Susan McGalla Shares Tips On How To Make Leaders Out Of Employees

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businesswoman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Having worked in companies like Wet Seal and American Outfitters, Susan McGalla understands leadership like no other. One of the most underappreciated facets of leadership is making leaders out of employees. Eventually, a manager gets promoted and there needs to be a person on the bench who would be able to fill that very important spot. So, what does a manager do in that instance? The process of inspiring leadership is not just related to motivation, it has to begin from Day 1.

Here are some top tips from Susan McGalla –
Teach Employees How To Network – The first tip Susan McGalla offers is regarding networking, an important leadership role. If there is an employee or team member who shows potential for leadership, leaders should take them along during important networking events. This would teach employees how to be confident in formal situations, forge long lasting connections with people, and practically employ quid pro quo with prospective clients looking for the same opportunities. A leader needs these skills to further their ambitions in the industry and by equipping employees with these skills at an early time in their career.

Offer Bigger Responsibilities – In order to move up the leadership ladder, there are certain key responsibilities that only leaders are supposed to undertake. For instance, managers make project presentations and then, they present them. They also help newly hired employees become acquainted with the company norms. Sometimes, managers have a lot of work overseeing how all their projects are continuing. Susan McGalla recommends that leaders should ask their employees to sit in on those presentations and eventually, create and finish it themselves. They can delegate certain responsibilities to help these budding leaders.

Create A Culture Of Initiative – When a manager is stuck with a budget or finance sheet, the finance manager comes to their rescue. However, when employees make these budgets or finances, they come to the manager. Usually, the manager sorts out the problem and undertakes it from there on. However, leaders trying to inspire leadership in their employees should try not to do this, says Susan McGalla. They should generate a culture where future leaders of the company would figure out solutions to the problem themselves.

Delegate Authority – After everything, teaching and the above tips are still theoretical and Susan McGalla says that the best way to inspire leadership is through trust. If employees never get out of theory, they would be poor leaders when such a time arrives. As such, leaders should allow their employees to make certain decisions on their own after they have proven their worth. This would ensure that they are accountable for the decisions they have taken and know how to explain their choices to their peers and superiors.

With these big tips, leaders would find that they do not have a dearth of people to fill their shoes.

Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua

The world of the international entrepreneur requires many skills. People who want to successfully market products to others both locally and around the globe must be prepared to demonstrate their ability to meet the needs of others as well as their ability to manage tasks such as marketing, finding employees and working with suppliers in many parts of the globe. They must also be prepared to work hard as they strive to meet the needs of their clients and help them understand the many ways in which they can help them improve their lives in some way.

A person who fully understands how important it is to have such qualities and to use them in a way to help meet the needs of people both locally and in other parts of the world is Bernardo Chua as his extensive career history on Crunchbase shows. Chua is a native of the Philippines where he grew up. He has drawn on his Chinese heritage in order to help start his various business ventures. Using his skills in the business arena has allowed him to flourish and provide for the needs of his many satisfied customers both in his local area as well as in many other parts of the world where he has chosen to do business.

Chua is a hard working entrepreneur and video producer, who knows that customers turn to him and his company in order to help them figure out methods and products they can use to improve their lives in some way. He knows that he can offer them such ways and that he can help them have kind of lives they want to be able to lead. He and his team of skilled salespeople have worked hard to help his customers become aware of the ways in which the products they have chosen to market can benefit people. He has also worked hard to look for new products of all kinds that can also be of great help to his customers in some way.

This devotion to detail and skill at marketing has helped make Chua one of the world’s leading business people. He has demonstrated his skill at helping discover products and services that may be of use to his customers. He has also shown skill and working closely with his employees in places around the globe as they strive to work hard to help find new customers for his products. The result has been a highly successful partnership between Chua, his suppliers, his employees and his customers. All of those involved have greatly benefited from his visionary leadership skills and his ability to provide the kind of help that his customers need as well as the kind of support that his suppliers count on from him.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc. in GoFundMe Campaign

GoFundMe is the world’s leading fundraising site for personal causes and live events and has its headquarters in San Diego and Menlo Park. The site has been operational since founded in May 2010. By GoFundMe Many campaign organizers can invite others to participate in their story. Just as Facebook is all about sharing lives, GoFundMe helps people share their dreams, pursuits, celebrations and the challenges they face with crowd funding.

