The New Rapid Growth in The Expanding New York City Real Estate Market

One of the most fast paced real estate markets in the world is the Town Residential’s New York City Luxury real estate market. This market gives many individuals the perfect living conditions in the city of their dreams. With all of the amazing opportunities in New York City, it is easy to see why there are so many who are looking to purchase real estate in this market. Recently there has been a surge in new developments and a big jump in prices. Dave Liniger, the man behind real estate giant RE/Max, has seen this jump in New York real estate as an opportunity to grow. Just recently, RE/Max has announced their buy back of the master franchise in Manhattan City. Eventually, RE/Max is looking to buy back 16 franchises across the country from franchise owners. Liniger believes that he will do extremely well in the New York market based upon his success in the New Jersey market.

Andrew Heiberger is another name that has been very influential in the New York Real Estate market. Since the early 2000s, Heiberger has been developing communities in the New York Market. In 2010, Heiberger started the company Town Residential. He started this company with the idea that buyers are looking for a unique and luxurious solution to their housing needs in the right areas of New York. He then created an amazing team of salespeople, executives, and marketing professionals who were able to corner the market on high-end luxury condos in many different New York areas. Town Residential has been very successful since the creation of the company only 6 short years ago. Heibergr’s idea was to have a strong foothold across the Manhattan area with housing that served the communities wants and needs. Sooner or later, Heiberger states that he would like to have a strong hold in the Brooklyn area as well.

The team of professionals at Town Residential come together to create an atmosphere of synergy and success. These professionals with many different skill sets have been able to create a company that continues to grow each year in the New York City real estate market.

The Worldwide Release Of Pearl Harbor Coin Will Sponsor Lone Sailor Statue Honoring Sea Services

In 1941, 75 years ago, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a shock to the USA and the world. Over 2,400 lives were lost and another 1,200 were wounded. The devastation and loss included aircraft and the US battleship the USS Arizona. The attack on the Pacific Fleet off the island of Oahu, Hawaii, became the point the USA joined the Allied Forces of WWII. Honoring not only those who fell on that day 75 years ago but all the men and women worldwide for their Sea Services, a bronze statue of a Lone Sailor will be installed at Pearl Harbor. It is meant to show honor, respect, the devotion and sacrifice of the service people and their families for the security and prosperity provided in the past, present and future. The US Money Reserve and the US Navy Memorial Foundation will use $5 from every 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Coin according to kusi, sold to memorialize our sea heroes with a seven foot statue and the base will contain steel from the USS Arizona that went down during the attack with 1,100 seaman on board.

The US Navy Memorial Foundation (USNMF) offers a living tribute to Navy people in Washington, DC situated between the White House and the Capitol. It is also a place to celebrate their service and has an outdoor plaza with a Granite Sea Map of the World and The Lone Sailor Statute. The Naval Heritage Center there displays the contributions of men and women in Sea Services, including the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine, and contains a Navy Log, an online place for Navy people to stay connected, celebrate their service and preserve their memories. Veterans can also build a record of their service online.

The US Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver and platinum, founded in 2001, distributes US and foreign government issued coins and has hundreds of thousands of clients. It allow them to diversify their assets in precious metals. President and CEO of the US Navy Memorial Foundation said that this beautiful coin represents not only an important point in our national history but is also in remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win the war. According to the US Money Reserve website, the 1700 pound bronze statue will be unveiled on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7, 2016. Yahoo shared the PR Newswire story.

5 Tips to Learn from Chic Blogger Outfits


Trends come and go. Style is forever.

While everyone else, especially the front row crowd, is taking inspiration from the looks of the catwalks at Fashion Weeks, Who What Wear is turning to the bloggers covering the events. Classic pieces pulled together in ever-chic ways will always be fashionable. Style is forever after all. How can you steal their sense of cool to apply to your own wardrobe? Check out our favorite blogger looks below.

Natalie Suarez – Pair your colored jacket with luxurious neutral pieces, such as a gray hat and scarf and black tights and boots.

