problem of cyber attacks. As one of those affected by the May 2017 WannaCry attack, I quickly looked for the best ways of handling the loss of my privacy and personal information.

After I was hacked I decided I should look for a one stop, simple solution to the issues I was seeing following the attack that left me stranded without my personal computer. I decided to choose Rubica, a company that offers a complete cybersecurity package in one simple to use app; an added bonus for me was being able to call a sales specialist and tell them “I was hacked” and get some real time assistance to handle my cyber security issues.


Bruce Bent II Journey in Financial Investments

Bruce Bent II is a renowned experienced businessman and investor, credited with creating innovative short-term wealth management, and cash related solutions for the business dealers, banks, and retail markets. His powerful entrepreneurial drive, focus, and vision have led to the existence of the most influential products in the development of cash sweep and has also expanded FDIC- insured programs. Bent Bruce II have played a role in transforming the FDC- Insured wealth management platform into over $1 trillion industry today.

Bruce Bent II holds a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from North eastern University. In his career course, he has proved to be a great leader with an excellent track of the record. He served as a manager and CEO of The Reserve, a cash management firm and a money market mutual fund for 17 years. It was the largest private money market institution in the world based in New York. The Reserve had over 300 employees including sales agents countrywide. Under Bruce`s guidance and leadership product lines and market were greatly diversified and expanded. During his time the firm`s assets grew from $ 4 billion to over $ 130 billion with annualized revenue reaching $ 155 million. He is a legend of transformation.

He works with Double Rock Corporation, a leading financial services and technologies provider company as a Vice Chairman and President. Bruce Bent II serves a senior post position of the executive to all Double Rock`s subsidiary companies including; Island Intellectual Property LLC which deals with patent licensing of commercial investments and Access Advantage LLC which deal with retirement market. Through his leadership, the firms have earned the reputation as innovators in their respective markets.

Bruce Bent II has ventured into many entrepreneurial activities including; intellectual property, asset management, financial technologies, consumer goods, healthcare financing, pharmaceuticals, business consulting among others. Bruce II is a devoted member of the Young Presidents Organization which is a network connecting about 10,000 global business leaders globally. Bent also, serves as a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association. Formerly, he was a member of the Entrepreneurs` Organization in Manhattan, and he also served on the President`s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson, aiming at protecting and restoring the Hudson River.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Twitter @bbent_ii

How Ricardo Tosto Got Where He Is

When a Brazilian wants to become an attorney in the country they are in, they need to go through many different steps to get there. These are not easy for most people and tend to be very time-consuming depending on whether or not the person finished school already. If someone wants to be an attorney starting from scratch, they must first go to school. Most attorneys in Brazil go to school for, at least, five years. Many, who want to continue their education and try new things with the options that they have, are able to choose from a different path and may want to go to school for a longer period of time no matter what they are doing. After that, they have to learn the different things about the Brazilian laws. They have to pass the bar exam and they have to learn how they are going to start practicing the law that they are studying. After that, they can start to build their list of clients.

Ricardo Tosto did all of this and so much more. In fact, since he has been an attorney, the bar association of Brazil has made sure that they are doing things right and have actually asked him to help write some of the laws and rules for the exam. This is something that has given Ricardo Tosto the confidence that he needs to make sure that he is helping the rest of his clients no matter what he has going on in his practice.

There are also other things that attorneys must do, like continuing education, and Ricardo Tosto has been able to do the. He always meets the requirements for education and he tries to make sure that he is doing things the right way for the opportunities that he has. As Ricardo Tosto has learned more about the options that he has, he has grown to include different aspects of his career and of the things that he is going to do to make things better for all of his clients. This has been different from what most attorneys do in Brazil.

Amicus Therapeutics Focusing on Treatments for Rare Disease

Americu Therapeutics is a global biotechnology company founded in 2002 and based in New Jersey that focuses on therapies for rare and orphan diseases. The company has a platform that is unique in medicine development and technologies that include diseases and genetic like Disorders Fabry disease, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, Epidermolysis Bullosa the genetic connective skin disorder, and Pompe disease.

