Kyle Bass Has Very Questionable Business Tactics

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who predicted the economic crisis of 2008 when it severely impacted the US economy. Kyle believes the economy of Asia will atrophy due to overextended credit. He believes there is 40 – 50% chance of it occurring in the next year. He was embroiled in controversy in 2006 as he played a role in the collapse of Bear Stearns. Bass leverage the firm’s balance sheet against bad mortgages and bears Stearns suffered irreparable damage to their reputation which led to the company’s demise. JP Morgan acquired the Bear Sterns after it went defunct. He claims that Bear Stears as a company put themselves out of business.

Kyle Bass founded his Dallas, Texas-based hedge fund Hayman Capital in 2006. He was considered a star in the financial world for quite some time. At this point, however, critics claim he has made bad call after bad call. He has made alliances that raise many eyebrows. His association with Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has severely impacted his reputation negatively.Christina Fernandez de Kirchner is notorious for taking advantage of the Argentinian people. Kyle Bass continues to champion her tactics on economic policy. Because of this Association and others, many have claimed that he is desperate and is incompetent. Many claim he changes facts and figures to ultimately serve his bottom line.a New York Judge Thomas Griese ruled that a reduced amount of money couldn’t settle Kirchner’s debt to their creditors. It was ruled that the whole amount had to be paid.Bass has also defended GM Motor Company though they knew that there defective power steering mechanisms in their vehicles were causing deaths. GM claimed that the victims were either not wearing their seatbelt or had been drunk. Chris Kyle’s Widow Taya Kyle is also suing one of Bass’s subordinates at Hayman who she claims is unethical.  Wikipedia has further info.

Athletically and Leisurely Stylish

The athleisure trend is a look of combining athletic wear and fashion wear to create what can best be described as a hybrid look that’s athletically chic. An example of an athleisure outfit on would be yoga leggings, sports sneakers, chunky sunglasses, a white loose shirt, a green anorak, a purse that could do double duty as a gym bag and an artsy scarf. A plethora of celebrities -especially models- that are regularly featured in style magazines or fashion blogs have been spotted wearing the athleisure style. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have regularly been out on the street wearing athleisure fashion after a good workout at the gym or other fitness classes elsewhere they may take. This may explain on why so many models do the athleisure look as models must stay fit. Nearly daily trips to the gym are mandatory for their line of work.

On the popular website “Bustle” a writer outlined her fashion journey to wearing athleisure wear on She started by saying she’d always dressed somewhat tomboyish like as a young teen. She’d wear hoodies, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. When she was in college she switched up her style to being more feminine and dressy. She’d wear dresses, heels and accessories more frequently. When she started working she was always the most dressy person at the workplace and faced people noticing it and pointing it out to her. Even though she worked at a library and a day care she chose to dress in a somewhat “office job” look. She’d wear sensible shoes, sweaters, floral print skirts and tidy dresses. After her previous jobs on Facebook she began working as a full-time freelance writer and mostly wrote from home. This resulted in her not dressing up quite as much and switching her style to athleisure. Her outfits for work outs or going out for errands consist of tight fitting, neutral colored hoodies, shirts, yoga pants and leggings with sneakers. For a night out with friends she mentions an outfit of skinny jeans, a blue sweater, a jacket and a pair of sneakers. For dates or going out dancing she states she sticks to a form-fitting dresses and sneakers instead of high heels because sneakers are so much more comfortable and practical. She admits that yes her style game on is far more relaxed than during her college years she still isn’t lazy about her fashion as she was in high school. Athleisure isn’t about being lazy with your fashion choices. It’s about choosing comfort and practicality for your outfits while still looking chic.

Fabletics is one fashion subscription seller that is an athleisure shopper’s dream come true. The Fabletics by Kate Hudson company has a wide selection of leggings, work out tops, fitted jogging jackets, tank tops, shorts, capris and sports bras. It’s a great place to start getting items for an athleisure look to put in your closet. Fabletics is a company that runs as a subscription service so you must shop each month for some Fabletics pieces. If you want to skip a month you can by logging into your account. There is also the option to shop as a guest without getting a subscription to the company, but the best prices are made available if you become a subscriber.

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Venezuela’s Economy Continues To Dip

Venezuela, a South American country with one of the world’s largest oil reserves is continuing to see its economy dip and spiral ever downward into deeper recession. Recently the socialist government of Venezuela announced all citizens will have to due without electricity for four hours each day. Imagine yourself being without power for four hours each day. Hopefully the outages will take place at night, during off peak use hours. The power shortages explained by David Osio are caused by epic droughts and are only exacerbating the turmoil in Venezuela right now.
On a side note there are other shortages besides electricity right now in Venezuela. Venezuelans may now not only have limited access to electricity, but they may soon run out of beer in the country. The nation’s largest producer of beer, a company called Empresas Polar SA has announced that is currently has enough stockpiles of grain to continue production until April 29th. If the brewing company does not get its hands on more grain soon, it will be forced to close down and furlough over 10,000 employees during the economic crisis.

