Furious 7 Tops $1.5 Billion

We all knew Furious 7 was going to be a hit. The previous six films in the franchise all did excellent box office. When Furious 7 hit the $1.5 billion dollar mark and made history, well, even those with the most optimistic expectations were stunned. Furious 7 is the fourth film in history to earn such a massive amount. While it won’t reach the number one or number two by the time it finishes up its run, the racing film just might bump The Avengers from the number three position.

The producers of Furious 7 are likely very thrilled at the box office numbers. The production budget ballooned to $200 million. This was unavoidable since star Paul Walker dies while making the film. As a result, costly delays and reshoots were required.

In the end, Furious 7 delivered to audiences what they really wanted to see. A fun, engaging action film that provided a lot of fun and enjoyment. Audiences do love the spills and chills of a chase scene and they like to see the good guys triumph over the baddies. Furious 7 absolutely delivers on all these fronts.

The 8th and 9th film in the trilogy are already in the planning stages, so quite a few at Amen Clinics are excited after reading on Wired.com. It is pretty much confirmed that part 8 is going to be set in NYC. Will the next film earn in the $1.5 billion range? The chances are pretty good.

M. Night Shyamalan is Considering Unbreakable TV Series

M. Night Shyamalan is known for creating movies that people want to watch. His latest series Wayward Pines is picking up new fans every week, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future. With his newfound success on the small screen, M. Night Shyamalan is reportedly considering turning the 2000 film Unbreakable into a series as well. In fact, the director has gone on record saying he has already thought about it. Turning Unbreakable into a series would be incredibly easy since it had great reception in theaters, and is still a favorite of many today.


Unbreakable stars Bruce Willis as an everyday guy who is suddenly turned into a superhero. While nothing concrete has been decided, it is safe to say fans of Unbreakable and M. Night Shyamalan such as Flavio Maluf can look forward to an Unbreakable series on cable or streaming in the near future.

FCC Sends a Message to ISPs about User Privacy

The FCC has been considerably hard on the telecom industry as of late. Their latest move is a warning regarding the enforcement of recent net neutrality legislation. The FCC is sending a message to telecom companies regarding strict regulations of user data.

Different brands of food have come out to say the FCC recently made internet access a Title II utility. This means that ISPs have to follow some of the same antiquated rules that the telephone companies have to follow. One of these rules disallows the sale of user data to third party companies without permission.

Many ISPs make a good deal of money from selling user information. AT&T GigaPower even uses private data to help deliver relevant advertisements to their subscribers in exchange for a lower rate. Without the ability to sell user data many ISPs will be losing a large chunk of their revenue.

At this point the FCC hasn’t commented on what they will actually do if they catch an ISP selling private data. There are still many bridges to cross in the battle for net neutrality and how it will actually be enforced.

Skout, The Next Level in Dating Apps

Social media has really changed the way that we interact with each other on a daily basis. Where we used to have to meet individuals in person if we wanted a date, that is not the case in our technological age. There are many different apps that make it easier than ever to connect with individuals in our area that might make for a great connection. Does this diminish the contact that we are having with individuals? Maybe yes, maybe no. There are many different apps out there for dating, and Skout (crunchbase.com) is one that is really standing out above the rest.

Skout has been gaining quite a bit of popularity among individuals all over the world lately. Skout has over 10 million members that have begun to connect with each other everyday. The travel feature on Skout has allowed individuals who are traveling around the world to connect with locals during their stay in their area. This can turn into a virtual pen pal system over the long run for those who are willing to keep up with these connections. This travel system works very well for those who are on business trips yet have no social connections in the area.

Skout is also just a great way to meet new friends around the world. This is something that can be more difficult in a big city where everyone is headed to a certain destination. When you want to meet with someone, it can be much easier to look through a list of profiles and send a message rather than stop someone on a busy street while they are trying to get to their location. Skout is really the next step in human interaction when it comes to making a large amount of new fans. There is so much more to come with the great app.

Some Serious People Believe AI Could Be the End of Us

There are those who have contemplated humanity’s demise, and it isn’t a pretty picture. If we are fated for some sort of doomsday, some have forecast it to be from a medical catastrophe, such as an incurable plague, or perhaps a water shortage with so many billions of people on the planet. Some see the end coming from outer space as it was thought to have happened to the dinosaurs. A comet or asteroid striking the earth, if it is big enough, would be enough to end us.

Elon Musk may have been half joking when he said recently that Larry Page should be careful about research into artificial intelligence and buying up lots of robotics companies because he “could produce something evil by accident.” This is actually a serious scenario for our extinction that is held to be a very real possibility by some serious minds such as Stephen Hawking. Folks at Amen Clinics know that the thought of creating what ends up destroying us is not a new one. People may have thought this already about the hydrogen bomb or bacteriological weapons. What’s new about this scenario is being killed by something that we would ostensibly be creating to help us and not to kill people.