Maja Myh – Pair wide flair khaki trousers with a structured black trench coat. You can add a personal soft touch with a satin belt to create a striking silhouette.

Doina Ciobanu – Finding the perfect camel jacket will benefit you for a lifetime. Make sure it has nice draping when it is open so it carries over to Spring. Pair with classic black trousers and a white blouse. For flair, you can add a red scarf with a tight knot.

Charlotte Groeneveld – Pair your favorite moto jacket with contrasting accessories. If your jacket is black, find a luxe brown leather jacket and boots that create a clean line to dress it up.

Zina Charkoplia – Mixing classic pieces is how you can create a street edge. A pinstripe suit becomes Downtown when paired with pull-on sneakers and a white fur coat.

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Brian Torchin Staffing the International Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin resides from North East of Pennsylvania, and he is truly an experienced person in the health care industry. He started by opening and operating offices in Florida, Delaware, and Philadelphia, swiftly rising as the top health care recruiter globally. Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. He has managed to extend his territory overseas to Asia and Europe. He is regarded as an experienced professional, who plays a significant role in the development of Healthcare Recruitment counselors.

Since the establishment of the private company, Brian has been a team player and has specialized in the methods of consultation, direction, and expedience. In the end, the objective of Torchin is to provide efficient and fast solutions to his customers and be available at all times to answer any query or fulfill the request of his clients.

Brian habituated himself with the business by his experience as a doctor in chiropractic practice. With growing familiarity in what was required to maintain a top quality chiropractic facility, Torchin, and the Health Care Recruitment Counselors personnel imagined an objective in which they could provide healthcare client with the excellent workers possible. According to their website, HCRC recruitment provides additional availability during weekends and nights to their customers. It assists to guarantee efficient and fast communication with doctors and clients.

The HCRC staffing provides some services to potential medical practices looking for workers that will make their business operate smoothly. The staffing works categorically with private chiropractic practices and medical centers that are looking forward to fill in chiropractic vacancies, medical vacancies, physical therapy and more. Besides offering help to their customers employ experienced assistants and therapist, HCRC staffing also does professional consulting, staff training and background checks.

On the HCRC staffing website, Brian posts tweets that offer guidelines on the different subject. The articles include tips on how to recruit potential workers efficiently with the help of social media sites like LinkedIn. Torchin as well writes on the safety measures that medical practices needs to take into consideration to make sure they are operating a good doctor office.


The real estate industry in New York as for a long time has been a dynamic one. The year 2016 is no different from the other years which have been marked with changes in the industry. There are specific expectations in the sector this year, and some of them are already starting to take effect. Among the big expectations are those of the major real estate companies shifting the macroeconomic climate. This is as a result of the higher interest rates and the turbulence in the stock exchange.

Topping the list of the expectations is that the interests are going to rise which will after that lead to a reduction in prices. Luxury condos are going to be more innovated and sold in Manhattan. More buildings are also expected to hit the market. Real estate companies such as Town Residential Company are further supposed to make a remarkable influence on the actual estate industry. This is basing o their massive investment in new ways of capturing the buyers liking. The building of condos and residential houses need style. town residential real estate company considers using stylish ways of building to stay ahead of the big competition that was earlier expected and has now been realized.

A lot of new rentals are expected to come into Brooklyn. This factor is numbing the nerves of any real estate companies who have no other way of quitting the competition. Few of the companies who have better pricing techniques like Town Residential are likely to survive this storm. Many people are now weighing between buying or renting houses in Brooklyn. This factor has been brought by the vast number of rental houses being built.

The other prediction that has been made by the real estate gurus in New York is the growth in the gap between realistic and non-realistic sellers. The industry is going to be marked by sellers who strive to earn reasonable profits from their sales and those that set prices basing on demand. Luxury condos have always been sold in a peculiar manner. The pricing of luxury condos has never been reasonable, but predictions have it that they are going to sell cheaply.