George Soros Predicts Market Futures for 2016

Billionaire George Soros issued a financial warning to all investors to be cautious in this delicate market. China is struggling to find a new plan for growth, their currency is losing value, and the US recently upped the interest rates, all these things combined can cause global market problems.
The new year kicked off with a slow market that took a sharp downturn that resulted in nearly $2.5 trillion being wiped off the global equities board. Though China is trying to adjust to the problem, it’s creating a crisis that is reminiscent of the challenges faced during the 2008 global financial crisis. Evidence to back his claims comes with the measure of volatility that is surging this year. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index gauges the fear in the market, and so far that is up 13%. The Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index gauges the cost of protection on Japanese shares have reported a 43% climb for 2016. In response, China has pledged to heighten the yuan’s value by the year 2020 and to ease into a slow dismantle of capital controls. Information originally sourced from Bloomberg
Soros opinion carries heavy weight, his hedge fund management company, Soros Fund Management, gained an average of nearly 20% per year between 1969 through 2011. As a refugee who fled Budapest during the Nazi occupation of WWII, Soros graduated the London School of Economics then settled in the United States where he built a successful company and amassed an amazing fortune.
Soros is a strong supporter of human rights and open societies and through his Open Society Foundation he has helped numerous students in South Africa attend Cape Town University. His foundation has collected over $835 million to aid with their goals. Soros is also the author a numerous books, as well as highly publicized essays that cover topics like politics, economics, and society.
Sourced from George Soros

How Internet Makes Fame Easier

Before the Internet, if one wanted to become famous, the opportunities to achieve that was very limited. Even with camcorders, only few could ever hope to see the videos that were produced. Fortunately, the Internet has made it possible and even a lot easier for people to achieve fame with social media sites like YouTube. The digital cameras that have been made available are of a professional quality. People can work on their marketing and produce viral videos at the same time which could add to their fame in ways that they couldn’t have dreamed. In many cases, it involves a lot of marketing.

One person that is very good at marketing is Wendy Huang. Wendy who goes by the YouTube name of Wengie runs blogs and channels on beauty and style. She works very hard to bring more attention to her channel. Her hard work has paid off because people are more interested in her advice and thoughts on achieving style and beauty. She has found herself constantly inspired by beauty like many other people are. However, she has learned how she could use it to her advantage. She also has a beautiful mindset in that she sees beauty in almost everyone.

She is also an expert marketer. She has worked for a digital marketing agency in which she has helped her clients with their own blogs and campaigns in social media. She has also encouraged businesses to start blogs of their own in order to gain more exposure. She eventually started her own blog and social media pages in order to see the challenges that often come with running these platforms. She has overcome those challenges and made a name for herself among other online personalities. She helps inspire and instruct people on the ways that they can improve their lives.

Many people are achieving their goals with the use of the Internet. Internet platforms like YouTube have proven to be very helpful when it comes to fame and other goals that are reached. As they achieve their goals, they could also work on their craft in order to grow as famous Internet celebrities and even crossover.

Darius Fisher: The Ultimate Fixer

If you’re a high profile business professional or politician, having a good reputation is essential. But lets face it, life isn’t perfect. Even the best of us stumble occasionally and when that happens, you have to be prepared. At a time like that, most of us wish we could just snap our fingers and take it all back, but lets face it, that’s not possible. With a man like Darius Fisher in your corner it is.

Mr. Fisher is the ultimate fixer – even better than Scandal’s Olivia Pope because Darius’ job is real. You may wonder what the job description Digital Crisis Expert is, which is why we’ve taken the time to find out for you. A Digital Crisis Expert is a person who fixes media problems for public figures. With the assistance of a Digital Crisis Expert, clients who are not in good standing for whatever reason socially, are given the opportunity to clean up their online presence. When performing a search on Google for instance, if you put a person’s name in the search bar, if anything negative populates, Darius is the person who ensures that the all the trash talk is put in the background, and that the sterling characteristics of the individual is in the forefront of all digital media sources.