GoFundMe initiative overcomes the many physical barriers people face when financially supporting others. Only a 5% fee of each donation received gets deducted for operating expenses. Also, a small 3% processing fee is also deducted from each donation. . Indeed, it’s only GoFundMe that has an incredibly efficient way of providing financial support for donations. The donors not only give in an extremely target way but also the money goes directly to the intended recipients.

The GoFundMe campaign has linked the Earth Force Inc. nonprofit with a principal supporter and donor, Jon Urbana. Earth Force mobilizes youths to become good environmental activists and participants in maintaining natural surface beauty. The work of Earth Force Inc. by Mr Jon Urbana has seen a significant boost to the efforts put by the youth in caring for a clean environment. Thanks to GoFundMe campaign.

Jon Urbana’s official website says he is from Denver, the capital of Colorado in the United States. He is a renowned entrepreneur and a former professional lacrosse athlete. He is a graduate of Villanova University, where he played for their lacrosse team and majored in economics.

Urbana is the co-founder and owner of the Next Level lacrosse camp in Colorado. It’s a youth program mainly helping the youth lacrosse players perform their best by identifying and strengthening their key skills and techniques that best suits them. He has won CAA Defensive Player of the year and the Tewaaraton Award watch list. He also has an extensive experience in entrepreneurship, economics sales, and business development. Follow him on Instagram for daily pics from Urbana’s life.

In the corporate world, Jon Urbana is the head of business development for Ellipse USA, and some of his Slideshare presentations offer a deeper glimpse into his work. The firm deals in overseeing the progress in awareness of revolutionary IPL and laser technology. He mainly works with the regional managers and oversees the marketing department and its materials.

Eric Pulier and the Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation is a multinational corporation based in Falls Church Virginia and it provides information technology services and professional services. The company has around 90,000 employees in more than 70 countries. The company was founded in April, 1959 by Roy Nult and Fletcher R. Jones and when Xerox acquired Affiliated Computer Services, the CSC became the only major IT Service provider with major operations and headquarters in the US. CSC has been a Fortune 500 company since 1995 and is ranked 185th in 2014 rankings. The company is also listed on the Forbes Global 2000 list.

When it was founded the company provided programming tools like compilers and assembly software. During the 1960s the CSC provided software writing services to the largest computer manufacturers like Honeywell and IBM. During those years the company managed to secure the first contract with the US public sector and even NASA. In 1963 CSC actually became the largest software company in the US and was the first software company ever to be listed on the New York stock exchange. During the 70s and 80s the company expanded globally. In 2015 CSC announced their plans to split the company into two. One part of the company would do work for the business public sector and for commercial and international businesses, and the other part will do work for the Government Services.

As of March 2015 the company numbers around 90,000 employees in 70 countries and it now has major operations throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. The company operates in three broad sectors, the first being the North American public sector, the second is managed services and the third is business solutions and services.

One of the most important people for the company was one of its highest ranking executives, Eric Pulier. Pulier started programming computers at a very young age, more precisely in the fourth grade. He always loved computers and the way that software can be applied to help other people. He studied and majored in English and American literature at Harvard University. He started his career when he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and founded a company named People Doing Things (PTD), which addressed health care, education and other issues trough technology. His departure will certainly be a loss for the company and we can only hope that someone else as passionate as Pulier is will come and help CSC grow like it did before.

Some of his most important work achievements are definitely related to the work he has done through philanthropy. Eric Pulier is a donor to several non-profit organizations and sits on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation, an organization that tries to solve humanity’s biggest problems, The Painted Turtle which is a camp for kids that have chronic illnesses, and various other philanthropic organizations. Some of his skills include cloud computing enterprise software startups business development and managing strategic partnerships.

