Fabletics is Giving Amazon A Run for its Money

Because many consumers are conservative when it comes to spending money on a new product, businesses rely on the power of crowd sourcing to control the purchasing intention of consumers. The application of crowd sourcing in business is a strategy that aims at gaining a competitive advantage in the ever, evolving, industry of marketing. Most entrepreneurs would agree that for a consumer to purchase their product, a lot of persuasion takes place. This is mainly because it takes time and resources for a consumer to settle on purchasing the particular product. Crowd sourcing entails the ability of an already consuming client to convince prospective consumers that a product is either of high or low quality. Derived from the term a crowd, to mean more than one person, this strategy has extensively spread into the industry of business and marketing. One company that has succeeded in applying crowd sourcing is Fabletics, an apparels store that was formed with the intention of boosting women’s self esteem.


The input of crowd sourcing in Fabletics


Fabletics is an online –based store that sells active wear for women. The apparel comes in all sizes and shapes. One aspect about that has kept this company going is its ability to produce apparels that fit every woman. In America especially, Fabletics has garnered over 2,000 subscribers in the form of clients. Fabletics understands that women have complications when it comes to finding the right sizes. For plus-sized women especially, it was always impossible to find the right size of active wear before Fabletics was born. Most subscribers have given positive reviews in regards to the availability of sizes and comfort wear. It is through these reviews that other clients have decided to sign up with Fabletics. That better explains the strategy of crowd sourcing.


Utilizing crowd sourcing


Applying crowd sourcing in entrepreneurship is a major way of gaining ideas that would later benefit the business. Often, this strategy has assisted most businesses to understand the purchasing behavior of a client. At Fabletics, the co-founder, Kate Hudson, has analyzed the effects of having positive and negative feedback on the page. With her junior colleagues, she handles such issues on a personal level. Kate Hudson believes that clients need the attention of her management. Usually, this strategy seeks to identify the specialization of clients in terms of preferences and life style. Through a clear understanding of what is really required from her, Kate Hudson facilitates the designing and production of the right brand.




Fabletics had just been born when Kate Hudson stepped in as the assistant founder. Being into fashion and entertainment, she understood what the brand needed, in order to excel. Kate coordinated her team into a productive unit that generated stylish, unmatched, designs. Aside from quality, there is the price factor that is relatively affordable compared to most active wear apparels. With the ability to properly execute ideas, Kate Hudson invested in a constructive, interactive, website that has now taken the competitors by surprise. Kate Hudson has been on the lead of advocating for healthy lifestyles in women.

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Susan McGalla, Paving the Way For Women in Leadership

One of the things about a glass ceiling is that it takes time and persistence to continue to crack it within a given industry. Sometimes it can take contributions from more than one individual in order to finally shatter that glass ceiling. Within the corporate business world Susan McGalla is one such person who is paving the way for generations of women to come after her.

McGalla’s background makes her uniquely qualified for her role in the business world. Indeed, she grew up with two rough-and-tumble and a dad who coached football. She took that early experience and rose through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters, and then struck out on her own as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. It is also because of her early background that Susan McGalla is surprisingly qualified for her current role as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has been lauded within the NFL organization for her creative, out-of-the-box thinking, including a campaign called “wear what we wear” which markets Steeler gear to fans of the team.

When she reflects on her career, she is well aware of the immense amount of initiatives designed to address the gender gap within the business world. Because of this, she is aware of what works and what doesn’t. She realizes that all the initiatives in the world are valueless if they are only a certain amount of women in the corporate world. Instead, McGalla loves to promote the idea of executive sponsorship. Both male and female executives must promote women for a variety of leadership roles within the workforce. Then and only then will change occur.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla rose through the ranks in the business world simply by good old fashioned hard work. She has held leadership roles at American Eagle and her own consulting firm. She believes that “carrying a chip on your shoulder” is not the best approach for women to get ahead in the working world.

Colorado Trying to Implement a Breakthrough in Transportation Technology

There are many areas of technology that excite people because of how they have already improved our lives and how their ongoing development promises to continue to do so in the future. Breakthroughs in new medical devices and the continuing evolution of mobile computing technology are just a couple examples of this. There are certain fields of technology that seem relatively stagnant in comparison to such advancements, however, and the transportation sector is definitely one of these.