Fisher divulged that one of reasons that celebrity-status personalities see shocking news articles about themselves on the web, is because they haven’t taken preventative measures to promote good online presence. He says that making an investment to procure that clean-slate type of status, is well worth the effort. Being proactive can alleviate a lot of potential future problems.

He also believes that keeping fresh, new content keeps Google updated with the most current information on a person and things like great videos, guest interviews, and press releases, as well as personal websites is key to relevant content promotion.

Unlike Scandal’s Olivia Pope, Fisher’s company has turned away some ethically challenged cases. He says he meets people all the time who have strange circumstances who simply haven’t had their side of the story told. Whether they are sent to him by way of referral or if he meets someone at a social function, the firm does act in a morally conscious manner and once a client is accepted, they’re given a chance to do interviews for internet platforms that can turn everything around in time.

Dog Food Can Be Tastier than Anyone Imagined

Yahoo recently reported on a trend that will catch a lot of people by surprise. Any dog owner will be quite familiar with the look of envy on a dog’s face during meal time. And it’s easy to understand just why dogs are so envious of human food. Their own meals tend to be fairly bland and tasteless. But the article shows that the times are changing and that dog food is becoming tastier every day. One of the most important points from the report has to do with the quality of the ingredients. The past few decades have shown some major changes in how people look at their own nutritional needs. For a while people were continually aiming for more convenience with their meals. Even to the point where they were happily trading quality of food for ability to eat it on the go. But more recently people have seen what a fast food lifestyle does to health. And just as they’re switching back to healthy organic ingredients, so are they trying to figure out how to do the same for the family pets. But many people might be surprised by just how easy it is to make the leap to a high quality dog food brand that’s made with fresh organic ingredients. A company called Beneful has been putting just such a preparation on store shelves since 2001. It’s a rare case where people might actually end up buying gourmet dog food without even realizing it. People generally know that Beneful is packed with nutrients. The company’s name comes from the fact that they’re dedicated to bringing out all of the nutritional benefits of dog food. But what they might not know is that this is accomplished through the use of nutritionally packed natural ingredients. Of course it’s a lot more apparent when people take a look at Beneful’s dog food. On examination, it’s easy to see everything which makes up the products. If one buys a Purina Beneful brand that’s chicken flavored than the actual chunks of chicken can be seen in it. The same goes for beef and every other flavor. And in addition to this one will usually see a great selection of vitamin rich vegetables. This ensures that one can combine great price, great nutrition and great taste into a single brand of dog food.

Igor Cornelsen And The Brazilian Economy

As someone who has been deeply involved in the Brazilian economy for upwards of 20 years, Igor Cornelsen has seen many things happen with the economy. While it may change on a regular basis, it is important to note that understanding things about it will help you be better able to navigate the waters of the economy.

Understanding that there are ten major banks in the Brazilian economy is important on, but it will not make the choice of one of them any easier. A large portion of the banks in the country are dedicated to only the big businesses and do not focus on the business of the little person or the individual. They essentially own Brazil and will not worry about whether or not they can make you happy with the customer service skills that they have, or don’t have. Igor Cornelsen on thestreet advises that you pick the lesser evil option when it comes to these big ten banks.

If you want to know more about the economy, you should focus on what can help it. By finding different ways to help, you can see what it is all about. By accepting banks that come in from other countries, you can put a boost into the economy. You can also enjoy the perks of these banks. Since they are already established, they have less of a chance of going under like the banks that did not have any established business experience and were squashed by the big ten banks in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen advises that you find the best bank for your needs and stick to it. Even if the bank is one of the big tens, you can make sure that you get the most out of the bank by working on your financial future. This is something that the banks like to see and will likely reward you for it, even if you are not a big corporation or someone who plans to make a lot of money. By saving money and being financially responsible, you can show the banks that you are someone who is worth having as a customer.