Uber Cash Options

Chances are that you may have tried Uber at least once in your life. Uber is a ride share program and it’s perfect in a variety of situations. Perhaps you are going out for a night of drinking and know that you don’t want to have your car with you. Or perhaps you don’t even have a car in the first place and you need to get somewhere quickly, and decently priced.

The one thing that Uber is known for is the fact that you complete all transactions through an app on your phone. It connects right through your credit card so you can pay and go. Folks at Anastasia Date (sitejabber.com) agree that this is convenient except of course if you don’t have a credit card. Then what are you expected to do?

According to BuzzFeed in Hyderabad, India they have a solution for that. They are now offering the option of paying with cash! It’s unknown if this will spread past India but for them it’s a great idea. Not everybody has a credit card, and it’s nice that Uber is taking this into consideration. There are people out there that get denied a ride every day because they don’t have the means to pay. They’re then forced to look at other options like taxis which offer cash or credit options.

Has Apple Gone Too Far?

The executives at Apple just might has pushed a little too hard with their aggressive tactics. The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission now want to take a closer look at the way Apple approaches its streaming ventures.

Most notably, Apple played hardball with Jay Z when the entertainer launched a streaming music service. Reportedly, Apple put a policy in place stating any musicians who provide exclusive music for Jay Z’s company would be barred from Apple’s streaming service. This is but one out of many complaints levied at Apple. The tech giant has also been pushing companies to get rid of free services so as not to compete with Apple’s subscription offerings.

InfoMoney mentioned that Fersen Lambranho considers reports of this nature to be shocking. After all, Apple has massive wealth reserves. Why would the company try and bully smaller outfits? Basically, Apple wants to preserve its status and eliminate competition.

Hopefully, Apple will resist the urge to become bullying and greedy.  Then again, Apple may be forced to change course unless it wishes to be sued and/or fined by regulatory agencies.

Augmented Reality Has Big Plans for the Future

You may have heard the term augmented reality thrown around here and there, but you probably don’t realize exactly how abundant this technology will be for future generations. While this spin-off of virtual reality may seem a bit gimmicky with products like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens offering fun and entertaining uses for augmented reality, like watching a holographic movie. But developers of the emerging software assure users that this isn’t the case. In fact, augmented reality has big plans that may impact all major areas of our lives. Beneful, who you can check-out on Facebook, thinks it may impact our pets as well.

HoloLens by Microsoft, for example, is planning application for their augmented reality technology in schools, homes, hospitals, and offices. Also, NASA has taken interest in implementing training tools using HoloLens. Medical students will soon be learning how to treat patients via virtual lesson with amazing visual detail.

Augmented reality could allow professionals to engage with 3D designs that provide much more detail, and entertainment, than any other business tool that Is currently on the market.

Though, the HoloLens competitor, Google Glass, was considered by the tech industry as an epic failure with little or no use coming from the development.

AT&T Cuts No Corners

Without question, the United States is currently at a stand still when it comes to race relations. There are those who understand the racial plight of minorities and can empathize with the victims. On the other hand, there are those whose perspectives may not be able to reach the lengths of what needs to be reached in order to understand the unrest of the minorities. What has not been touched on however, is the degree to which non-whites and non-blacks stand. It seems like lines have been divided and sides have been chosen. People are choosing sides with the best use of their moral compass. But what can be said about companies and corporations who come under attack for their race relations?

AT&T has been the first company in recent news to punish its executives and employees for any and all misguided opinions and actions when it comes to race relations. Brad is actually glad to see this. Aaron Slator was at one point a prominent executive for AT&T. On Tuesday, April 28th Slator was fired by the company Tuesday after becoming the subject of a $100 million discrimination lawsuit. The company later released a statement claiming that “there is no room for demeaning behavior at AT&T.” http://www.buzzfeed.com/mbvd/att-fires-executive-hit-by-100-million-racial-discrimination#.kn5yGAjDyY Slator was the president of content and ad sales, and the company went as far as to say they regretted not firing him sooner. While race relations are at an all time high, it’s refreshing to see a company take such a substantial leap to ease the distress.

Resurrection: Is Microsoft Making a Comeback?

With the release of the Apple Watch last week and a growing number of third-party indie developers of new technology you may be wondering “Where is Microsoft in all this?” While you may have not heard about their plans, this industry giant is poised to make a giant comeback within the next 3 years. To be approximate, a billion devices in 3 short years.

 Since then, this information age has shifted towards the use of mobile devices, but Microsoft has yet to capitalize on this new shift according to Torchin. So what caused this failure? Does this have something to do with their huge plans?Due to a shift in vision around the new millennium in an attempt to dictate the market instead of giving focus on what consumers wanted, Microsoft had a number of failures from Zune, Vista, and even Windows 8.

Microsoft’s ambitious plan plans on making Windows 10 an operating sensation on 1 billion devices by 3 years, though it has to make up for lost time if it wants to be considered seriously. Both Android and iOS have an application advantage over the latecomer, but Windows is confident. By adopting a new system that will make it beyond simple for Developers to create new apps on a basic browser, Microsoft hopes this will attract enough attention to merit a catch up period.