Nobilis Health: How Healthcare Companies Are Embracing Changes In The Industry

The health care industry is currently at the center of a global transformation. Reforms in the healthcare sector and financial restraint are some of the top agendas that politicians are pushing in their campaigns. The demand for quality healthcare services is on the rise and at the same time, the cost of managing most chronic diseases has increased a lot. As a result, more companies are setting up practices whereby affordable healthcare services are offered to their customers. The model of payment that is followed by these healthcare providers includes subsidized fees and different arrangements under which the payment that can be made.

In the country, it is estimated that about 17 percent of the GDP goes to the healthcare sector. Research has shown that the industry is costing clients a good 7 trillion dollars globally, and it is estimated that the cost will double in the next eight years. Of course this means that as a patient, accessing healthcare is becoming very complicated. On the other hand, if you are an investor in the healthcare industry, this means that you have a chance to earn a lot of money while helping people access basic health services at the same time.

There are many services that have been rolled out both by the government and the private sector to try and improve the healthcare industry. What most of the investors are doing is concentrating on a single aspect of the health care industry and maximizing on it. For instance, you will find a certain healthcare company specializing in the provision of health services for children or pediatric health while others will specialize in the older people, the chronic illnesses that result from aging and provision of hospice care for people with terminal illnesses.

There are certain factors that greatly affect the success of these companies:

  • The demographic that they target, i.e. are they concentrating on maternal and pediatric health or other services. Research shows that companies that concentrate on conditions that are chronic and recurrent make the most gains.
  • The location of the health facility: The accessibility of the health facility is another factor that affects the success. The ideal center is within reach and has emergency transport services both by ambulance and by air for the emergency cases.
  • The services they are offering and the payment options that are available for their customers. Most people will go with the healthcare providers who have a variety of fallback plans for them, especially when dealing with long-term illnesses.

These are all the values that have made companies such as Nobilis Health industry leaders in the provision of health services to the masses. The company has been in operation for a long time now, and their main selling point is their surgical centers.  Nobilis take it upon themselves to train the surgeons and ensure that the best services reach their customers. The company has been expanding exponentially for a while now, and their profits are soaring every year. With the quality of the services they offer, it is no wonder they have become leaders in the provision of great surgical health services.

Dan Newlin and His Law Firm

Dan Newlin and his team of highly qualified lawyers in their law offices are a proud group of people because their law firm has been recognized for their distinct and honorable identification since there are only less than 5% of all the law firms in Florida that have attained this honor.

Dan Newlin the Attorney began his career as a police officer at an early age of 20 years at the Indiana police and the fire department. He later shifted to hen he was given a position at the Orange Sheriff’s office which was located in Florida Orlando. Here he served for ten years where he ended up attaining the highest rank of Sheriff’s Detective. He worked in many police details ranging from narcotics enforcement to auto theft unit where he was assigned to work as a fugitive detective division. While serving here he apprehended many dangerous fugitives.

While under the same detail, he received a lot of awards because he used to go above board in his duties. This made the US Marshall’s Office to recognize his outstanding services. In 1997 he was accepted to join the Law school which made him to join Florida State law college until the year 2000 when he graduated. He is a very happy lawyer because h has been licensed to practice law in both the states of Chicago and Illinois. In the two states he maintains offices where he provides outstanding legal services.

So far Attorney Newlin has been able to recover more than 150 million US dollars for victims of accident and injury which have made him to grow from a small office to a huge styled law firm that serves the whole of Florida and Illinois. They have a legal team of 18 lawyers who are very qualified and experienced. This law firm is currently having over 75 staff members serving in different positions. This firm majorly focus on cases of any injury, medical negligence and other forms of accidents. They have also ventured into serving people who had been charged wrongfully with criminal charges.

Dan Newlin has been happy because of his firm’, services of experienced first class legal representation with their main aim being commitment to excellence. If any one out there is in need of legal services, he should look no further since Attorney Dan Newlin and his other team members are ready to work for you at any time.