Among other things, Igor Cornelsen suggests that you get a financial planner. If you want to be able to become more successful with your finances, you will need an expert who is able to give you the right amount of information concerning your financial situation. By hiring an expert, you will give yourself the best possible outcome for your finances. Igor Cornelsen on flickr suggests that you choose someone who is able to help you with your finances whether you are in a great financial situation or one that could need a large amount of improvement to achieve financial security.

Get Your Business Noticed – Hire Wikipedia Writers to Create Your Page

Literally millions of people everyday use search engines like Google to look up information. The most referenced pages come up on the top of the list. Wikipedia is one of those pages. It has rapidly become the go-to page for pertinent information. Your business is no different here. When a potential client or customer can look up your business’s information on Wikipedia, it adds credibility to the business. For example; you want to explain some key points to a client, but you have no time on the schedule. You can have them peruse your Wikipedia page and there will be all of the relevant information they need. 

Having the company’s info updated on your Wiki page also adds a transparency to your business. It let’s the person or people know that the information is easy to access in detail. The power of using an open sourced site like this can be very beneficial for any business. It gives you the ability to instantly change or update relevant points of fact for any curious parties. Since all of the information is non-biased, it gives your business an authentic and credible source to reference. However, Wikipedia business page creation can be a headache as Wikipedia has instated a set of rigorous guidelines to be followed in order to make a Wikipedia page. This can be quite a headache, especially since if it is not done correctly (and there are a hundred things to do the right way), you Wiki page can and will be removed from Wikipedia regardless of the time yo put into it and intent you had. That’s why Wikipedia writing services are such a great benefit. Get Your Wiki is such a site that is dedicated to finding the most accomplished Wiki writers so you don’t have to worry about writing it yourself or finding a reliable Wikipedia writer to hire. It is a great page to help shape the image of any company. Not only that, it helps build your personal image as the head of the business you’re promoting.

The company is going to great lengths to ensure that it stays relevant and factual. There is an artificial intelligence editing tool in use by Wikipedia now that is called Object Revision Evaluation Service. It’s goal is to keep the information quality factual and to discourage any editors from posting bad information. The benefits of having a Wikipedia page are very many. The cost of doing so is nothing, unless you want to donate a few bucks to the site. Which is a great idea. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can be assured that you are contributing to the greater good. For your company’s image and your own. In this day and age, not having a page on this site for your business’s image is almost as bad as not advertising. People always want to know and this is a great way to do it. 

David Hasselhoff Wasn’t Enough Attraction to Keep HomeJoy in Business

According to a recent article in on the Wall Street Journal’s Business Beat page, HomeJoy, a home cleaning and repair company, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The company, who hired Baywatch heartthrob David Hasselhoff to be its commercial spokesperson, claims that the reason for the company’s shutdown prior to claiming Chapter 11, was “many unresolved challenges in the home services space,” according to HomeJoy’s July blog. Homejoy is one company that offered home cleaning services that you can order with a click of a mouse for an affordable fee. A more detailed supposition as to why Homejoy failed is proposed at Sometimes the best ideas can fail, not because the public does not need the service, but because of many other details that must go right in order to keep a start up going.

No matter what the reasons for HomeJoy’s failure to stay afloat, busy people with a home to clean love the idea of click to hire service. The good news is that consumers can hire Handy, a web based company where you can take advantage of their current special offer for a $39 home cleaning for first time customers. Their website, shows that they offer many services besides basic housekeeping. These services include furniture assembly, which comes in quite “handy” when you buy boxed furniture from Ikea or another distributor and you don’t have the time, know-how, or patience to put it all together. Just click on the service and you can schedule assistance at a time convenient for you. They even have professional plumbers and electricians you can hire, that will get the job done in no time, whether it be a leaky faucet or installing recessed lighting. Ordering on the Handy app could not be simpler! You just fill in the boxes of what you need done and when and a verified service professional shows up equipped with the tools and knowledge to do the work.

Handy doesn’t appear to have celebrity spokespersons or cheezy ads, but they do provide excellence in customer service and satisfaction, which is integral for any business to stay in business.