In 2004 the company expanded to open a location in San Diego in 2008 and in 2009 the company entered a collaboration agreement with Shire. In 2010 the company received a donation of $500,000 from the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support and collaborate with UCLA Medical School David Geffen in support of studies conducted. Another grant the company received the same year was from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation for support with the Mount Siani Icahn School of Medicine Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.
The company’s product development has been based on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy also referred to as CHART. They have been resolute in the development of enzyme replacement therapies starting in 2014. In 2017 the company submitted a Japanese new drug application for migalastat for the treatment of Fabry disease. The company believes with more than 700 Fabry disease patients in Japan the oral medication could benefit their condition. Then another large accomplishment for the company happened in 2017 with the Rare Pediatric Disease designation from the U.S. FDA for SD-101 that was one of the company’s first treatments to get the FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation and then the Orphan Drug designation. This treatment is used in treating the three major types of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). This was the first drug for the disease in Phase 3 and that could be the first FDA approved therapy.

Amicus Therapeutics went public in 2007 and listed on the NASDAQ under the trading name FOLD as a pharmaceutical industry. This is a company that employs up to 500 people (YahooFinance). The top people at Amicus Therapeutics are CEO John Crowley, CFO William Baird, and COO Bradley Campbell.
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Apple Is Trying to Build a Self-Driving Car

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook recently gave an interview where he admitted that the company is hard at work trying to develop the world’s first self-driving car. Cook admitted that the A.I. required for such a project would have to be incredibly sophisticated. Companies like Google have made headlines in their attempt to create self-driving cars. However, Apple is the world’s biggest company. Therefore, the fact that they have entered this industry raises the stakes considerably. Cook did not give any indication as to how long Apple has been involved in this project. He also did not say how far along the company is. He did say that this project is one of the top priorities for the company.


Google and Apple are not the only big players in this game. The American auto makers have already made it very clear that they are very serious about developing driverless cars in the future. Ford has already spent $1 billion on a driverless software company. General Motors has also made a significant investment into developing this sort of technology. It remains to be seen which of these companies will have investments that actually pay off. The race to be the first company to get a self-driving car on the market has never been more competitive than it is now.


Apple is always very secretive about the various projects they are working on. The self-driving car project is no different. Tim Cook was very stingy with the info that he would reveal. He would basically only confirm that the project is indeed underway. He also said that people have been hired for various positions of importance on the project. He would not confirm who those people are or what their positions will be. Apple just recently opened their new headquarters building in CA that is shaped like a flying saucer. It took several years to build. The self-driving car is the first major project to be announced since the building opened.




Recent news article about funny viral internet trends

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Horsey McHorseface Takes the Gold

Many of you may remember awhile back when the British government used an internet poll to name their new research vessel, then got their collective crumpets in a twist when the winning entry was “Boaty McBoatface.” They then went on give it the slightly less amusing name of the RRS Sir David Attenborough. Now, the internet has a new champion, a race horse named Horsey McHorseface. Well, if you can’t have a boat, the obvious next best choice is to get a horse.



The owners, who bought horse who would become Horsey McHorseface back in 2015, thought the name would be a good way to generate some positive media buzz. In an interview with CNN, the horse’s manger discussed the events leading up to picking the name “We had a laugh about it in the office and thought, ‘Hey, why not.'”



Getting your name out there is great, but victories are that much better. So, imagine the excitement when the three-year-old gelding whose name helped it became a cult figure amongst the racing crowd (not to mention having 24-million Twitter followers), proved it’s not just a one trick pony by winning his first race. Horsey took a trip from his home in New Zealand to the pull a last second victory at the Cessock Racetrack in New South Wales, Australia beating the less amusingly named “The Big Dreamer” and “Lucky Starlet”



Coming out this massive victory it does raise the rather pertinent question of have we reached the peak of the trend Something McSomethingface? Or, with this new victory for funny names, will this only encourage others to run this trend straight to the glue factory?