A shortage of dollars in the economy is preventing companies such as Empresas Polar SA in Venezuela from buying foreign raw materials and food. The Venezuelan government meanwhile is hoarding its reserves of US dollars, as a last ditch effort to prevent a total collapse of the country’s economy says expert Osio. Unreturned shipping containers meanwhile, continue to rack up debt for the country for a total of $1 billion and growing.

If You’re Considering Spring Cleaning, Consider Handy

The spring weather is a time when we can all revitalize and rejuvenate every aspect of our lives. Many people take this time to work on themselves by perhaps getting a makeover or attempting to lose some weight. Others see spring time as a chance to spend more time with their family by having picnics and heading to parks. Then, there are those who choose to breathe new life into their home. They think of spring and they instantly think spring cleaning. It’s a time when they want nothing more to throw open their windows and give their house a deep clean. Unfortunately, that’s not always practical.

There are many people out there who cannot clean and it’s not because they’re lazy. Some people simply do not have the time to do spring cleaning. These are the people who might work full time or even more than that. There are people who are too busy raising a family or doing other activities. They’d love to have a clean home for spring, but they simply do not have the time. There are also people who have a disability which prevents them from cleaning. Then there are simply those who don’t want too! Even if they don’t want to or they can’t, they still long for that spring fresh scent throughout their home.

That’s why Handy is around! It’s a home cleaning service where everything is done from the convenience of your phone. People can log onto the app and find a cleaner. They can specify which rooms need cleaning and when. They are then matched up with a cleaner and given a rate. This is much safer than other cleaning services that one would find in the phonebook. That’s because these are trusted cleaners that have undergone rigorous background checks. There is also no hand to hand cash transactions. Everything is taken care of online. In the end, everyone feels safe and secure with Handy.

Handy is perfect for all types of users and especially for those who want their home to have that spring clean feeling when they can’t do it themselves.

China’s Shifts Affect the World like 2008 sAccording to George Soros

The Chinese economic shift has got the world scared. China has the second largest economy in the world, and the major economic shifts that it is currently undergoing are having a major impact on the global economy. George Soros, a hedge fund genius who made his name with accurate predictions says that the world economic situation is similar to what we say in 2008. George Soros is not the only one who says there is a need for extreme caution. Three major volatility measures, the VIX, also known as the ‘fear gauge’, the Japanese shares measure the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index on, and a Merrill Lynch Treasury bonds index are all way up over last year, 13,43, and 5.7 percent respectively.

Why the major fall out? China has a large and powerful economy on Bloomberg and the world has generally trusted them as managers of money. But. now that the giant is venturing into uncharted waters, the world is uncertain if it will sink or swim and can only watch with bated breath a they flail and kick to keep themselves afloat. While authorities throw hundreds of billion of dollars into the market, the People’s bank of China does its part by slashing interest rates to unprecedented lows, and the Communist Party pledges to do all it can to increase the yuan’s value and convertibility rate over the next four years.

George Soros says that it has been and will be difficult to get those interest rates back to a positive level and that the economic situation in China amounts to a crisis. George Soros urges investors to take extreme caution as the patterns, in his opinion and apparently that of the world’s, hark back to the 2008 deep recessions that the world still has not quite recovered from. Already, at least once by the first week of January this year, China’s stock market has shut down from loss and the world has lost $2.5 trillion in equities.

Taking A Stand – The Story of North Korean Refugee Yeonmi Park

The story of Yeonmi Park is one of despair, fear and ultimately, hope; in her Amazon released book, In Order to Live, A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, Park details her escape from North Korea, her story of persecution, and her escape from further imprisonment and sexual torture. Park’s story brings hope to the millions of people who continue to live through famine and poverty.

Park’s story, begins with her escape from North Korea with her mother, after agreeing to be smuggled to China. Park was excited to leave, and was looking forward to a new life ahead. Unfortunately, the man who helped smuggle Park turned on her, and demanded that Park have sex with him. Park’s mother sacrificed herself instead, and they were both taken to the smuggler’s home. The smuggler’s wife took kindly to both Park and her mother, and allowed them to stay. Although compassion was initially shown, Yeonmi Park’s mother was sold to be a bride, but Park was not allowed to leave.

Park was repeatedly under the threat of rape, to the point where she threatened suicide. The smuggler, in fear that Park would go through with suicide, offered to bring her mother back, under the condition that Yeonmi became his mistress. At Yeonmi’s request, Park’s father was smuggled across the border in order to stay with Park, but he succumbed to cancer only a few months later. Park and her mother then went to Mongolia, en-route to South Korea. Park was finally able voice her story, in hopes of educating others about the horrors she experienced.

Although Park’s story has enthralled many, North Korea has taken strides to question its legitimacy. The North Korean government produced propaganda which according to the NK News claimed that Park and her mother were American Agents who were asked to vilify North Korea. Park continues to defend her story, stating that key parts were changed in order to protect her loved ones, and to maintain her own innocence. Regardless of what was changed, Park’s story brings hope to North Korean refugees who have hopes of a better life. Park’s book sheds light on a critical human rights issue which is often overlooked, and Park hopes that more people know about the suffering of North Korean refugees and prisoners.