Despite new designs, conveniences, and bells and whistles, most cars today basically use the same internal combustion engine technology that was rolling off the assembly lines of the Ford Model T factories at the beginning of the last century. Trains have been around even longer. Jet-powered passenger planes were a relatively new advent, but despite some attempts at supersonic flight with the now canceled Concord, this technology has not advanced fundamentally in decades either. Electric cars hold promise for helping the environment, but they still get stuck in rush-hour traffic next to their internal combustion relatives. What’s needed is a conceptual breakthrough in ground transportation technology. For this, enter the brainchild of entrepreneur Elon Musk known as the hyperloop.

Basically, the idea behind a hyperloop is to have people traveling in a pod within a tunnel, either along the ground or underground, at speeds approaching those that would normally be associated with travel by plane. Building such a travel pod system between major cities and areas within a state could revolutionize ground travel between such locations. The economic benefits that could be had from drastically cutting the amount of otherwise productive time people spend simply traveling to and from work on congested roadways has certainly not been lost on the state of Colorado.

Politicians in Colorado are taking a serious look at implementing a hyperloop travel system between Denver International Airport and various cities in the state as well as directly between major cities. It is also being looked at for moving cargo far more quickly as well. Colorado may be in on the ground floor of an advancement in transportation technology that is long overdue given that most of us are still using the same basic technology to get around that our grandparents did when they were young and spry.

Google Announces Fast Pair Technology That Makes Connecting Gadgets Simpler

Many smartphone owners now use wireless audio devices like headphones and speakers to listen to music. This has prompted tech giant Google to look for a way that would make pairing the external devices with a mobile phone faster, more reliable and simpler for the user.

According to the company, a new process called Fast Pair is the solution. It allows smartphone users to hook up their audio devices without having to fumble through Bluetooth settings. The connection still uses Bluetooth to make audio devices interact with the phone during use, but relies on the newer Blueooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to discover them.

It’s likely that one of the main motivations behind the development of Fast Pair is Google’s desire to compete with Apple when it comes to making wireless headphones easier to pair with Android-based smartphones. Apple’s wireless AirPods headphones have a small chip embedded within to simplify the task of connecting them to an iPhone.

The process of using Fast Pair is fairly simple. The Android operating system scans the area close to a user’s phone for any Fast Pair-compatible devices that are in pairing mode. Once a Fast Pair packet is discovered, it gets sent to Google’s servers, which send information including the name of the product, its image and its companion app if there is one. Next, the user will receive a notification on their screen with this information and can simply tap on it to begin the pairing process. Classic Bluetooth is then used to complete the connection.

Currently, the only devices which support Fast Pair are the Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear headphones and Google’s Pixel Buds. The list of devices supporting the technology is expected to grow in the near future, as Google is working closely with manufacturers of various mobile phone accessories. In addition to audio devices like headphones and speakers, Fast Pair will likely be made available with other accessories like wearable tech and external keyboards.

Facebook Digs Into The Food Delivery Market

It is now clear that social media giant Facebook has more surprises in store for its users. The live video streaming option on the app was seemingly revolutionary enough, as it allowed users to share an activity happening around them in real time. Users went ahead to create activities of their own as a way of optimizing what the app had to offer.

Facebook has added to the Facebook Explore menu a pick-up and delivery option, where users across the country can request for deliveries directly from the Facebook page of a restaurant.

The idea is based on allowing users to a number of things without necessarily leaving Facebook. The new Order Food menu under the Explore hosts a collection of several restaurants through which users can browse and make an order. Some of the featured restaurants have their own deliver apps and users do not have to recall what app a restaurant uses while browsing through Facebook for them to make an order.

This additional app is likely to disrupt the way restaurants reach out to customers on Facebook. Facebook VP ,Alex Himel says that there are over 70 million businesses on Facebook and restaurants make quite a sizeable chunk. Restaurants also have the option to disable the delivery button that pops up when a user chooses a restaurant.

Facebook, however, has a daunting task of engaging each provider as it makes effort to link individual restaurant apps to their respective Facebook pages. Himel further said that the new option has the ability to save information on user searches, making it a reference point when users come back to order again.

Order delivery is becoming a competitive option in the food business with restaurants putting in much effort to satisfy customer needs. This new addition by Facebook will no doubt go a long way in boosting the efforts by eateries in providing this service.