Stephen P. Murray, A Tough Act To Follow, President and CEO of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on fortune, August 2, 1962 – March 12, 2015, was an avid Philanthropist, whose involvements included Make-A- Wish Foundation, The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum and his Alma Mater Boston College (where he was vice chairman of the board of trustees) was also a well-established businessman. Mr. Murray, who received an MBA from Columbia Business school in 1989 took the helm of CCMP Capital as President and CEO in 2007.

CCMP Capital is a global private equity firm. It’s specialization is in buyout and growth equity. Its major areas of business are in the U.S. and Europe. The industries that the firm is adroit in are inclusive of Consumer/Retail, Industrial, Healthcare and Energy. The firm has a concentrated understanding of the elements of the business aptitude in these particular industries.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has heritage organizations which are Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. These organizations,
the acronym of “CCMP” in CCMP Capital, are the backbone of the company.

CCMP Capital started as Chemical Venture Partners in 1984. This venture partnership was a unit of Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank merged with Manufacturers Hanover in 1991. Chemical bank then merged with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996, and the name was changed to Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, the merger between Chase and J.P. Morgan occurred. The name of the firm was then changed to J.P. Morgan Partners. J.P. Morgan Partners were almost the largest investment firm in the world.

With a history of 31 years and various seasons of merges, Chemical Venture Partners proved that they could withstand the test of time. CCMP Capital is a guiding force in the economy.

In 2007, the firm CCMP Capital Investors II bought out a $3.4 billion growth equity fund and closed.

In 2014, the firm CCMP Capital Investors bought out a $3.6 billion growth equity fund and closed.

Much can be learned from the stewardship of CCMP Capital. It is a firm that has seen much growth in the past and the potential for much more growth in the years to come. It is a firm that has truly come into its own in a very remarkable fashion.

Bruce Levenson, The Successful NBA Team Owner

The NBA is one most respected leagues of the globe. Being a team owner of one of the teams in the NBA is a herculean task, as one need to have adequate resources to make a purchase. The best part about being a team owner is that one stands to gain from the sale of the team because most of the past team owners have realized profits from the sale of their teams. Some of the team owners like Bruce Levenson have made remarkable contribution in NBA through his team, Atlanta Hawks.
Bruce Levenson is a well known American business person. For over ten years, Bruce Levenson was a co- owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. In 2004, he purchased the team from Turner Broadcasting through Atlanta Spirits LLC, where he is a majority shareholder. After purchasing the Atlanta Hawks, the name of the company changed to become Atlanta Hawks LLC.
The deal included the rights to the Phillips Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers. However, the Atlanta Thrashers team was sold in 2011 and relocated to Winnipeg. Bruce Levenson guided the Atlanta Hawks to great success in the ten years in which he was the owner. In late 2014, Bruce Levenson made clear of his intentions to sell the team. He finally sold it to investor Anthony Ressler and his Group. The sale was successful despite the bankers hired by Bruce Levenson having quoted a higher price.
Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC to a Jewish Parents. He grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bruce attended the University of Washington graduating with a bachelor’s degree in law. It is at the Washington University that Levenson made his baby steps in business writing by writing a column for the university’s newspaper. In 1977, Bruce and his friend, Ed Peskowitz established United Communication Group (UCG). The company started its operations by providing real time information about the oil and gas sector.
United Communications Group grew and started covering more areas like the real estate and other investment related information. Under his leadership, United Communication Group has become a world leading business Information Company that offers specialized information to more than 2 millions clients in various sectors. These sectors include technology, healthcare, and financial services. UCG covers information regarding the energy sector and the telecommunications industry. A part from the UCG, Bruce Levenson is the founding shareholder of the publicly held company, Tech Target. In the recent past, Forbes billionaire Levenson together with his partner established DOT, a private firm that came up with a new cooking technology that is able to toast bread within three seconds.
Aside from his business commitments, Bruce Levenson makes time to support philanthropic endeavors. Together with his wife, they led in the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership in partnership with the University of Maryland. They also hold an annual challenge Dubbed Do Good Challenge at the University of Maryland.

