Why Optimum Conditioners Are Best For Your Hair

If you want your hair to look and feel its very best, you should invest in a high quality cleansing conditioner. Wen by Chaz is a series of top of the line conditioners for women’s hair. Chaz Dean makes a fantastic line of products, such as WenSixThirteen. This daily cleansing treatment utilizes the nourishing benefits of soy, quinoa, and ginger extract for healthy shiny hair of all types. Consumers looking for a gluten-free hair product can find what they need with Wen by Chaz. There is a Pomegranate Daily Conditioner that is gluten-free, lightweight, and uses soy proteins.

Wen by Chaz is a line of premium products created by L.A. celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. His products are all natural, support his healthy Zen philosophy on life, and cleanse all hair types. Wen by Chaz does not offer any shampoos which strip the hair of vital nutrients. When you use a Wen by Chaz product, it leaves hair cleansed, conditioned, strengthened, and leaves no heavy product residue. Chaz believes in using the best natural ingredients for the best results for your hair.

If you want great hair, you have to choose the best products on the market. Chaz Dean has created hair products that are beloved by celebrity and everyday consumers. Investing in a solid trusted hair product that works, is the first step to great healthy hair, and a better more stylish you. His products are Sephora available and can also be purchased from select stores like Guthy-Renker.

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Clay Siegall as the CEO of Seattle Genetic Company

Clay Siegall has a diverse education background. He possesses a Ph.D. in genetics and B.S in zoology from George Washington University and the University of Mary Land respectively. Clay Siegall is the president and the CEO of Seattle genetic foundation. Due to his passion for helping the cancer patient, he founded the Seattle genetic company. The company was founded in 1998, and it has being associated with scientific innovation and research on how to fight cancer. Seattle genetic company is the perfect foundation in a century where cancer is growing at an alarming speed.

Since the foundation of Seattle company, Clay Siegall has overseen the growth of the company. In his leadership, he has guided the company from the foundation level to the current stage where it has become a global brand which has being approved in more than 60 nations, all over the world. Seattle genetic company under the leadership of Clay Siegall, it has developed antibody drug conjugates. The company secured an FDA approval on 2011 regarding on its first ADC products.

During the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Company in conjunction with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company have significantly advanced in ADCs cancer treatment. The company has also entered into many licenses on ADCs technology. Seattle genetic technology is significantly used in clinical developments. Clay Siegall has also led Seattle Genetics in money raising activities that have collected approximately $1.2 billion, which include the company’s first public offering in 2001.

Dr. Clay Siegall has more than 70 publications, and he possesses 15 patents. Before founding the Seattle genetic company he worked with National Cancer Institute from 1991 to 1997, he also worked with National Institute of health from 1988 to 1991.Clay Siegall also serves as a board member of several institutes such as Ultralgenyx pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics and also Washington Roundtable.

Bob Reina: The Brain Behind Talk Fusion Company

Bob Reina is the co-founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion, home to the World’s First All-in-One video Marketing solution. The company brags as been the hottest and fastest growing video communications company in the world. Bob Reina commitment to his organization, staff, international associates, and his vision towards creating a Billion Dollar Brand is what drives him and made Talk Fusion a success.

Reina promotes Talk Fusion products throughout the industry via direct sales. When it comes to sales revenue and growth, Talk Fusion currently ranks among the top 50 firms in Direct Selling Association. As a way of attracting more clients and promoting his brand, Bob’s favorite phrase is “invest your dreams in us, and we’ll help you accomplish your goals.”

Bob Reina ventured into the video industry after realizing that the universe needed a better solution when it came to sending and receiving videos over the internet. Bob Reina solution was to create Talk Fusion webinar services, in hopes of making communication in the business world more efficient. Talk Fusion offers a variety of useful products that you can’t resist but admire. Talk Fusion and Reina have been instrumental to the success and awareness of Humane Society in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Apart from been a mentor and influencer in Direct Sales Industry, Bob Reina is a man with a clear vision, direction, and purpose, something that has made his career a success. He recently joined Enterprise Radio as a mentor and commentator. Bob Reina devotes himself to finding new and effective ways of assisting people accomplish their goals and live their dreams by sharing innovative and cutting-edge video marketing products. He is also involved in charitable events. For instance, he recently launched a program that allows Talk Fusion show members to donate one free account to a charity group of their choice.

Talk Fusion company has been designed for each and every person in need of running a new business through direct selling. Apart from this, the company also covers each and every person who wants to communicate internationally using internet-enabled video calls. Talk Fusion is all about building futures, realizing dreams, and giving back to communities all over the continent.


Eric Pulier: Activist, Entrepreneur, & Visionary

When you think of some of the most popular individuals in the world today, pro athletes or entertainers are usually the first things that come to mind. As great as the people might be at their craft, their really not making much of a difference in society. Many of the most talented individuals don’t receive the recognition they deserve and Eric Pulier embodies this notion the best.

Eric Pulier has done numerous positive things for society with his ingenuity. He’s a people’s person an can be thought of as an Entrepreneur, Author, and Technology Guru. As a youngster growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey; Pulier always had a fascination with creating things. In the fourth grade he programmed his first computer and by high school, young Pulier founded and started a computer database company. Having such a brilliant mind, Eric Pulier attended college Harvard University in the mid-eighties and took extra classes at the neighboring school of (MIT). During this time he wrote publications for the prominent Harvard Crimson and majored in English & American Literature. To cap off his extraordinary Harvard career, in 1988 Pulier graduated Mangna Cum Laude.

Eric Pulier started his professional life in Los Angeles of 1991 and he founded a company that directly addressed issues in education and healthcare (via) technology. The company was named People Doing Things (PDT) and by the year 1994, Pulier founded another company known as Digital Evolution. His strong progressive approach continued and by creating a social network platform for chronically ill kids. Starbright World was genius as it connected children from different areas and allowed them to interact by chatting and blogging. The guy is one of the most accomplished individual to date as he’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars for business ventures, invested in many (seed level start-ups) in technology, and he built the “Bridge To The 21st Century” Campaign for Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd Inauguration. This father of four will go down as one of the most progressive, innovative, and talented individuals to ever walk the earth.

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Bruce Levenson Leaves NBA Team Behind and Moves on to Other Business Ventures

Bruce Levenson is a businessman. He has worked in many different aspects of business over the years, but most people in Atlanta know him as the owner of the NBA team. Levenson has taken this team quite far down through the years, but he has managed to finally make the decision to leave this franchise behind and move on to better business ventures.

A lot of the time has taken place since Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson started with this NBA team. He has always been someone that was willing to go the extra mile, but he has other things that he wants to focus on now. Much of this has to do with his philanthropy efforts. He believes in giving to charities. He has been a champion of providing aid for victims of the Holocaust. Levenson has also given to youth, and he continues to do so.

What Bruce Levenson is known for more in the public eye is his ability to work his way in technology with the United Communications Group (http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx). He was one of the co-founders of this company, and he continues to play an active role in the day to day functions of this organization. As a member of the board of directors Levenson has a say in the strategic planning that is done with this company. Currently the United Communications Group has more than 40 millions customers. This is where Levenson has made the majority of his money. That would give him the type of income that he needed to purchase the Atlanta Hawks many years ago.

Today he is moving on to new business ventures. The Atlanta Hawks are rising in the NBA, but Bruce Levenson felt that it was time to discover something new. He wanted to give someone else a chance to work with this NBA franchise.