NASA Looks for Aid on Spitzer Missions

The mark of a leader is knowing when you need help, and no organization has done more for the space race than that of NASA. NASA has been working on their space telescopes, dubbed their ‘Gret Observatories’, and that has led to them trying to get United States based organizations involved. NASA made the announcement that they would like to see if there are any institutions within the United States that would be interested in taking over the day-to-day operations of the prestigious Spitzer Space Telescope. The reason? NASA has lost funding for the IR observatory and it will run out by 2019. Interested applicants must submit their information by November 17th of 2017.

Paul Hertz is director for NASA’s astrophysics division and during a meeting for the Astophysics Advisory Committee he announced, “We would be thrilled if there was a non-NASA party interested in funding the operations…”. Right now, Hertz and the team at NASA will stay hands on in operation of the Spitz until March of 2019 while the prepare their observations for the equally important James Webb Space Telescope. The goal in having a private party come aboard is to help NASA handle some of the immense cost associated with the ambitious projects.

Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, the project manager at Spitzer, released a statement making it very clear that the observatory was in “excellent health”. She want on to say that there were no hardware issues with the Spitzer. There are, however, problems that hover about the Spitzer — almost literally. Spitzer follows the Earth in orbit which means that the massive machine is drifting further away from our planet every single year, making it harder for communications to come through cleanly. As the Spitzer moves further away, it must angle itself more and more severely to pitch back information. The Spitzer has never had to turn more than 30 degrees away from the sun but it is rapidly approaching that point — which may bode trouble for the solar panels.

The Upside of Only Five Tech Firms Controlling the U.S

The U.S is home to Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. The five tech giants presently control over 90 percent of smartphone technology, e-commerce, social media, etc. In his recent article posted on the New York Times’ website, Farhad Manjoo analyzes the five tech companies noting both the good and bad associated with the “frightful five” as Manjoo refers to them.

Manjoo’s article comes in the wake of the revelation by Facebook that a Russian company bought ads on the social networking platform to influence last year’s presidential poll. In fact, Facebook, Google, alongside the influential but not so big Twitter appeared before the Congress this week to testify about how their game-changing technology could have influenced the presidential poll. Manjoo’s endless arguments that the frightful five’s size and influence pose a danger were confirmed this week. He suggests that the tech giants have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they are out to reshape the world and the impact of their actions could be positive or negative. Before discussing the downside of only five tech giants controlling the U.S and parts of the world, Manjoo delves into the positives of the five being in charge.

Manjoo suggests that although the actions of the frightful five could influence the society in a not so positive way, the government can quickly reign on them. He illustrates this point with the recent appearance of Facebook, Google, and Twitter’s executives before the Congress. Would the same be possible if the internet was under the control of uncountable small firms?

The members of the frightful five are uncomfortable with each other, and Manjoo explains that this is a good thing especially for the users of tech. The five are continuously in a cold war meant to outdo the other either by investing heavily in research to widen the span of their control or developing new tech. The result are innovations which are beneficial to consumers

Strikingly, the five are American brands meaning that they are subject to the American laws and values.

Securus Technologies Is Preventing Crime Through Technical Gadgets

On 21st October 2016, Securus Technology, a company that deals with providing communications gadgets for inmates, published some of it’s customers’ comments on how to eradicate insecurity through applying technology. The client reviews were insightful and opened a new operating platform for Securus Technologies. This was a review that sent more clients to Securus Technologies.

Background information

Specific reference to states, counties and facilty names were obmitted with the aim of protecting the innocent. Most clients appreciated the effort that Securus Technologies has made towards claiming safety and security in prisons. According to these clients, the company has been overly supportive of the operations. Here are some comments that cannot be ignored.


A client stated that the company had done a great job at ensuring that the society was safe from insecurity. That was done through providing technical communications gadgets that connected the management at the inmate’s facility with the prime suspects who never knew that they were being sought after. In another comment, a client appreciated the prompt effort made by Securus Technologies in a bid to find out who was in possession of illegal property. Another client was happy because Securus Technologies assisted the company to nail an investigation that was pending for a long time. With Rick Smith as the lead executive in this company, Securus Technologies is bound to succeed in many ways.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Company is geographically located in Texas. Since 1986, the company has been supportive of reforming the inmate’s system in different capacities. It has regional offices located in Allen, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Carrollton. Through this technology; information can be used to deals with harassment or potential threats to the community. The future of the company is directly embedded to its key performance efforts. Often, the company is praised for delivering safety skills and measures in correctional facilities.