Nobilis Health: A Truly Evolved Healthcare

Nobilis Health is simultaneously a full-service healthcare, management company and publicly traded company. They have more than 100 surgical centers throughout the nation and are dedicated to lowering healthcare costs and maintaining a high patient satisfaction. They are also active in their marketing and conduct everything from patient recruitment to digital and point-of-care marketing. Their headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. Their specialty departments include podiatry, pain management, general surgery and gastrointestinal scopes. One thing that makes them stand out is that they display their own investor reports on their webpage under the tab, “Investors”. As of 2012, they boasted literally no patient infection rates at all.

In 2014, Nobilis Health acquired over half of the control and management of Freedom Pain Hospital in Scottsdale Arizona for over $3 million. Capital Analyst, Russell Stanley stated that he felt that Nobilis was undervalued for their prevalence in aging issues and the epidemic of obesity. At that time, their investment return rate increased to over 70%. They currently hold a strong track record for organic growth.

In April 2015, Nobilis closed a $25 million debt financing agency in partnership with GE Capital. Those funds are now being used in support of Nobilis’s growth efforts, which includes $12 million for their acquistion of control of Athlas Health in 2014. One of GE Capital’s main goals is to help their clients to expand their growth and helping them do whatever it takes to make it a reality. GE Capital also has their own Healthcare Financial Services, with which they are the number one lead nationwide for financings under $500 million. actually started out under the name Northstar Healthcare Inc. but changed its name once it gained major expansion into U.S. capital markets. They registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in order to obtain a notable dual listing in the U.S. as a nation and it was approved by the beginning of 2015. They currently own a total of five emergency surgery centers, three in Dallas, one in Houston and one in Scottsdale, Arizona. By the end of September 2014, they acquired over $17 billion in total revenue.

Nobilis Healthcare is an example of what it means to be a diversified non-profit organization in the healthcare field. They stop at nothing to be one of the most dedicated and best healthcare facilities, organizations and management in the entire country. As a result, they hire only the best and most competent for their healthcare, trading and management services. They are probably one of the most evolved facilities in the field of general, podiatry and orthopedic surgery in the nation. The present time is very bright for them and right now, their future looks even brighter so if you want to invest in healthcare, Nobilis is the place for you.

Discover Your Inner Personal Style With Lime Crime

Finding one’s inner personal style can be one of the keys to feeling more confident and happier. People who are aware of their own sense of color, their makeup preferences and their own clothing choices are those who easily find they can pick out an outfit they like each day as well as outfits that will suit their needs on a special occasion such a a party or visit to a nightclub. The self confidence that comes from an understanding of such potential choices is important to many people as they grow up and start to pick out their own clothing, accessories and makeup.

Working with the right company can help anyone develop their own inner sense of style and help them pick out makeup choices that are just right for their specific wants and aims. Staffers at Lime Crime understand this need. They know that their customers want a company that is devoted to helping them discover their own inner personal style. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded with the intention of helping to provide their customers with makeup that is unique and fun. The company was founded by a highly stylish entrepreneur who knows exactly what her customers want in a makeup company. She has searched the world looking for new and innovative products to help her customers find the kind of items that they can use in order to help them carefully craft their own inner personalized and entirely different look that is both stylish and fashionable at the same time.

Those who buy products from this company will find many items to pick from online. Each product has been carefully examined by the company’s staffers to make sure that it is safe, easy to use and provides them with clean and bright colors they can apply to any part of their face. As a result, many users have chosen to make Lime Crime their go to store for buying makeup at all times. Each user is assured that any product they buy through the site will be shipped to their house promptly after they pick it out. All products that are available on the site will be shipped out within a short period of time after the person buys it. This means that any given user will be able to get the item they have chosen when they need to have it on hand.

People who have a wide variety of makeup on hand can be prepared for any occasion they have in mind. Someone can easily pull up a lipstick they have purchased from Lime Crime on to create an elegant and fun look when they are going to work and want to be seen and noticed at a meeting. They can then change up their look later in the day when they are out with friends and going to a movie or a play. This kind of versatility is essential for today’s modern and contemporary woman who wants to look really good.