The Brown Modeling Agency- Unleashing New Talents

The Brown Modeling Agency has become one of the most recognized modeling agencies in the United States.Are you are intending to shoot another marketing effort in Central Arizona, and are searching for an office that gives the models you require? Assuming this is the case, you ought to pick The Brown Modeling Agency. That is on account of The Brown Modeling Firm is an Austin-based Modeling organization that is among the finest in the zone, and among the finest in the business.

Who is The Brown Modeling Agency? – When known as Wilhelmina Austin Texas, The Brown Agency is as yet partnered with the widely acclaimed Wilhelmina Models yet in addition fills in as a free substance. Inside the most recent four years, it has gathered its notoriety to this sort of degree. It is frequently the main organization displaying organization or a promoting office which you ought to go to when you require models for a publicizing effort and wish to just manage experts.

The Brown Modeling Agency has a colossal number of models on their lists – men, ladies, and youngsters – and a wide range of them are arranged and contended in all that they have to think about the demonstrating business before they are truly at any point dispatched out on their first employment. This implies, when you do procure a model from this organization, you can envision them to be on time, do what they are paid to do and never bring about any issues.

What sorts of models do they have issues books? – The Brown Agency introduces a wide range of models. From youngsters and adolescents simply beginning in the business to those who’ve been displaying for a long time or perhaps more. This does not make a difference in the event that you want a model that can play the lady adjacent for another promoting effort, or the person who can play her mother, The Brown Agency will have somebody on their books that is great.

The association works with neighborhood Central Texas organizations yet additionally sends models to metropolitan ranges like Los Angeles and Miami, where they work with a standout amongst the most prominent customers on the planet. Firms like Toyota,Louis Vuitton Estee Lauder, and have procured The Brown Organization models, and models have strolled the catwalks of New York,Miami, and Los Angeles.

There is likewise office Modelings in Dallas and Mis Angeles in this way, on the off chance that you have to do two or three chronicle in these urban areas now or later on, there is as of now a neighborhood office there which will offer assistance.

Beginning to Work with The Brown Modeling Firm – beginning your first crusade with the organization is simple. Just to depict your venture and furthermore have them send the sorts of models you have to an open call. Pick the ones that fit your crusade, look for the administrations of them through The Brown verdant Agency and arrange the terms, and after that begin recording. It is quite straightforward as that. You can visit their Instagram page to see more.


Bob Reina Propagates Talk Fusion culture

Bob Reina has a wealth of experience in direct sales and video marketing industries. He is currently the CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. Drawing from this experience, Reina has often shared his unique perspectives on various issues. The motivation behind his desire to share information can be traced to his belief in helping people to succeed.

HuffPost has provided a suitable platform for dissemination of information, and Reina has often used this platform since August 2016. On this platform, he highlights various topics including skillful selling, video technology trends, and self-development. HuffPost rebranded recently, a move that Reina is pleased.

In a recent article, Reina writes tactfully about how to promote with a purpose. The marketing campaign must get crafted in such a manner that it resonates with the target group. Agreeably, a promotion that most people can remember is one that came with a personal traction. To achieve this involves a clear understanding of the target group through research aimed at developing campaigns that produce results.

In a recent article on technology and marketing expertise, Reina gives insights on how to understand the target audience. Importantly, you should reflect on those who will benefit from the products to be offered by the business. The result is that customers will be more satisfied and consequently develop deeper connections with the company. He also advises businesses to stay ahead of their competitors, considering how they promote their products.

Other tactics that Reina gives on promotion with a purpose include strengthening networks. Businesses can use various social media forums to know the interests of its customers from the social media. By checking on what customers like or follow it is possible to align your products to fit their needs.

Reina’s spirit of giving back to the community forms the core of Talk Fusion. It’s dedicated to helping businesses to stand out through dynamic ways that have improved the view of marketing. The company itself has innovative products that are marketed by independent associates person to person. Talk Fusion supports numerous charities and organizations in its mission of giving back to the community. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial